Asphalt Millings

Why are People Using Asphalt Millings Instead of Gravel?

The main focus of this present time is on how to get off the wastage through any sort of construction. Asphalt millings have come out as the best solution to this problem. Asphalt millings are the particles that can be recycled easily thus the percentage of wastage is really low. On the other hand, it is unbelievably cost-effective. On the other hand, gravel is been relatively expensive and a zero recycles value. But the Asphalt Milling vs Gravel debate can’t be proposed with this short intro only. Thus go through the content and it will show you which one is actually better focusing on some crucial factors.

Asphalt Millings Vs Gravel

When you are up to construct your driveway and you are confused between these two options. Well, let’s see the table chart below focusing on the features of these two options and you may come to a conclusion:

Asphalt Millings Gravel
Asphalt millings have 100% recycle value Gravel has 0% recycle value
Because of the recycle value asphalt millings are unbelievably cost effective Gravel is also cost-effective. But it does not have any recycle value thus it becomes relatively expensive.
This material is sturdy. Thus it lasts really long. It has some durability issues.
This material is eco-friendly. It is not eco-friendly as it creates dust. And this dust also demands high maintenance.


6 Reasons to Choose Asphalt Millings

1.      It saves Our Environment

Due to the recycling process, nothing has to be produced. Thus it harms the environment less. Again asphalt is not a biodegradable material. Thus it cannot be decomposed by the bacteria. But if one reuse the asphalt, it can easily be used. So, asphalt millings are quite nature-friendly.

2.      Durability

This material is really sturdy. The best feature of this material. If you are doing any sort of LEED projects, this material should be your first priority as it is long lasting. This material is erosion free thus it is the future of sustainable construction. You never have to think about its durability or anything like that.

3.      Get mixed with any other elements

It can create a hard and durable bond with any other loose fill material. You just need to provide compaction and moisture and the rest of the task of creating a permanent driveway will be done Asphalt millings. It contains tar, a chemical material that is well known for its bonding values.

4.      Cost-effective

As I have stated before, this material is highly reusable. Thus you don’t need to pay for any raw material for your project. Now you can sum it up by yourself that how much money you can save by using this material. Not only for its reusable value but also for its extreme durability, asphalt millings are less expensive. You don’t have to spend money every now and then for renovations. Once you constructed with this material, it will go for rest of the lifetime.

5.      No maintenance

Asphalt millings do not demand any sort of maintenance. It does not produce dust or anything that needs to clean on daily basis. It gets harder over time thus the firm structure will never ask for any extra care. So, you are free from any sort of maintenance.

6.      Unique Appearance

Neither they look like the traditional asphalt nor do they look like the traditional gravel. Apart from the boring traditional look, asphalt millings pull out the most unique and obviously eye-catching look. I somewhere stand between gravel and traditional asphalt and brings about a cross look. YOu just have make the construction following the right process.

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