Handyman License Requirements by State: A Comprehensive Guide

We have an extensive checklist of the requirement of handyman license in the below mentioned states. This blog will help you with all the information you will ever need from the broad handyman insurance as you will be in consent with laws. All the best!


1. Alabama

There is absolutely no need of state license for handyman in Alabama. Here the license is only required by the contract. But that too is with the condition that the valuation of the project should be over and above $50,000.

2. Alaska

From the date of January 2015, any handyman in Alaska should compulsorily have a license to take up work that has a total valuation of $10,000. Also the General contractor – Handyman license is something that is arranged by the Commerce Department, Economic and Community Development, Wing of Professional licensing and Corporation Business. It is a must to declare the proof of general liability and insurance you have taken for property damage.

3. Arizona

The contractors in Arizona who are into projects that have a cost of over and above $1000 should have a state license. Better known as the handyman exemption in Arizona, any project that has a valuation below $1,000 and building permit is what it needs the most at the moment then the handyman exemption will not be applicable and a license will be required. The contractor’s license is something that is granted by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. To qualify for a license there is a need to pass a law, business, trade exam and put forward testimony of a bond.

4. California

When it comes to California there is no particular handyman license. This is because a handyman working on projects that are worth more than $500 should have a state license in California. Even if working on that particular job is not fixed such as building furniture and hanging pictures you will be exempted from the $500 edge and bigger projects can be undertaken.  Nevertheless to cover all the alternatives a general contractor’s license can be acquired from the California Contractors State License Board. To qualify for this, you will have to present evidence of insurance and contractor bond of $15,000. On the other hand the trade, law and business law should be passed.

5. Colorado

Being a handyman you fall in the class of general contractors in Colorado. As there are absolutely no state handyman license need for the GC’s. As despite there are a handful of the local demands that needs close observation right before the work is begun with.

6. Connecticut

Working in Connecticut does not require a state license. Nevertheless, if you see yourself as a contractor for home improvement or renovation who is responsible for creating irreversible changes to the house and residential spaces there is a need to enroll with the Department of Consumer Protection.

7. Delaware

For the General contractors in Delaware it is a must for a business license for revenue operations and should enroll with state to continuing working on projects that has a rough valuation of $50,000. Actually there’s no need of particular handyman license

8. Florida

Being a handyman in Florida needs no state license for assorted non-structural operations like minor carpentry, door repairs, paneling, tile installation and window repair. Each and every constructional or architectural operations such as constructing a home, house renovations which includes renovations works and the question remains the same does a handyman need a license, yes he does. The Department of Business and Professional Regulation issues this license and you will be needing to present at least 4 years of experience along with the workers compensation insurance and liability insurance.

9. Georgia

Any handyman who is working on a project that costs more than $2,500 demands a Residential Basic Contractors license for working in Georgia. Also there is a need to pass the law and business exam. Also there is a need to get the pre-approval from the Georgia Board of Residential and General Contractors so as to be permitted to write the exam. What else is needed? This finally asks for a 2 year experience and necessary displaying of general liability and worker’s compensation insurance both. The Georgia handyman laws are slightly strict to be honest.

10. Hawaii

Hawaii presupposes each & every handymen who are on the jobs at the place where material and labor have a total valuation of more or about $1,000 which also demands a permit for the building in order to acquire a license. The General building contractor sanctions and particular contractor permits are released by the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs executive and occupational permitting. You will however need to pass the trade, law and business exam whilst reveal a 4+ years of work experience in the last decade and display evidence of insurance.

11. Idaho

Idaho is a state where there is no need of permitting conditions. However for a licensed handyman in Idaho it is impossible to request being a contractor in absence of enrollment with the Board of Idaho contractors.

12. Illinois

The handymen along with the General Contractors in Illinois do not need a state license for working. As there may be a need to run a check on the native odd-job man permit conditions right before one starts working.

13. Indiana

The General contractors and handymen in Indiana do not need a handyman permit conditions as there are ample of rules and regulations at the national level as it needs a close eye before beginning to work.

14. Iowa

The state of Iowa does not ask a handyman to maintain or keep a state license as if ever you wish to do business in Iowa which allows you to make somewhere around +$2,000 annually then you are going to need yourself registered as a contractor of Iowa Division of Labor.

15. Kansas

Working in Kansas won’t ask you to maintain a state license for working as there are enough rules and regulations for all the general contractors on the regional level in order to run a check on the important/significant aspects right before one starts working.

16. Kentucky

In the state of Kentucky there is no need of the general contractors and handymen to hold a state license. On the other hand checking with the native handyman license conditions right before one starts working

17. Louisiana

In Louisiana a handyman should have a state license for home renovations and improvements & residential projects which have a total valuation of about $7500. Also the residential license granted by the State Licensing Board of Louisiana for general contractors.

Apart from this there will be a need to pass the trade, business and law exams department to work and get in wherein you’ll need to show the evidence for paying up insurances. The charges for registration for the home improvement that is somewhere around $7500 to $75000. Proof of insurance demands enrolment for completion procedure.

18. Maine

Working in Maine does not need a state license on the state level. No doubt there will be state rules and regulations you will need to abide by however one needs to pay close attention to these rules and regulations before working.

19. Maryland

A handyman who is working in Maryland will be needing a home improvement & renovation license right from the Division of labor, regulation and licensing. In agreement with the concerned department sites this will for sure wrap up the numerous alterations, conversions, additions repair, remodeling of a residential structure. In addition to that there is a need demonstrate at least 2 years of experience in the home renovation operations and produce the document for insurance validation. Also an exam for business and law needs to be passed.

20. Massachusetts

Any handyman who does home renovation work and property restores does not need a state license but the twist is one will need to have a restoration contract enrolment registration. However the good news is that there will be no need to prepare for the exams but registration charges may apply. And also the restores for bigger structures and architectural projects you will need a Construction Supervisor License. There are numerous licenses on the basis of the planned work in order to take care of the 35000 cubic feet sized projects. A three yearlong experience will be required.

21. Michigan

A person as a handyman working in Michigan will not be needing a particular handyman license in order to work in the state but there are tons of other handyman jobs wherein the state license will be required.

Handyman work such as carpentry, laying concrete, painting or decorating, or tiling can be the most relevant examples of the work that will demand a state license for handyman works in Michigan. Maintenance and Alteration contractor license is required here as to qualify for the license there will be need to accomplish approximately 60 hours of educational courses.


This highly classified information is shared in the form of the blog as a service. This is the truest information as provided by the most distinguished experts it is precise and updated. Nevertheless it could not be referred to as a legal suggestion and before taking any decision you should run a check on the local legal authorities. These requirements may change at any point of time in accordance with the change in rules and regulations of the above mentioned countries.