Best Option in Online Banking : Capital One 360

Banking is really important these days. We work with banks and these banks handle our different types of jobs like opening accounts, providing loans, fixed deposits and other types of facilities. So we can say banking is an important part of our lives.

Online Banking

These days we have changed a lot and with the emergence of Internet, online banking has gained pace as well. In the name of online banking, a lot of options have come forward. Today we are going to discuss about one of the best options in online banking and this option is Capital one 360.

A large number of people reading this article must be familiar with this name of capitalone360 option of online banking. This option must be known by a large number of people because it is famous for providing large number of options in the name of online option.

So it becomes important to discuss about Capital one 360 option of online banking. We will discuss in detail everything about the facilities provided by capitolone360 online banking facility.

So stay with us throughout this article to get to know about the best online banking option in the name of capital one 360.

History of Capital one 360 online banking option

It is important to go through the history of Capital one 360 online banking option. Actually the name of this online banking option bank was changed. This capital 360 one is the new name of this online bank. Its old name was different one.

The old name ing direct 360 was changed to Capital one 360 name of this bank. The older name of this banking brand was ing direct and later cap one 360 purchased ING direct in 2012 and new name was started to be used from 2013.

So this was all about the history of 360 capital one bank.

Why Captain one 360 bank is a good online banking option?

We are saying that Capital one 360 is a very good online banking option. This thing is because of different reasons. Following are the reasons for this thing.

  • Capital one 360 is a concrete online banking option. This option of online banking is better than brick-and-mortar banks option.
  • Interest rates at capital one 360 bank are better and highly competitive. This competition thing works in the favour of customer as interest rates offered keeps getting better and better all the time.
  • If you want to keep your money safe, Capital 1 360 is a really good option as all the accounts of this bank are FDIC insured.
  • Also if you have lots of money in the form of cash, then Capital one 360 is a good option there as well because you can keep earning 0.05% APY all the time.
  • Capital one 360 bank offers trusted services related to online banking and it is evident from its customers.

So these are the reasons why Capital one 360 bank is a really good online banking option.

Capitap one 360 bank key offerings

Capital one 360 bank offers a lot of facilities to its customers. Capital one 360 bank satisfies the banking needs of all its customers in terms of facilities offered by it.

So following are the most significant facilities offered by captail one 360 bank.

Savings account: Savings account is the most important key offering of capitalone 360 bank. It offers different types of Savings Account facilities for its different types of customers.

Following are the different savings account facilities offered by this bank.

1. Personal

2. Business

3. Kid-focused

There is a lot to talk about this facility of capital one 360 bank. Let us take you through the features of savings account facility of Capital one 360 bank for online banking. Following are the features related to savings account.

  • There is no maintenance fees for this account type.
  • There is also no requirement of minimum amount in an account. There is no need to pay money to open an account or keep some amount in it to keep it running.
  • At savings account one can earn 0.75% APY which is much more than the national average.
  • You can have 25 different savings accounts for free. So multiple savings account facility is there as well.
  • You will have 24X7 access to your savings account without any kind of problems.
  • There is a feature named My Savings Goals and you can use this feature is for easy management of your account. You can anytime sign in to your account using capital one 360 sign in facility for all the online banking customers.

So these are the really important features of savings account facility of Capital one 360 bank related to online banking.

Investment accounts: Capital one 360 banks offers really good investment options in form of investment accounts. With the help of these one can build stocks, mutual funds portfolio easily.

Mortgages: Capital one 360 bank offers both fixed age adjustable rate mortgage facilities. With both these option you will have get yourself covered with highly competitive interest rates.

Credit cards facility: Capital one 360 bank also offers credit card facility for its online customers using online banking facility.

Checking: This bank offers personal checking account and a teen friendly checking account facility at no extra cost facility. These both types of checking accounts are linked to the debit card that teach your children how to manage money.

Auto loans: This facility is also a key offering of Capital one 360 bank.

So these are the most important and significant offerings of this bank.

Best parts of working with capital one 360 bank

Following are the best parts of capital one 360 bank which you will not find anywhere else.

  • No hidden fees or any kind of minimums for the interest you earn on money deposited by you.
  • Free Debit card of MasterCard for all kind of purchases made by you.
  • One checkbook free
  • 2000 Capital one ATMS facility.

How to get started with Capital one 360 bank

To get started with online banking facilities of Capital one 360 bank visit their website and fill your personal details like name, address, date of birth and social security number to open savings or checking account.

So get best online banking services with Capital one 360 and enjoy online banking.