Understanding the Significance of Green Energy

For a better understanding & introduction to the title:

What do you mean by Energy?

The word energy can be defined as any potential that lets us perform a specific task. The best example of work can be lifting anything, warming anything, or moving something. It is simpler words can be defined as anything without which the world cannot move an inch.

The long journey

So in the last 30 years, the R&D which is the Research and Development wing in the green sector of energy sources has seen massive growth and has been blooming ever since that day the research and initiative were taken to make the green energy initiative into a reality.

It, on the other hand, promises to offer brand new swanky and high tech machinery which can substantially lower our reliability on oil, natural gas, and oil (non-renewable source of energy).

But what do you mean by the word “Green Energy” and how does it stand as a better or one can say a viable option in comparison with the widely used energy originated from fossil fuels?

Defining the Green Energy

What is Green energy? It is a power or a source of energy which is originally produced from organic (natural) resources of energy such as

  • Rain
  • Tides
  • Algae
  • Wind
  • Geothermal energy &
  • Sun

The above mentioned green energy sources are those which are those that could be used and reused again and again and all over again (renewable). That means that these sources have energy that could be restored (replenished).

On the contrary, the non-renewable energy sources such as the one which at present is being used at a large scale are fossil fuels.

These are the ones that are only available up to a certain extent or can say a finite/measurable source of energy. These measurable sources of energy have been deployed throughout millions or billions of years to develop.

On the other hand, it is very much possible that these resources of energy can diminish with the continued heavy use one fine day hence helping to define green energy.

The state of renewable energy sources

Also, the best thing to do is to make use of renewable sources of energy. As the use of a renewable source of energy creates a little or no adverse impact on the atmosphere and cause the least damage to Mother Nature.

But the same does not happen in the case of non-renewable energy sources such as using fossil fuels.

The continued and heavy use of these non-renewable energy sources creates a lot of impurities in the air and results in the mass greenhouse effect as a byproduct, causing the legitimate change in the climate conditions.

Also, these fossil fuels are those energy resources that are extracted and brought to use after a lot of hard work which is mainly related to continuous drilling and mining for years deep into the surface of the earth. Usually, all that done in the locations which are ecologically very sensitive.

How important is the role of green energy?

So, in a nutshell, all of the above clearly means just one thing, green energy definition clearly indicates that is the power that can help the world be running and powered also that same energy could be used to provide power and energy for the rural and underdeveloped areas which hardly have any kind of access and liberty to using electricity for day to day work.

Development in the technologies of the renewable power sources has substantially brought down the prices of solar panels that were being used along with the cost of heavy and costly wind turbines and major sources of green energy.

Hence enabling the individuals to have power in their hand instead of making use the non-renewable energy sources such as coal, gas, and oil by the utility or energy providing organizations.

Green energy sources are a great alternative to using fewer fossil fuels in major sectors where electricity, space, water, and heat8ng is needed to fuel up the automobiles.

The different kinds of Energy

The different forms of energy may include

  • Thermal energy (produced from heat)
  • Light energy (produced from heat)
  • Mechanical energy (produced from heavy use of machines)
  • Nuclear energy (produced from the nuclear source of energy)
  • Chemical energy (produced from harmful chemicals)

The various kind of energy forms are an outcome of the vivid physical energy process just like reaction photons in light or blending the particles or elements in the chemical operation.

The matter

Majorly, in a nutshell, it could be taken into consideration that all things that have a specific and definable mass are a potential form of energy. In the entire history of mankind, people have made great efforts with day nights pursue, endeavor and hard work people finally had discovered something useful.

They with their dedication to offering to the world and make it a better place to live had finally discovered something great that by making a combination of those specific elements the potential energy that was created could be relayed into such a state that it could be useable to any form that could be used as a useful source of energy.

As for better understanding wood that originates from trees could be used as a source of energy by taking it together piling some pieces of log on top of each other and setting it on fire.

And right when the wood starts burning and when finally burned to ashes it can be a great source of energy which has finally offered us with radiant (light) energy and thermal (heat) energy.

