How to Create a Good First Impression?

All it takes is an instant look, it might be a couple of seconds for anyone to make all the assumptions you are seeing the very first time. So, these couple of seconds are responsible to create a permanent view/ decision of your personality, looks, body posture, attitude, peculiarity and the manner you are dressed in.

Hence with this blog, we will try to shine some light on how one can be more attractive at first glance.

Steps for how to make a good first impression

1. Being punctual means a whole lot than one can imagine

Somebody you are seeing for the first-ever face-to-face meet will be least interested in knowing no matter how good your reason for being late. Schedule to be at the place either a couple of minutes before the mentioned time and let there be some treatability to avoid the usual delays of traffic jams or probable being late reason by taking a wrong turn or re-routing due to some of the other reason.

It is always a great idea to plan and leave a few minutes early to jump off all the probable delaying reasons. It is the initial and most significant step for creating a decent first-ever perception. This is one of the most effective on how to make a good impression method.

2. Introduce yourself as precisely possible

No doubt the physical looks play an important role in a first-ever meet. This means that the individual you are seeing for the first time has little or no info about you, which means that your looks may be the first hint she or he will have for the rest of life.

However, one does not need to be afraid at all. You don’t need to have to look like a celeb or VIP to have the best first impression which is positive and impressive perception.

But this can be of great significance for the first encounter with an advertisement or model agency.

The thing about a good first impression is usually the way you present oneself perfectly. A first impression is like a picture that stays as it during the first glance to an individual you are going to see.

Note: Important is, you are picking the right clothes for the meet. The ideal dress to wear entirely depends on the occasion.

So, when meeting for a business purpose blazer, suit, formals is the best pick. The appropriate way of dressing varies from one country to another.

3. Be Me

Yes, you heard that right, when it is about making a decent enough perception for you to be suitable in whatever you wear is recommended. It neither means that pretending to be someone or losing oneself in being someone you are not.

The appropriate method to get a goof enough first-ever perception by being who you are. confident and assist in creating enough integrity and to build some degree of trust coming from the ones you get along with the desired integrity and respect you have desired for.

4. You must have a great smile

While not forgetting how important it’s to have an alluring smile to impress someone you meet for the first-ever time. A much Canadian and warm smile can help to grab most of yourself which makes the person more relaxed free.

Hence a win, win situation for the one who wants to impress the people with much ease.

Hence making smile the most significant thing to have when the need if impressing oneself to someone also lets the meet lesser formal to deal with the smarmy and insincere.

5. Be confident and Open

In the event of you trying methods of creating a permanent first tome impression, the body language can say a lot about you to indicate the right sense pf self-assurance and confidence.

Hence it is necessary to smile, stand straight and have a firm shake of hands. Doing this is certainly going to grab you the encouragement of self-confidence easily.

Also, it is very common for someone a little nervous trying to impress someone who is being real. This, however, can help you avert from being nail biter or sweaty palms. Hence worry less, so that it gets better eventually.

6. Stick to small but meaningful talks

The usual conversations are founded on the verbatim exchange. It is of great help when readying the important questions for the individual beforehand.

It is suggested for the person to be a little information on the person you are going to meet you for the first time. Going using appropriate questions such as what does he like or not? Any interest in golf, football matches.

In simpler words one can after such questions posed to another person can have a conversation with the meeting individual is a great technique of you needing keeping the conversation small and efficient inflow. Hence helping with making a good first impression.

7. Being Positive

In everything a person ever does, his attitude shines like a bright sun hence having a good enough attitude is the key to demonstrate a great personality. One can make some essential efforts to take lessons from meetings and make use of it in the right manner.

Ultimate lets the person know you are open to anything which they feel is important in doing for all kinds of conversations and meets. So, let’s get that done in the smiling and upright method.

8. Stay Attentive & Courteous

There is no need of mentioning this pointer as the ideal polite and good manners are being courteous and attentive while the first meets with any individual.

Even though it cannot be described and understood to the person you are going to meet. Hence it is ideal to be the best of yourself.

The newly built relationship for sure has the right of cent percent of all the attention. Accepting or settling for something less than that may give that person a feeling that they are either not important or you are less attentive and can get irritated easily.

Important pointers

As anyone meeting for the first time face to face, there is a compact time window of seconds that cannot be changed in the later stage of life. Hence if it’s the first meet make sure you did it right. As the same image will be relayed for the rest of the life

All this is achievable by sticking to the eight parameters

  • Be punctual, respect your and others time
  • Ensure the right way of presenting yourself.
  • Be me
  • A winning smile can do a whole lot than one could think of what it can be used for.
  • A short conversation is preferred
  • Also, be confident and open during any conversation.
  • Stay positive (if not develop one)
  • Stay attentive and courteous.


With every time you see the other person, standing you are judged as the other person’s perception of yourself is created. These first impressions are the powerful perceptions that are going to be next to impossible or undone, and it is usually the major reason for the connection that is going to stay for the rest of the life.