What is an executive coach and What does an executive coach do?

Executive coaching has become more common than ever. Business organization engages executive coaches to maximize their success. Know what an executive coach is and what does an executive coach do and a lot more.

Apart from the n number of work that a business organization has to undergo, the executive performance of the company or business plays a huge role in the ultimate success of the business. What is the use of excellent planning and strategizing when there is no proper implementation of those mapped out plans? Not only implementation but a newly developed, creative, improved, upgraded and outreaching implementation that meet the need and demands today’s scenario is very important. This is because even when the business organizations are fully devoting their time, efforts and finances towards the proper execution of their plans to expand their business venture, they are still failing in meeting their targets. With the changing world and technological advancement there is cut throat competition in the market demanding new innovative ideas and processes of running a business organization. Just like technology become obsolete, so does an idea. Many business firms after exhausting all their executive performance suffers from want to new ones. There is need to accelerate the pace of brain engines. There is need to generate new, innovative and economical business processes. There are many challenges that business faces. That’s where the role of an executive coaching becomes significant. Executive coaching is an act of empowering employees to enhance their performance and work towards the achievements of the goals and aspirations of the business organization.

The executive coaches are hired or brought into any business organization will the goal of working with high potential employees which requires an outside push to take the business operations a notch higher, to work with the executive team who are in doldrums of implementation issues and wanted to bring out immediate results,  executive coaches work with the topmost positioned employees like manager, whose role is otherwise invaluable to the business but is facing some challenges in his work performance.

What is an executive coach?

Executive coach is a professional who is trained enough to recognize the fault lines that are associated with the business and work dedicatedly towards resolving those issues. An executive coach recognized the strength and limitations and work towards taking the utmost advantages of those strength in building up of a successful business empire and as for the limitations they engineer ways to solve their problem. Executive coach makes collaborative efforts with the employees that bring out excellence. They collaborate with the highly positioned employees in a creative and thought provoking manner that acquaints them with their unrealized potential. This helps boosting confidence of employees, develop leadership and improve business acumen.

What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching is the process that lets you explore new potential possibilities and eradicates superficial doubts that hinders growth.

Counseling, consulting, mentoring, correcting wrongs, advising is not the work of executive coaching. This is not the passive spoon feeding of ideas. This involves consciously working together with the executive coach. Executive coaching is an inquiry based approach.

What does an executive coach do?

Executive coaching is an inquiry-based approach. Typically he follows some set steps will dealing with the employees. First and foremost being assessment. It is about gathering information from huge number of employees, analyzing and examining those input and then giving feedback. This involves mind-pricking and valuable questioning to the employees which allows the facilitation of sound solutions.

Identifying and exploring potential business opportunities which can promote growth. Executive coach recognized the unexplored potential options. Setting up goals and targets that are aligns with the spirit and aspirations of the business firm and after that creating an action plan for meeting these targets.

An executive coach facilitates changes and help leaders in moving beyond their own limitations. He, thus ensure and enhance the productivity of the employees.

It is important to keep them motivated in a long run. For this it is pivotal to keep a tap on the performance of the employees and holding them accountable for any lack and neglect, for the timely accomplishments of set goals and targets. This monitoring and sense of accountability helps in their learning skill development both on personal as well as professional level. This is exactly what an executive coach do.

Benefits of Executive Coaching

The engagement of executive coaching has become common these days. It is because of the benefits that are associated with it.

Engaging with executive coaching increase the livelihood of timely and speedy accomplishment of the goals and aspirations of the business firm.

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This helps building a wide range of skills which were otherwise missing.

Acquiring new skills and talents helps in boosting ones morale and confidence. This confidence pushes them to have an open mind to learn anything that comes in way

This enhances the performance of the employees and increase productivity.  With the quality work and performance pace, they end up become valuable asset to the firm and firm is likely to make growth in leaps and bounds.

A good business, with good work force will only attract good talent.

With the improved and increased productivity and new talents, the operational costs are likely to come down.

An executive coach is responsible and accountable to their client, to whom he is offering his services. He is responsible for the productivity.  An executive coach cannot reveal anything about their coaching process to any other party who has nothing to do with the business, without the prior consent of the client. Hence it is of utmost importance that the coaching remains a confidential matter. This is the trust and understanding that forms the basis of client-coach relationship. So that employees, leaders or coach himself can freely talk about the conflicts concerning the demands of form or their own professional needs.

It is important that the coach should clarity of goals of the organization before taking up the task.

Normally, an executive coaching spans around for duration of 6 months but this is not a set time period. It can be anything from 3 months to one year depending upon the size of business firm , scalability of operations, challenges and situation of the business organization. Lesser the changes less will be the time period of coaching; more the changes require, more will be the duration of executive coaching.