6+ Bullet Journal Ideas you would like to Choose

One just can’t thank enough to the most incredible Bullet Journal ideas which are cropping up to grace your tasks note , class notes, event notes , diary entry meeting notes or any kind of notes you can think of. Bullet Journal ideas are pleasing to the eyes and give elegance to the otherwise monotonous daily work events. Bullet Journal ideas are making a roaring success in the present world. Even Ryder Carroll , an author and a digital product designer who created the Bullet journal method wouldn’t have thought that it will be creation which is here to stay for a long long time and even will continue to exist till world exist. He called the bullet journal method as the method which “track the past, order the present and design the future”. The trail blazer of BuJo (bullet journal) method provides many bullet journal layout ideas online to take inspiration from. Also, he tried to teach as much as he can by giving important and fruitful tips which are useful while charting out your own journals.

Many brains means many ideas. If you are already skilled in Bullet journals and are involved in its application for a long time then there must have come a point of exhaustion where all your creativity would have drained out  then don’t worry, here  are providing some new ideas which can stimulate your brain engine. Also, all those who are beginners can get themselves inspire by the given bullet journal layout ideas.

Here are some of the bullet journal ideas you can take help from:

Bullet journal weekly spread

bullet journaling ideas Among bullet journal layout ideas, the frequently used bullet journal is tracking analog.  Here we have bullet journal weekly spread. If you want to make the most productive outcome of your week then there are many ideas you can opt in accordance to your choice and need. It may include: daily routine, physical exercise targets, weekly study targets, important meetings, diet chart, reminders, to-do list, weekly goals and rewards, etc. By keeping a record of things, you can easily organize and manage things on time. Point you should keep in mind is that provide space for column of the days of the week, to-do list, and important time based events. You can record it vertically or horizontally based on your choice.

Even if you are not so creative and want to create a diy bullet journal for yourself then make it a simple and to the point. Use simple lines and different colorful sketch to highlight separations. Bullet journal are for fun and refreshment and not for perfection.  You can use graphs and pie charts to have a graphical presentation of things. So But make sure to include all the necessary elements of weekly record in a clean yet beautiful manner to draw out your weekly plans.

You can design your diy bullet journal the way you want. You can doodle, or can make flowery designs, animalistic images or minion design. You are at liberty to design your bullet journal the way you like while planning and organizing productively.

List your important works while doodling. This lets you enjoy while organizing your tasks.

You can make your bullet journal colorful by using sketches, water colors. You can also use sticky notes to enhance the beauty of your journal or use some patterned or foamy tapes or grade markers to decorate your bullet journal layout.

The best thing about bullet journal weekly spread is that you can keep tap on the record limitlessly such as daily track or weekly track. Among the journal ideas, the weekly spread are the most used bullet journal layout ideas. Maintaining weekly records allow you flexibility to work and provide scopes to make changes with anything. These are easy to manage. You are at full liberty to exercise your brains in the engineering of the beautifully attractive notes recorder. You are not restricted to one design or rigid schedule. The power to modify things is in itself empowering.

Monthly log

bullet journal layout ideas

This journal idea helps to keep a record of things over a period of month. It is useful in a sense that suppose you want to go for worshipping on particular days then you can indicate in your monthly log by any sign or symbol you like. By doing so you able to keep a track of habits you are trying to build in yourself over a period of time. One advantage of doing this is you don’t have to go entirely through the record just pinpoint when you did this last and take a lead from there and proceed further.

For monthly log, you can prepare various logs like book reading record. An ardent lover of books would definitely like to maintain a record of books they have read from their library. One you finish reading a book, you can mark it some color or symbol indicating that it’s finish and move on to another book and when that’s also finish, mark again. In this way, after a period of time you will get to know the books that you have read.

Try out many bullet journal layout ideas available online.

Another logs may include Web series log. I have some friends who do maintain tracks of their favorite shows to keep themselves updated about any and every development that takes place. Just like this you can maintain any type of tracking records of the habits, events and tasks of your choice.

Daily tracker

Similarly you can maintain daily log to make the most out of your day. Make lists of things you are required and want to do and finish them on time. So that you don’t have to regret and say I forgot doing this. This relieves you off the pressure.


Timeline bullet journaling idea is mostly opted by those who have time oriented tasks to perform. It helps you improve your time management skills. You plan things and how much time will be taken to finish the task and gradually you can work upon its improvements. It is a more precise glance of things marked by carefulness of details. It links the task with time. People even mentions about their meals and recreational activities. So that one act according to the schedule made and accomplished the task on time. You can do the variations according to your choice. You can make either vertical or horizontal timelines. In order to make it easy to understand, you can use different colors or symbol for the different time slots and then link the work with the corresponding symbols, sign and color.

Future tracker

The bullet journal layout ideas keeps on improving. Say a simplistic idea presented on the table, other will try to take that idea a step further and someone else will try to improve and take that idea a step further and this chain continues to grow. This is an amazing thing about journaling ideas. There is immense appreciation and acceptance of ideas.

Ryder Carroll initially provide a simple and easy bullet journaling idea of future events. Providing a very easy bullet journaling ideas indicating the task performed. The wheel which was set in motion by Ryder Carroll was taken ahead by Alastair. This idea of Ryder was improved upon by Alastair which while providing the room for task performed, also allows the room to indicate which task is performed during which month. Later on Eddy takes up the task to improve upon previous ideas and to make it more precise and helpful. It was a complicated yet impressive method. What happens is you can record the event whenever it took place then keep a note of the page number on which that has been recorded. Jot down the page number in the calendar. It helps you get the complete information about that event by flipping the pages. It is advisable to maintain a future log vertically as it give you a easy simplistic view of things in one glance.


diy bullet journalWorld acknowledges the fact that “Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision of tomorrow”. Those people who sees and experiences the magic of things around them and appreciates those minute details about them would love keeping an account of those things so that they can cherish it for life. Even when with time their memory might begin to part asunder, but the words on paper never will.

You can express all shades of your emotion. Be it venting out anger, to relieve your choked up feelings ,to express about your crush, to record those events that made an indelible imprint on your conscience ,happiness about some achievement or grief about the loss of loved one,etc.

Recording your feeling is an incredible bullet journal idea used by those who prefer confiding to their silent diary than confiding it to the world. For them diary is their confidant, their best friend.

Maintaining a reflection log also helps in dealing with the commitments one makes. You worked on things you set as a goal for yourself where some worked, some didn’t. You did the analysis then write down what to improve and then record the improvement you have actually made. It act as guiding force in your life. Recording can be done by journaling – a morning note or a good night note. There are many benefits of journal. It helps to process through your past. Some events disturbs you and makes you overthink which is not good for mental health. Journal ideas allows you to record your feeling and lets you review those past events and helps you dealing with it by comparing it with the present situation. Bullet Journaling  ideas of recording things make you aware of your thought process, about what are the things which are holding you back and what are the things which boost you up and likewise you can improve upon them. Also it widens your perspective and you are able to understand other’s views as well.

Journaling helps you give closer view of those little things which we never appreciate but are worth acknowledging, this develops your gratitude mindset. This will helps you in life if you are shy person because when you feel gratitude for someone, you should express it, if you don’t it like that wrapped gift, you never present. An add on advantage of bullet journaling idea is that it enhance your communication skills and makes you confident. Bullet journaling idea will improve your writing muscle something which is under-utilized given the availability of phones and laptops.

You can record significant moments that happened in a month’s time. This is a kind of a personalized memory back which no social media can ever counter.

These bullet journal ideas can make your life more organized and memorable.