Best Furniture Selling Companies in America

Buying furniture for your home that suits your lifestyle is really a big challenge for everyone. Here you go with some best guidelines that help how to buy the best top furniture stores, companies & manufacturers in the USA.

Buying the perfect furniture keeping in mind various factors is really a very big task. So to make it easy we have provided here with some of the amazing factors that you should always think of while purchasing furniture.

There are also some topmost in the united states furniture manufacturers who will give you the best choice to find the perfect furniture for your interior or any other requirements.

Firstly when your buying furniture you should follow some factors:

1. Home Size because furniture must fit in your home in perfect shape

Whenever you are purchasing furniture make sure that you keep in mind the size of your home. Both the furniture and the size of your room should go hand in hand. If you do not consider this faster than you do not have much space to move freely no matter even if the furniture is beautiful or not.

2. Color of furniture

The Colour of the furniture is also essential because your interior should match with the furniture that you have selected. Otherwise, it looks odd and will not give you the desired look to the entire interior.

3. Cost

The cost of furniture must be in your budget range. There are many cheap and best big furniture companies(LINK). Additional care must be taken in order to select furniture that fits your budget.

4. Durability

Buying Non-durable furniture affects your comforts and a waste of money. Choosing the top 10 furniture manufacturers (link) is always helpful to you in buying the best furniture for your beautiful home.

5. Comfort

Comfort is must need in buying furniture. Comfort plays a major role in health. If you are not comfortable with the furniture it is best you go for another option.

6. Material

Materials having many different varieties. Plastic and Wood plays a major role. But wood is the best more quality and less maintenance also.

Top furniture Manufactures and Stores in the USA

Quality and Comfort make much difference and look to your home. The USA is the best country in building the best and large scale of furniture manufacturing. Willing to buy modern furniture, pool tables, sofas, etc.. Here is the list of top furniture companies in the USA.

1. Marc Taggart & Company

Marc Taggart & Company is one of the best furniture manufacturers USA. They are well known for the western style furniture which is popular all around the country.

They have excellent furniture designs that play a very important role and is even home to Thomas Canada Molesworth who has furnished the Moses Annenberg hotels and Lodges situated in Wyoming and Montana. In the year 1900, this style of furniture has been the talk of the town.

It even drew the attention of many customers among which celebrities are also a part of it. Being a family-oriented organization which was eventually established by the present owner’s grandparents.

Even they are also the primary customers of  Molesworth however they tried to keep up the rapper and maintained friend relationships with them.

Marc Taggart & Company is always unique with its professional craftsmen who always take care in designing the furniture for each and every client.

2. Simplicity Sofas

The company was established in 2007 which is well known for its stylish and readymade designs in sofas. Simplicity Sofas is one of the reputed companies that make sofas for a wide variety of clients that includes Studios sofas, office purposes, individual houses, public places and so on.  High Point, NC plant the place where the furniture of this company is manufactured.

Apart from sofa sets the company also manufactures other furniture like customizable furniture, sitting chairs, and hundreds of varieties of furniture with more than 200 different varieties of fabrics.

The company also manufactures furniture in such a way so that they are very easy to assemble and disassemble. If in case you are not satisfied with the company’s furniture then the company takes responsibility to make you happy there by refunding it.

3. Liberty furniture

If you are looking for furniture within your range then this company is the best choice.

Liberty Furniture is one and the only destination where you can find different varieties of customized furniture at the top 10 furniture manufacturers in the USA at reasonable prices. Even though it is a privately owned company but still there are some highest revenues collected by the company.

If you go through the official website of the company then you will know the complete details and how they design each and every order that they receive from different clients all over the country.

This furniture company is mainly focused in order to meet the demands of the buyers thereby giving the best outputs. Moreover, the company also has proper balance knowing how to create aesthetic designs at affordable prices.

4. Copeland Furniture

This is perhaps another best furniture company which has been situated in Bradford, Vermont. Copeland Furniture is specialized in manufacturing different furniture which is made from solid maple collected from various factories.

For 30 years this company has been one of the best furniture manufacturers in the United States of America.

