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Still thinking what to make a website about? Here are some of the most incredible content thoughts one may need to bring out the creativity in the site and liveliness in content. Content marketing success entirely relies upon producing tons of content-this content is not just any regular content. The content produced needs to of both great quality and acceptable standards. Content target audience would love to go through. As also there is a strong need of refreshing the content from time to time so that the audience never fails to come back again. This hereby results into creating tremendous pressure to roll with fresh and innovative concepts, new apps and unless that you are a robot equipped with Artificial Intelligence which goes on producing more and more idea. In the end one will have to get in touch with a writer as not being able to come up with something that is cool, new and thrilling.

So here is a checklist of thrilling content marketing thoughts one can make use of just to keep the blog/website running efficiently.

1. Listicles

Listicles can be explained as the combination or mixture of lists and articles. At what position was content before the introduction of listicles? It is quite simple, one just needs to take content and turn it into a list. The ability to calling for a number which is there in the headline. This enhances and boosts the skimmed of the article while not forgetting the endless power of listicles. It has dozens of applications which helps to bag the attention of the reader. What if a website has 10 products and it needs to display all the 10 items? These rises the need of listicles which enumerates the content and makes it look even more representable. Thus standing as the cool website ideas.

2. Checklist

Checklist is a very frank yet direct as they incline towards having a more sensible approach than what the listicles have. Checklist creates a quick to remember pointers of the needed items by a use which can be used for further personal use. Quite a useful tool to be used right? Let’s assume you have a travel company. Here you want to create a list which could be used for remembering things which one often misses out when leaving for a trip. A forceful tool which is an excellent ideas for a web site. So with the help of the check-able squares one could do that in a very interactive manner, hence an intelligent way of making it user friendly where the user can also take a printout. This enhances the overall content.

3. How-to posts

These are smart online mechanism (tools) that guides the user how to complete whatever activity that is ongoing. It comes into picture when the user is guided how to change a flat tire, how to fix a broken lamp, how to use a torn jeans for DIY and so on. A user needs to be sure of one thing that the main title entails the entire content very clearly. The high in demand and one of the brightest ideas for the website and blog. So he needs to make sure the title is it should be as certain as possible. To make it more precise one needs to add videos and images of the practice. If photographs doesn’t meet your need a user can make use of sketches just as the ones we see at Wikihow.

4. Tips and tricks

“Tips and tricks” content is all about furnishing the users with efficient information on a given topic, task or procedure to the site visitors in order to make their lives early. This line can be unclear among the various forms of content. In an article there are listicles, checklist or how-to with a paragraph of tips and tricks. The catch is to give the best piece of information that is useful. The entire concept when implemented on a real life has transformed and also known as “life hacks”. One should use this as much as possible as this particular term for sure bags the attention of the readers. People these days are interested in tips and tricks rather than getting into lengthy contents so it is a for sure better web page ideas.

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5. Best practices

A web content is famous for its best practices articles. This outlays a handful of humongous sized pictorial notions and procedures on a given topic. For instance let’s take a website that holds content with information relevant to best practices to maintain automatic chronograph watches, which factors should be considered while buying a watch, how to identify a genuine watch etc. The common obstacle with such type of content it should be written in such a way that it focuses only on the target audience.

6. Buying guides

The buying guides have a fistful of benefits as a class of content and they come around in many different forms. The main agenda is to be of help the people with a better buying decision when buying something. For instance Watchfinder & Co. is a buying guide that helps in buying and comparing various watch brands and is so far a helping hand in contrasting situations. It has been of a great help to those people who are unfamiliar of watches and what other factors to be considered when buying premium watches. As these watches come with a premium price tag this site and as a blogger helps people to avoid making mistakes in a purchase. One needs to be very much sure of the prime topics being covered but a blogger also needs to make sure that they get into topmost considerations. As the users need to be aware and well informed about what factors should be taken to make a good decision here.

7. Opinion pieces

The opinion pieces are one of the most flexible content types one can come up with. The only thing that’s needed to be acted upon is brainstorm and come up with an idea of a topic that has a huge significance or importance to the major chunk of audience. Thereby creating a view on it and write about it. For instance one would prefer coming up with a content that is relevant to latest technology as it thrives and thrills the major chunk of audience i.e. youth. So one may need to prepare a list of advantages and disadvantages of the product. Some highlights and things to be remembered while purchasing the specific product and so on. Or else coming up with a list of drawbacks of the new tech piece that people fail to recognize. There are a handful things that may help an individual to prosper here are your opinions should be forceful, highly detailed and up to some extent debatable as well. Hence it is a terrific cool website idea.

8. Prediction pieces

The prediction pieces are somewhat like the opinion pieces but with a more particular emphasis. An individual needs to try one or more than one predictions about a specific topic that’s trending or particular industry that is new to market, this may be of great interest to majority of the users. For instance you may be in the automobile industry where you will make predictions about a certain car model that will be either be of great success or that model may be discontinued by so and so date or year. If you are in technological industry that focuses on recent electronics roll over recently, you can tell the audience that though having great features it may be outdated as there will be a whole research and development wing working on it by a specific organization. If you are in telecommunications you can come with a view about a piece of technology which is trending at the moment but as we all know no matter what and how advanced technology is it will become obsolete one fine day hence giving the audience a timeline when that technology will be obsolete and something new will be introduced to the market. This is rather very captivating as it is future oriented. Hence making it a great idea for a web site.

9. Prediction follow-up pieces.

The prediction piece if written once, an individual then can capitalize it as a forceful content piece, this is known as prediction follow up. As one can take it from the name it is a method of take into account on the predictions made in the first impressions and decide whether it is right or wrong and the why factor as well. For instance there are pages where information about SEO is being posted every now and then. So the prediction about specific SEO practices have been predicted by the pages. Let’s assume out of 10 predictions 8 stood to be right. So there should be a follow up on the prediction made. One does not get into that much depth, just a simple follow up on the accuracy of prediction made.

10. Written Tutorial

Tutorials appear to be another form of the how-to blogs, however it is where two split a usual objective informing a user to help in doing something (to-do tutorials) incline to steer into an in-depth, stage by stage demonstrating the procedure. So in an inscribed tutorial one will have a tough time coming to this type of concentration. It entirely relies on the topic is completely covered. So there is a need of exceptional understanding of a topic. Don’t forget to add pictures, illustrations or switch forms to using a video tutorial. A precise yet accurate tool as well as a flawless web page ideas.


Above mentioned are some of the best tools to make content even more engaging as the times pass by there will always be need to upgrade the content and make it better. As when it comes to online content there always is a room for improvement.


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