8 Steps To Improve Your Business’s Shipping Process

At present, ordering online is convenient and fun. This is why many people prefer it instead of driving or walking to their local stores. So, as a business owner, it’s essential to improve your shipping process.

Remember that nothing turns customers away as fast as lousy communication and late deliveries. Fortunately, there are various ways to ensure that your shipments are delivered on time. Aside from utilizing quality packing materials and used shipping containers, here are the other steps to keep your customers happy and satisfied with your shipping process:

1. Select The Most Reliable Courier Service

One of the first steps to improve your company’s shipping process is to choose the most reliable courier service on the market. When finding one, create a list of reliable courier services. Your list may depend on how fast and where you plan to deliver your products and services.

For businesses looking to deliver fast, the best courier service that can’t guarantee quick delivery might not be the leading choice.

There are other things you should take into consideration when selecting a courier service, and these include the following:

  • Reliability

Check how reliable your preferred courier service is. Every time you make a delivery, you’re putting your business reputation on the line. Therefore, you might want to ensure that your selected courier service provider is reliable to avoid disappointing your loyal customers.

  • Security

To ensure your chosen courier service is secure, make sure to request more details about its security policy. This way, you’ll know how secure they handle your parcels throughout the delivery process.

  • Delivery Service Type

This will depend on the number of parcels, size, and how far they’re required to be sent. Remember that the further you have to ship items, the more expensive it’ll be to do so.

  • Delivery Speed

Every business doesn’t want to deal with a shipment on hold, so be sure that your courier service offers fast delivery. But before making your final decision, consider what fast delivery options they have to know whether they’re worth your time and money.

  • Cost

The advertised parcel delivery charges you see online are rarely the final price. In fact, some courier services have hidden fees. To avoid such costs, request the final price before you continue negotiating.

  • Overall Customer Experience

You should also consider the overall customer experience of a courier service provider. It should be easy to work with and friendly. After all, you’ll be in contact on a regular basis with them.

2. Provide The Right Type Of Packaging

Packaging can be costly. So, once you wrap up deliveries, ensure that your parcel is only as big as it should be. Not only will you look practical and sustainable to your customers, but you’ll also enjoy savings on unnecessary materials.

Depending on your shipments’ volume, you may also find free packaging services to make the process more accessible and much cheaper. To impress your customers, ensure that your products are of high quality. Good-looking packaging makes it more of an experience to receive some products from your store and would delight your customers. Besides, it’s worth spending the extra effort to look professional.

3. Streamline Your Process With Documentation

For an excellent delivery performance, consider simplifying your internal shipping processes. To do that, make sure to streamline your process with documentation. Typically, most businesses use countless advanced apps and systems to complete an internal process. Such apps come with features that can complete complicated tasks efficiently.

4. Provide Delivery Options

Prepare your company’s shipping process to allow several delivery options that your customers may choose from and make sure they’re aware of them at check out. If the buyers can’t have their parcels delivered on a day they’re free, they could take their business to another company. So, make sure to provide delivery options, especially free shipping for other orders.

5. Consider Customs Clearance

If you’re operating globally, you should consider customs clearance. This is especially true if you don’t want your worldwide shipping process to be held up by unforeseen circumstances and problems. This will help you prevent potential problems before they delay your couriers, hindering you from streamlining your operations.

6. Improve Communication With Your Shipping Facility

Effective communication with your shipping facility is another step to improve your company’s shipping process. It’ll help you get orders out faster and make sure that restocking happens in a timely manner to prevent delays.

Have somebody check in with the warehouse at least once a day to ensure everybody’s on the same page in your order fulfillment strategy. You may also use apps to give your team a simple way to communicate.

Good communication can help you address issues right when they happen and get your parcels delivered quickly.

7. Use Tracking Technology

The other step to boost your shipping process and keep your customers satisfied aside from choosing a good shipping company is to take advantage of the available tracking technology in the market. Being able to have live feeds of where your shipments can make the entire process easy to handle.

It’s more beneficial if you can give those details to your customers. As a matter of fact, many customers have grown to expect shipment tracking. Therefore, implement tracking technology immediately and see the difference in your shopping process.

8. Keep Your Customers In The Loop

Although you can’t always please your customers, it doesn’t mean that you should take them for granted. For example, if you encounter issues during the shipping process, it’s vital to take some time to inform your customers about the possible delays.

Keeping your customers in the loop can make it easier for them to trust you and avoid possible disappointments. This can also boost the chances of them making another transaction again in the future. Fortunately, there are some ways to keep your clients well-informed about their orders, which include the following:

  • Post regular updates on your company’s website.
  • Make use of social media platforms.
  • Leverage the power of email.
  • Create informative and immersive blog content.
  • Invest in the best consumer messaging app.


The steps to improve your business’s shipping process include finding the right courier service provider, using the right packaging, streamlining your documentation, and improving communication within your facility.

Once you follow those steps, things will be much easier for you, enabling you to create a better experience that your customers truly deserve.

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