Firehouse Subs Menu Prices (Updated Complete List)

It is one of the most popular chains for fast foods in the United States of America. This is a restaurant that does serve its customers salads as well as submarine sandwiches. These are the sandwiches which are served to the customers with good quality meat and also cheese which is steamed and furthers it is placed on the sub roll which is toasted.

The salads and submarine sandwiches that they provide to their customers are very fresh and you will have to place an order to them to have it. The stores that are located all over the United States of America do provide a wide range of variety of subs to their customers. It also does provide a good variety of toppings.

This is a huge chain of fast food and they do pride themselves as the best provider of subs with the best quality cheeses, meats, toppings. With all of the delicious sandwiches, the company also has a name for good service for their customers. This fast-food chain states that people do come back to them if you treat them well and feed them well.

This is a restaurant which also provides an atmosphere which consists of very friendly staff, a casual atmosphere which makes you feel relaxed and the overall atmosphere is also family-oriented.

The locations of this chain have a theme of firefighters which does include the equipment related to the firefighting which is well placed all around their stores.

The submarine sandwiches that they include do have names that are related to firefighting. This is a restaurant that has pictures of the firefighting history of the location placed on their walls. The founder of this chain has a good history related to firefighting.

This comes as no surprise that this chain was established by firemen.

Review of Firehouse Subs Menu Prices

This is a restaurant which does provide you a good range of submarine sandwiches with salads as well. The menu that they have does include hot specialty subs, hot subs, cold subs, also they have fewer than 500 menus, they have a kids menu and they also have many extras.

The wide range of variety of hot sauces that they provide to their customers is also very good. They also provide a menu for catering which dues consist of:

  • Deluxe sub-platter
  • Sub-platter & platter for salad
  • Salad platter deluxe
  • Brownie platter
  • Cookie platter
  • Half salad and Half sub-platter
  • Half sub and snacks
  • The lieutenant
  • The rookie
  • Combo patter and the desert.
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Overall I would say it is a good place if you want to have a snack while having some chit-chat sitting in a place with a completely different theme. This place provides its customers great deals at a very good price.

You will be able to get the complete meal here at a low price. The attitude of staff and satisfaction for the customers is also really good. I would totally recommend this place if you are looking for a place with a different ambiance to have a meal.

List of firehouse subs menu prices:

firehouse subs menu and prices
firehouse subs menu
firehouse subs prices

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