House Manager Job description, duties and salary

In order to survive in this fast moving world, to successfully manage your career, family and at the same time want to enjoy life or have difficulty managing an enormous house, ally yourself with a household manager. House manager are here to take the load off your shoulders and relieve you off from the household errands. Apply for them but before that learn about them and what they do.

 Do you know what house manager do?

Work of house manager can be easily understood in true essence by relating it with the work of managing director of a company and answering the question such as
what is a house manager. Just like a managing director who represents the highest executive officer in a company, house manager represent the highest executive officer in the house. Just like Managing director is in charge of the total management of an organization, household manager is in charge of complete management of the household chores. Managing Director is accountable to the board of directors directly, household managers directly report to the directors of the house that is house owners. The responsibilities and duties of a house manager are established by the directors of house. Role and responsibilities of the house manager depends upon the requirements of the family. It varies from family to family meaning that they might have to perform some additional works based upon the value system and family preferences. But the task remains the same in general. As a household managers, they are responsible for the running smoothly the day-to-day affairs of the house.

Household managers are employed not only by the ultra-wealthy, large households having a team of employed staff but also by single parent families and working parent family. But, they are mainly employed by large and big households. House manager work depends a lot upon the employer’s personal and professional lifestyle, that is, frequency of parties, the level of parties, the kind of guests and business meetings held at home. People are often confused about what the house manager work entails and sometimes, the role of household managers is misunderstood with the role of butlers. The duties of butler includes making and serving meals, look after wine cellars, make drinks and making sure that these are done properly. They have a special training and have fine knowledge of etiquette. There work doesn’t include other domestic works.

What is a house manager?

A house manager is responsible for planning, organizing, communicating, coordinating, controlling, staffing and implementation of the work required for the proper functioning of the household operations. A household manager is an overseer, boss of the staff, coach of the employees in instilling professional training, coordinates different operations and monitors the work and employee’s performance. House manager is responsible for the productivity and actions of the lower staff. Hi or her  work area range spans wide like grocery shopping , running errands, cleaning , laundry , handling household bills, maintaining car and property  and managing repair work , making appointments and arranging parties , instructing staff, solving their grievances , monitoring their work performance and thereby suggesting promotion and termination accordingly, etc.

 House manager Job description  

Every single family is different from other in every aspect. There work ethics, value system, preference, taste, lifestyle and are economically different background. House manager is an individual who is employed by the family, single parent or working couple.  Household manager Job description is designed by the employer.

A highly qualified individual but deprived of necessary skills which the employer may require you to perform is a deal breaker. Like a family may want a household manager who knows how to cook Italian food, French cuisines if you don’t posses it then your educational qualification won’t help. High quality education is not a determinant of deal maker. Even a high school diploma will help, provided House manager should possess a wide range of necessary professional skills. Apart from this house manager should be have Organizing skills, efficiency, adaptability, flexibility, interpersonal skills, responsible, problem solving skills, swift decision making  and discretion is important.

House manager forms the link between owner and other staff members. They remains in personal contact with the owner and formulate plans required to be executed for the smooth and efficient management of the household chores, upkeep of the property and management of the staff , their rules and regulations. Household manager will communicate these developments to the staff members for the smooth implementation of the orders. Usually, they play a supervisor role.

 Household Manager Salary

Salary of house manager depends upon various factors like size of the house and number of property that falls under his or her purview, do they require a specialized professional been trained in different country’s culinary skills, etiquette, hygiene, the number of employees to be supervised , the number of task and responsibility that he needs to undertake. According to Starkey International Institute, annual salary ranges from 50,000 USD and 10,000 USD for a professional household manager.

You can find a best match of house manager who matches your household needs by contacting house manager agencies available online.

Duties of Household Manager

A house manger runs the house.  So his duties and responsibilities will include anything and everything which is related to the house. Duties may vary corresponding to the family needs. But generally, duty of the household manager includes:

  • He/she bridges the gap between the owner and the lower staff. He represents the expectation of the owner and at the same time keeps the owner informed about the employees needs. He communicates the owner’s order, rules and regulation of the employer.
  • He performs the role of coach who gives professional training to the subordinate staff and aligning them with the work ethics of the house.
  • He performs the supervisory role, oversees all the work of various departments like chefs, chauffeur, housekeeper, nannies, monitors their performance and recommends needed improvements.
  • He is an authority figure in the house that directs, instructs and command orders. Enforce rules and regulation set by the employers for the employees.
  • Making sure the availability of requested items, grocery and other supplies.
  • Fixing personal and professional appointments as required by the employer.
  • Arranging parties and gatherings and managing all the work associated with it right from beginning till the end.
  • Working out household schedule
  • Maintenance of the property and cars, repair and replacement work, furnishings and other necessary residential installations.
  • Arranging seminars for the employees related to safety issues.

In case of small family, single parent or working parents family , the house manager is required to performs tasks like cooking , laundry and housekeeping work.


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