Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Companies in the USA

Some of the top industrial machine making organizations are those business entities that have played a significant role in the development of America’s economy. So how do these machine manufacturing companies do that let’s take a close look.

The Top 10 Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Companies

1. Caterpillar, Inc

This company is one of the biggest American origin companies which has its roots in the machine production sector. They specialize themselves in development, designs, sells industrial machinery fittings, financial products, marketing product, pattern layout of machines.

And one of the biggest machine production organizations all across the globe. Caterpillar, Inc is said to be one of the most reputed and respected companies in the world of the manufacturing sector.

Also is a trusted company by a huge cluster of customers and companies which also specializes in offering B2B and B2C sector. Caterpillar, Inc is listed among the Fortune 500 companies.

This MNC has average annual sales revenue of over USD 47 billion. This company is regarded as the greatest machinery manufacturer and an eminent leader of mining and construction types of machinery, natural gas, and diesel engines, along with the industry gas propellers and diesel-electric powered trains.

2. Deere & Co.

Deere & Co is a multinational corporation. It also is considered one of the biggest machine manufacturing companies.

As the company, Deere & Co. is the registered name but the company is popularly known as John Deere. It is a company that has its foundation based in the United States, Illinois, Moline.

The company primarily concentrates more on the production of construction equipment, agricultural machines, first equipment, transmission frames, axles, gearboxes, diesel engines and all these are those machines that are taken into consideration for heavy and tough jobs out there, also this company specializes in lawn maintenance machines.

Also, this company is a proof of excellence in its core business operation which has let it take a huge jump and leaped on the prestigious brands that enjoy fortune 500 positions, ranking, the reputation of Global 500 mega-corporations.

The company also is known for supplying its high-quality products in the majority of the countries spread all across the globe. Hence one of the leading industrial machinery companies.

3. Parker Hannifin Corp.

The Parker Hannifin Corporation is an MNC and a massive conglomerate that has its roots in core business operations other than that of its prime machinery manufacturing along with all kinds of industrial supplies.

The company specializes itself in yielding the best quality industrial machinery and circular motion machines which are based on the industrial conception of producing the best mechanics and a result of extremely clever engineering behind every machine they ever manufactured.

The company has its roots and origin in Ohio, Mayfield Heights. It is believed that Parker Hannifin Corporation is one of the key players all over the world in technologies that are motion-controlled and administered.

The other services sector company has its control over at is climate control, aerospace, filtration, electromechanics fusion, fluid and gas management, filtration approaches.

Besides them, the company has operations control over other sectors such as pneumatics, hydraulics, handling, sealing & shielding, process administration.

The company also is one of the most reputed firms across the globe. Has a great reputation which has earned the company a permanent designation of the prestigious organizations and enjoys the position in Global Fortune 500 companies. Apart from that, the company is at a 250th position.

This company is quite huge in terms of everything whether it is a product or service or workforce, annual revenue, high profits. It is a market player that has a workforce of 60,000 employees working for the company in 3 different shifts, which means 20000 employees are working in 8-hour shifts.

4. Xerox Corp.

Xerox Inc is an international conglomerate which is known for best in class machine manufacturing and products of relatable field and other products and services which fall in the machine production sector.

Besides that, the fact the company is offering the document tech, digital machinery and all kind of other machines. The company is into the making of mechanical products and services. It also deals with the trading of the document tech, virtual assurance of Digital document.

The company has its business operations active in about 150 nations worldwide. This international company has its origin from the United States of America which is offering the best possible solutions for machinery that operate on the print domain sector. The Xerox company is an organization that has its foundation stone laid on the Norwalk city of Connecticut upstate.

Xerox Inc has skill and expertise in the manufacturing of industrial types of machinery that offer the best results for printing and imaging data and also pays special attention to the design and development of the products.

Offers a great product which was readied after an up-close obesifying and comes out of true professionalism in creating a product that will be used to serve the public by manufacturing product which themselves will be the production company is willing to manufacture and the buyers are willing to take the same with some hefty products and outcomes. The prime highlights of this conglomerate are

  • improve productivity and serves
  • retails industries.
  • education
  • government
  • manufacturing
  • banking
  • healthcare

5. Baker Hughes Inc.

This company needs no introduction. That is because it is already a market leader in machine production companies. It is a company that has its origin back in the United States of America.

It has been proved that the company has its business operations such as a market leader in the greater oilfield sector.

At present, the company has its hands in all kinds of businesses hence making it a leader as a service-oriented company. But the products manufactured by this company are believed to be one of the best standard products in terms of quality and build material a rating of 5/5 can be given.

Currently, this company has its prime operation center (headquarter) in America and moreover, the company also is known for being a great company for made up machinery.

Active business operation held in over a hundred nations. Headquarter is in Houston, Texas, and United Kingdom, London. It leads the company in a great way by making it the number one machine manufacturing company. It is a production centered company which mainly revolves around offering great services and extraction of oil and natural gas supplies and process such as

  • formation evaluation
  • IL drilling
  • reservoir consulting.
  • production

6. Veritiv Corp.

This company is based in Atlanta. as headquartered or the main operating branch in Georgia. Also, the company due to its expertise in machine manufacturing is quite remarkable on this list.

Besides the fact that the company also has been listed for decades under the list of eminent Global Fortune 500 companies.

This company mainly focuses on the B2B sector. And the company also has been in dealing with all kinds of machinery which is done by a strong team of individuals but the catch is that it is one of those organizations which specialize in facility solutions, security solutions, packaging, publishing, printing and facility smart solutions.

The company is also a remarkable company that is an expert in the transition of goods and services as it does have a separate logistics and delivery division for managing the product deliveries.

A strong company which is might be the best in terms of profits and company size. Talking about the size of the company the organization is said to be a massive success that offers its great products manufactured in its prediction facility.

Has an active perception of being the best among all companies? The company is known for its business operations that are done by 180 countries.

The company also is having a forceful distribution network to facilitate and proper conduction of the logistic division of the company in countries such as Mexico, the United States of America, Canada. The workforce of the company of 10000 employees. This company is among the most reputed machine manufacturers in the USA.

7. Dover Corp.

This company is an American brand that manufactures industrial machinery and has a rich but varied source of industrial machinery production houses and is offering inventive machinery for a century now. It mainly focuses on Fluids, Engineered Systems, and Food Equipment Refrigeration. The annual revenue is USD 8 billion.

8. Terex Corp.

This company is known as an eminent market leader focusing on offering products of material handling, lifting, and offering great products for industrial sectors. The company has a workforce of 23,000 employees. And is into mining recycling, energy, refining minerals, and so on.

9. AGCO Corp.

Originates from Georgia, USA. It also has been reported that this company has a massive workforce and grist management for inventory.

Apart from that, the company has a massive amount of employed working in several batches in the company’s production unit. It is known for an ideal product manufacturer producing tractors for farmers’ agricultural use.


The world situation of the economy is something that enhances the overall production of goods and services all around the world. Above mentioned are just a few of industrial machinery manufacturers.