How to invest $200,000 (and generate a solid return)

Thinking how to how to invest 200k? Making an investment of $200,000 is a really significant starting point. In fewer words, it is the distinguishing line between the micro and macro investors.

On the other hand just similar to a bigger investment sum, being aware of how to induct $200,000 demand very extraordinary approaches.

Talking about $200,000 it is a massive chunk of the amount that needs to be possibly branched out and some hypothetical and strong possibilities persist.

On the contrary, there is a need to keep such a humongous amount secured properly.

What Ways You Could Use to Invest Your Money?

An unfluctuating directory demands a sturdy apportionment between cash, stocks, and bonds. All the stocks indicate bonds, growth which is actually for the preservation of capital whereas on the other hand shall provide liquidity. These methods may help you with investing 200k for income.

1. Make sure to invest in CDs and Money Market Accounts

Thinking how to retire on $200 000 inheritance? In the investment realm Cash is something that has turned into a cuss word, majorly due to it paying a very petty amount of interest that is paid.

Due to this, it’s generally suggested that a little chunk of funds should be put up against the portfolio. Also, this does not mean that cash is of no use at all as cash in hand is as important as having an amount in the bank.

Nevertheless, for beginners, there is good enough cash that could fill up the gap between 3 months and 6 months of outlays for daily expenditure, which is safely placed as an emergency fund.

Hence this is for sure that it will cover up the exigencies but will help to jump off the times when you have to destroy your portfolio to pay off the short-term requirements.


2. Invest in Online bank is a good option

This is a smart alternative method to acquire a payoff on the emergency fund is to first open a savings account that pays a good interest amount and that too with an online or virtual bank.

This is due to these banks being online which means there are far fewer stances to branches and staff that are to be managed which can provide higher remuneration to the customers.

Despite the fact the interest that you are probably going to earn on an online savings bank account which accounts for the preferable rate of interest by the majority of online savings account.

Whereas the ideal online accounts are wrapped with advantages such as unlimited ATM withdrawals, mobile check deposits, and bonus rates, and little to absolutely no least fees or balances.

So go ahead and invest 200k to see it grow with time.

3. Invest in Bonds and Other Fixed Income Investments

Majority of the investors are fully aware of the ins and outs of stock investing as they are also well versed with the bonds.

Additionally, the majority of the investors are well aware of how and what investing in stocks actually is, whereas it is uncommon to spectacle individual investors that are investing in bonds until and unless they are investing through the medium of managed investment strategy. This is one of the best ways to invest 200k.

(A) US Treasury Bonds

Majority of the renowned along the institutional investors these bonds can be relevant to be more likely similar to pension funds.  The treasury bonds can be procured through a bank or a broker as there is an alternative to buy them without any charges also known as commission fee and acquire them at Treasury directly.  This will help you when you have a question such as what to do with 200k?


Also known as Treasury Inflation Protected Securities that usually has a lower rate of interest in contrast with the term Treasuries, despite of the inflation adjustments. As the inflation adjustment is credited to you on a yearly basis as and when you don’t receive it which could be redeemed on maturity period for which you have been taxing already. Go ahead as this is a good way of investing 200k.

(C) Municipal bonds

Such bonds have an arguable amount as income in form of interest with the Treasury bonds which also are exempted from taxation and for those income taxes in the state that is responsible for issuing bonds.

In a scenario where there is a combination of conjoined federal and state marginal income tax provision of about 40% and also an additional income of 3% on the municipal bonds which will allow you to have an equal return of about 5% on a taxable investment amount. Also these could be procured through brokers. Hence with this you will successfully invest 200000 with that ease.

4. Invest in Stocks and Other Equity Investments

Often people think how to invest 200 000 dollars? Stocks need to be the first preference of investment in the portfolio as not only referring to the past they come up with the best return rates and more importantly they are the leading fountainhead of investment growth.

Let’s take it back to the late 1920s the stocks have amounted to paying up at least 11% every year which is over & above all major investments.

Here there is a need to expect growth in all of the portfolios so as not just making you richer but also jump off the inflation.

There has been an average inflation rate of roughly about 3% and it has been the standard rate for over 3 or 4 decades which is the least rate of return which one will need to earn in a portfolio as that will set everything even.

This is the basic portfolio apportionment that can set the distribution the way you like it which will be entirely based upon personal conditions.

5. Invest in Peer-to-Peer Lending

Peer to Peer lending is a groundbreaking investment concept that permits you to borrow money from the borrowers especially in need of the projects that might interest you as a notion that comes with both high rewards and high risk.

P2P lending decks come someplace among actual investments and cash equivalents.

Honestly, they pay up a much higher interest rate in contrast with the conventional fixed-income investments falling between mean-single digits and low lying double digits which is followed by the never-ending risk of loss.

No one would like to be blown with a P2P investment as they are not specifically liquid and the potential risk of loss of capital is something that could not be overlooked.

Nevertheless attaining a mere percentile on the cash allocation in P2P lending or investment can unbelievably result in a boost of overall cash you make. A perfect way when thinking about how to invest 200000 with the least risk.

6. Fundrise investment P2P Lending

Fundraise is one of my personal favorites when it is all about P2P lending juncture, however, there is a catch. The thing with Fundrise is that it only will allow you to invest in real estate (property).

The concept of Fundraise came into the picture in the year 2012. As it is not the most senior investing as they have with them an Investor count of +138,000 all around with a total asset value of $1.2 billion managed

Investing in real estate is a great idea but people run away and keep a distance from it as they don’t wish to own and manage one. So just in case, you fall in the same category let me present your REITs.

The REIT can be explained as an investment trust which simply means that there is no involvement of the landlord fee and charges. Through Fundrise you come across an organization that with ease differentiates in medium-sized investments in real estate simply bigger than single houses.

Although there is no buying of houses in it rather than that it involves flipping of homes for a fair amount. The REIT total amount of investment is roughly about +$95 million in corporate infrastructures.

7. Opt to Invest with a Discount Broker

There are huge brokerage companies that are particularly are framed to pull the maximum advantage which is self-driven for the investors. They provide very low business commissions and they most of the time provide dependable assistance for investment.

The complete juncture is designed for do-it-yourself investing. They provide the widest range of selection of investment which may include bonds, stocks, substitutes along with exchange-traded funds, and mutual funds.

Likewise, a small chunk of your money could be invested in perfectly organized funds also making sure you start trading off with individual securities.

The discount brokers that we have gone through here are good at dealing with financial cents as we feel more comfortable recommending these

  • Ally Invest
  • TD Ameritrade

8. Investing with a Full-Service Broker

The full-service brokers basically provide the entire portfolio alternatives which you can avail yourself at a discounted price. However, the main difference among the full-service brokers, in reality, organize the perfect portfolio for you.

They get this done with the standard organized accounts along with the custom-framed portfolios. They can take care of all the investing procedures for you, although this will cost you comparatively far more than a typical discount broker. The average amount paid for managing the portfolio a mere 1%.

The renowned services by brokers may include

  • Ameriprise Financial
  • Edward Jones
  • Raymond James

Wrapping Up

Above mentioned are one of the most remarkable and risk free methods of investing $200,000. It’s possibly more than one could think have as $200,000 is something most people are not having.

But with the help of well-organized and perfectly planned strategies, the amount can see an upward trend. As the catch is being informed of how and where to invest.

So make sure you invest your $200,000 as you will see it grow and look after you for the rest of your life. This is how to invest 200000 dollars with methods that include the least risk and maximum returns on your investment.