How to become a Certified Life Coach?

A complex world, with complex set of problems. Certified life coach has come to the rescue in the stressful lives of people. A certified life coach is the need of hour. Equipped with Life coach training, they ally with their clients in solving their life issues.

Life coaching, Once a remote career opted by fewest of the few, known by rarest of the rare has made a groundbreaking success in the world. It is widely recognized and acknowledged profession. As per the study conducted by the PWC Research, it is revealed that around 89% of the people know about life coaching profession, 59% of people have taken assistance of life coaches in their life and about 97% of the people are satisfied with their experience from life coaches.
The certified professional coaches can be credited for the success of life coaching profession. Here we are going to tell you how to become a life coach.

What is life coaching?

Before knowing how to become a life coach you should know what does it mean. In simple terms, life coach is an individual employed by the client to help client achieve their goals in life. This is a profession which is quite distinct from consulting, counseling, mentoring as advising. Life coach work on only those specified personal and professional matters for which you have approached them.
Life coaching is a collaborative engagement of both the client and the coach in dealing with the client’s problem by giving the command of rein in the hands of client. It’s just like “wearer of the shoe knows where the shoe pinches”. Clients know their problems well and it is the client who can resolve them at best even though the chances seem hopeless in the first place. It is the work of life coach to acquaint you to that guiding force in your life to sail through those challenges. What life coach do is to ask potentially strong questions and equip you with the tools and empower you to search for answer yourself. This is their greatest skills. But the responsibility lies equally on the client to cooperate with the coach. It like no matter how good a car is it’s the driver of the car who drives toward the destination. If the client won’t make his or her full efforts, the efforts of coach remain futile.

How to become a certified life coach?

The apex body in the field of coaching is International Coach Federation that provides standard training at the hands of professionals. There are many Accredited Coach Training Programs available to become a certified life coach. Getting trained in International Coach Federation Accredited coach training programs give a professional edge to the coaches with solid skills on which you can build your career and this is something you can bank upon to have a brighter and successful future. Coach training alliance of national coach Academy seems to have a uniquely concentrating on giving life choice training producing a certified life coach meeting the needs and challenges of the outside world environment. They give you at every step from the beginning, throughout you journey in learning of a certified life coach till the time you start working with your clients as certified life coach. Apart from being providing an excellent life coaching certification program, it has taken care of the affordability of the life coaching certification program. The life coaching certification program provides a comprehensive and detailed training. They provide coach skill training, they also provide competency and code of ethics training. They are also provides with the observation sessions when you deal with your client by the experienced professionals in the field. They conduct final exams to ascertain your understanding and knowledge competency to become a certified life coach. When you take a life coaching certification program make that, this facilities and training program are given. Certified life coach is provides with various tool to work with in your life coach career. Besides all this, to become a certified life coach by accredited training program establishes your eminence in the coaching community sphere and credibility with the clients. This is the first and foremost step to become a certified life coach. This is the answer to how to become a life coach.

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One-on-one training

This is ideal mode of training when the trainees want to have a personal contact with their trainers.  In this mode of training accessibility of location as per your home location plays an important role. If it is nearby then there is no problem but if the location is far-based then you have to calculate upon the tuition fees, the travel cost, time and energy. For the aspirants who want to have one-on-one contact with the mentors opt for this type of mode of training instead of choosing to remotely. This help in developing skills in trainees like interpersonal and communication skills.

Distance learning

This type of learning is best suited for those who have some equally important work and family commitments. Because it is not feasible to take up traditional face to face learning or mixed training program. The trainees are offered calling and video conferencing lessons and training program. This is helpful in a sense that as in the real world top certified life coach communicates with their clients mostly on the phone calls and video conferencing. As per to the cost of this mode of learning, the cost is minimal as compared to the convenience and the type of training program which has far more reaching benefits.

Mixed learning

Till now we have talked about traditional face to face mode of learning and the distance learning. But the mixed learning is the combination of both. There are benefits of cost reduction as this cost of travelling is eliminated if one opt for a life coaching certification program via learning options like availability on phone, YouTube channels, video conferencing.