Copeland Furniture always provides high quality of furniture to the customer thereby making the products to be environmentally friendly.

Adding to this, the company has also recently come up with innovative ideas such as customized tables that are also available in different shapes and sizes.

Depending upon the choice of the customers the company takes proper care and attention to give the best results.

5. Poly & Bark

Poly & Bark is an ultimate as well as ultramodern company that manufactures the best furniture. The company mainly focuses on designing modern as well as mid-century designs for its customers.

Even though the company has high-end prices for the furniture but still you can get fue within your budget.

The company’s catalog is filled with iconic mid-century designs that are also natural and give you a simple look. Elgin Side Chair is one of the best designs manufactured by Poly & Barks. These have changed the success rate making them more popular and giving them lots of reviews and feedbacks.

6. Vaughan-Bassett

Vaughan-Bassett is one of the best manufacturers of a wide variety of furniture. The company has its factories located in North California,  Elkin, and Virginia.

The company manufactures furniture with solid wood which is mainly harvested by the company in some parts of the southeast. Bedroom furniture is mainly manufactured by Vaughan-Bassett which is prepared with, maple,  pine, ash, birch and so on. The company is also known as one of the best in the United States of America who manufactures of wide variety of adult bedroom furniture.

Most of the furniture designed by the company is depicted from the stylish American designs. One of the most trending collections of  Vaughan-Bassett is lattice bedroom furniture. In this way the company is unique and it’s all models and designs to a wide variety of customers all over the country.

7. Johnston Casuals

Another topmost furniture company in the United States of America Johnston Casuals is famous for designing occasional furniture along with some contemporary designs.

The company has the capacity to handle a wide variety of furniture which is taken from the state of the art facility established in Wilkesboro, North Carolina.

Johnston Casuals always keep up the trend giving traditional look to the furniture and customizing them as per the need and requirement of the individual customers.

Some company’s furniture includes dining table collection, bar stools, different variety of tables and many more. All the collection of furniture is available at reasonable prices which give you a lifetime warranty.

8. Stanley Furniture Company

This is at another furniture company that has been successful in its journey and has been traveling for a hundred years. Thomas Stanley was the founder of this company who has principal values of Designing the furniture with fine craftsmanship that guarantees the best designs and long life. At present this company is said to be a public traded company that also customizes its furniture and gives unique designs.

Among the different furniture brands available in the United States of America Stanley has its own signature designs.

In addition to that, the company also gets updated from time to time adopting new trends and meeting the requirements of all its customers. The company is offering sales through authorized local dealers that you can find even on the dealer locator page.

9. Coaster Furnishings

Coaster Furnishings is a well-known brand in the United States of America which is known for its emerging Trends and designed furniture models. Moreover, it has been steadily showing expressed in terms of the industry-leading interior designing company. The company also has its own slogan called fine furniture and truly stand on what they promise.

With a wide range of traditional to modern furniture designs, the company has its own style and significance. Coaster designed furniture is the best choice especially for middle-class people who can effort best and stylish furniture at affordable prices.

The company has been operating for 20 years but still, it has its own Trademark giving satisfying designs to a wide variety of customers all over the United States of America. In order to find the dealer near your locality in can simply visit the dealer page and get associated with them.

10. Kincaid

Among all the furniture companies in the United States of America, Kincaid is one of the biggest furniture manufacturers in the US, especially in western North California. Being famous as well as biggest company it includes a wide variety of furniture right from dining tables to some occasional furniture.

The company is also an expert in Foam bedding which has recently a part of Kincaid best furniture designs. Offers a wide range of along with intensive line of client upholstery.

This type of furniture is also known as the industry’s best furniture that has been marked as trade publications By most of the furniture manufacturing companies. Kincaid is the best in also giving customized furniture with a wide variety of catalog designs provided to the clients.


So you might have now come across the big furniture companies in the United States of America. From the best of the best manufacturing companies, you can select any one of them and get your furniture.

Before you get started, it is essential to know a few things like the style or the design of the furniture you like, the cost that you can effort for the furniture, your requirements and some other factors as well.

If you can know these things, then you can very easily choose the company to customize or buy your furniture.