Whenever it is that we put on fire the wood for taking energy extracted out of it we for sure are making good use of it to create some energy for all different kinds of purposes.

Moreover, as the wood has been burned to ashes, the volume of wood that has been combusted to have that kind of energy has already been wiped off from the planet and that amount of wood has forever vanished from the earth.

But this is only until the moment we start planting more and more trees. Researchers were already aware of this thing as a few energy resources that could be used and reused and restored to its original form much quicker than all other kinds of energy resources that at the present moment could be used at such an extensive scale.

Hence they have smartly and diligently categorized all the energy sources present in this world at the moment into 2 types which are most obviously

1. Renewable energy sources

Energy sources that could be used and reused all over again no matter how many times would never dimes

2. Non Renewable energy sources

This is the ones which if used once are consumed forever and cannot be restored in its original form. Just is used once and it gets disappeared into thin air forever.

While also there is no chance with which such energy resources could be recreated in a short period

Understanding Non-Renewable Energy

At present, the world is run majorly on the non-renewable source of energy. These may commonly include those fossil fuels which are originated from millions of years to be aged along with which these could be included as well coal, oil, and natural gas.

In reality, fossil fuels are a result of the remains of dead animals and plants from the heat energy created by the earth’s pressure and core due to the soil and rock applied for over a million years to be exact.

So the other remaining significant and commonly used nonrenewable energy sources are originated from uranium which is a radioactive atomic molecule or substance if just in case bigger in size and dimension.

So only when through with the nuclear amalgamation of multiple nuclear reactions all at the same time, the uranium atoms are split so to result in the heat energy and hence by that way electricity is produced.

Best examples of nonrenewable energy are

  • Nuclear Energy
  • Natural Gas
  • Petroleum
  • Coal

Renewable Energy

This kind of energy is usually a result of an organic process such as moving water, sunlight, the wind which can be replenished easily within short or no period.

(I) solar energy is usually generated from the sun’s heat and can be transformed into heat and electricity.

(II) Geothermal energy is generated from the internal heat of the earth. Majority of the houses in Boise along with a large number of businesses get their energy from this renewable source of heat

(III) The others that could be included on this list is the wind, wave’s river waters and biomass are also the most ideal source of renewable source of energy.

Best examples of  renewable energy are

1. Green energy

Making use of green energy can offer 2 advantages. The first one is that it could be replenished and there is no chance that we could end up using all of it. The other is that it does not pollute the environment

2. Solar energy

The most ideal example of an energy source that no mater whey happens and how much used is never going to get exhausted. The sun’s energy is known as solar energy. It too can be used in 2 ways.

Primarily for heat purposes. The other can be using the same heat received from the sun by a solar panel installed in or around the house or company premises to get heat energy and later could be used as electricity that was created by the sun’s heat.

3. Geothermal energy

This energy is a form of such power that is created from the internal heavy of earth. As deep down there, there is a lot of hot rock in the form of magma.

4. Wind energy

For a pretty long while the windmills have been in the use of grinding grains and to pump out the water from wells. The latest windmills are different, its blades rotate with the wind, and with the motion of those blades in a circular motion in a repeated sequence can create e good amount of energy.

5. Hydro energy

The water bodies have abundant water quantity in it which can be later used for creating power from water.

A dam that is built right across a gushing water body can make use of the potential of running water and the turbines on which the waterfalls can help to produce Hydro energy.

6. Ocean Power

It is no surprise that oceans have tons of energy in it. Such as waves, heat, and tide. The same could be used to create energy with the use of smart technologies and the latest types of machinery…

7. Biomass energy

The countryside is in a bigger favor when talking about the biomass which is believed to be a great source of energy The sawdust, leftover crops, clippings& dead trees can be used to create energy as and when burned together can help to produce full and electricity.


So the above article helps us in understanding what does green energy mean. All credit goes to the technological research and development department present in all over the world, constantly trying to make energy out of replenishing able sources and motivating us to use green energy and avoid the use of fossil fuels so to create electricity.