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After taking into consideration all the aspect of distance, time and location, you have to go through the programs and decide for yourself that will work according to your needs and what is offered by them. There is a philosophical aspect is also attached to each life coach certification program. Some have a business oriented outlook towards them while some have non- profitable outlook with the spiritual edge attached. Decide according to your perspective towards life and things. After all this, look for the kind of specialization you have in mind and inclination to pursue that interest. But if you could not find the specialized area you are looking for then don’t lose hope. This life coach training is all about learning new things and dealing with new things. If you want to excel in this field mould yourself according to the requirements. Keep in mind learning never goes wasted.
There are following specialization area that you can consider choosing like creativity, executive, small business, non-profit, career change, leadership, health and fitness, addiction, life change, personal lifestyle, spirituality, large events in life, coach the coach and many more.

After deciding upon the distance, time, location, your philosophical approach and area of specialization that you are inclined towards, you need to take into consideration the cost of the life coaching training program. From the narrowed down list, choose among the best fit program for you keeping the cost of the program in mind. The fee for the life coaching training program varies with the program depending upon the mode of learning, specialization they are offering, duration of time.
Make sure of the specifications and should have clarity in mind like what all is included in the program fees? Are all the classes or seminars or training sessions are included the price or not? How many classes and session fall beyond the fee structure? Will you have you pay for the trainer coach outside of the tuition fees or these charges are included in the list? Will the books and learning material is included in the course fee or that you have to purchase it of your own? How much the learning material and books will cost? If you want to have some extra query classes, will they be charging for it or is it free of cost? All take into account your daily transportation charges that you have to bear till the end of the coaching. Other additional cost like food cost, incidental cost, etc and in case of distance learning, take into account the internet service cost, technological administration and other collateral expenses.

Cost of the tuition is an important criterion to look into. Ensure that you have taken into consideration all the possible cost of the life coach certification program before joining it. Fully understand each and every aspect of the training program concerned to make a well thought out and informed decision that is best for you.

After the background information check about the reputed life coaching certification program providing centre and their unique features and distinctive offerings, now you have a good idea about that. You have also shortlisted your choices  from the list of many program by considering the location, the distance of training centre location from your home location, the duration of time that you have to undertake and then deciding upon the mode of learning ,that is, face to face, distance learning or mixed learning. Choose the philosophy that interests you, narrow down the area of specialization that you want to make your career in and finally be clear about the cost that you have to bear.
Now it becomes important for you to make contact with the life coaching certification program centers that you have narrowed down. Not all the information is available online. By contacting them you will get to know the valuable information about the program which is otherwise not available online. You will get more knowledge about program after taking to the profession coaches and those who have already taken the coaching. You will have a new perspective about the program. After connecting personally, you will be able to figure out whether it is right for you or not. This step helps in making you sure that the investment you are going to make will be fruitful or not.

Next stage is to get you enrolled for the program that you have decided upon and complete the program and become a certified life coach. Your training program will include learning of skills that are to be used as coach. You will be given various skill training sessions over a span of time (hours) decided by the training providers
Ethic training will be given. You will be provided with a coaching observation by a certified coach. This is really fruitful to learn from their observation and guidance.

In the end, a final exam is conducted to know where you as a coach stand. Once you have passed the examination, then you are ready to become certified life coach.
Hopefully, this would have answered your “how to become a certified life coach” question. With the provided information your inquisitive mind must have got some satisfactory answers. The provided information will help sail you through in becoming a certified life coach.

Present day world is a complex world and hence the complex lives. People lead a stressful life. Stress about their career choices, their never ending aspirations and demands, personal choices, competitive world and to top it all existential crises. Not everyone is good at handling complexities. In fact in reality, most can’t. A certified life coach is the need of the hour. It helps you realize and recognize the major and minor problematic issues with your life and help you find answers to those unanswered question. That’s why certified life coach profession is booming.