All About Check Fraud and How to Deal with It

With the changing world, technology has made a lot of leaps and bounds. Technology has come as both blessing and curse for us. Technology is used by a lot of people for criminal purposes as well. This is really a bad news.

A lot of people are out there who are stealing your important information to commit crimes. The more dangerous thing is that these different types of frauds are all time high these days. There is no stopping them.

Every day people are becoming victim of frauds committed by criminals. These things have made the lives of common citizens hell and really insecure which is a worrisome thing.

New type of fraud

We all have witnessed the different types of frauds in recent times. We have heard about credit card and debit card frauds and these are already on rise. Criminals were using different ways to fool people. Card cloning, card skimming and all others were the examples related to ways of committing fraud with cards.

But these days we are witnessing a new types of fraud. This new type of fraud is check fraud. This is a new type of fraud. This new type of fraud is related to checks and criminals are committing crimes using fraudulent checks.

This new types of fraud is also in rise which is really a disappointing thing as these days nothing is secure and this thing is frightening for all the common people trying to live a serene and happy life.

It is time to become aware

Now as we have discussed this new type of fraud it becomes your duty as well to become aware of fraudulent check cases and all the information related to this issue is going to help you not hurt you.

So today we are going to discuss everything about check fraud and what is fraud check or what are fraud checks. It becomes really important to discuss all these things so that you can become aware of this issue and help others or make others aware as well.

So let us get started and start our discussion on what is check fraud and all this stuff.

Check fraud

So before going any further one must be aware of check fraud definition. So what is check fraud? The answer is that when someone try to manipulate check with the use of different means to make the actual holder of cheque deprived of money, then it is called check fraud.

In simple words when a criminal uses your check and by using different means take away your money. This is what check fraud means. It is also important to note what is fraudulent check?

Actually fraudulent check is simply a check is stolen and manipulated by the criminal to commit crimes and deprive you of your money.

How it is easy to commit crimes with checks?

These days it is easy to commit crimes with checks. There are different reasons for this ever increasing crime.

An important thing to note is that it has become really easy to commit crimes with the use of checks because of developed and emerged technology.

These days everyone every now and then writes a check. Now this check is handed by you to someone. There is lot of important information present on the check. Now this information can be used by person to commit crimes to whom you have handed the check.

Also if your check gets lost then you are really in trouble as someone can steal your check and use the information on it for wrongful deeds. So check fraud presents to us a really dangerous scenario.

So this is how it has become really easy to commit fraud with the help of check and this is known as check fraud.

How checks are manipulated?

There are different ways through which checks can manipulated. Following are some of the ways that criminals use.

  • Copying to create it duplicate an actual financial document which is check in this case.
  • Chemical alteration in the check by removing or manipulating the important information in it using different chemicals and stuff.
  • Adding or removing information from the check using different means. The forgery checks come under this.

So these are the different ways how checks are manipulated. One must be aware of these ways.

Different types of frauds related to checks

It is important to become aware of different types of check frauds. Here we will take you through types of frauds related to checks which are committed by criminals.

Following are the types.

Forgery : This is the first type of fraud related to checks. Such type of fraud takes place when check is issued without proper authorization by an employer. Criminals will steal a check, endorse it and using bogus personal identification present it for payment at a bank.

Theft : This is when check is stolen by criminals for fraudulent purposes.

Paper Hanging : This type of fraud takes when checks are written on closed accounts.

Check kitting : This type of related to opening accounts at two or more accurate and then using the float time of available funds to create fraudulent balances.

Washing : This check fraud is related to using chemicals to remove information from a check.

Counterfeiting : This is another type of check fraud which is about illegally printing checks using the information from the account of the victim.

So these are the major types of frauds related to checks.

Protection from check fraud

There is need of protection from check fraud. So follow these tips to avoid becoming victim of check frauds.

  • Always protect your checks all the time.
  • Monitor your bank account from time to time to keep a check on fraudulent transactions which could have been made through fraudulent checks.
  • Never keep your checks out in public and also never keep your checkbook in public. This is really an important tip for protection against check frauds.
  • Always avoid mailing checks at a mailbox.
  • Never write your social security number on the check even if it is a requirement. Because this can even lead to your identity theft.


So this is all about check frauds and all the important information related to it. Read this whole article and become more aware about check frauds.