Top 10 Manufacturing Companies in the USA (2024)

The topmost production organizations in the US are a few of the greatest benefactors to the nation’s GDP, employment and all-inclusive economic progress.

The production industry in the USA has always been a massive contributor concerning commercial production. It covers nearly 19% of the total global goods produced each year.

Focusing on the global need and use of production goods grows exponentially.

This is majorly caused by the ever-increasing heavy population figures who can spend and have the ability, capacity, and will to make a purchase irrespective of the price of the goods or services.

These global manufacturing companies are a key contributor to making the USA stronger and an eminent market leader in the world.

Here’s the list of the Topmost companies in the USA: Production Industries

Primarily let’s take a close look at what does a production industry with simple examples.

The production industry is any line of work that makes use of raw materials, components, or parts to manufacture a final product. The best examples for this can be Ford, GM, IBM, and Apple.

The US is known globally for having the supreme production industries on a global scale and the best manufacturing companies to work for.

1. Exxon Mobil Corp

This is the world’s biggest transparent oil and & natural gas-operated amid the greatest production nations globally. This is usually based in Texas, Irving, USA.

The company is primarily focused on sectors such as transportation, manufacturing, selling petroleum products, crude oil, and natural gas extraction.

The organization is also into the making of olefins, polyethylene, petrochemicals, plastics, etc. The organization was able to pull a revenue of USD 238 billion last year and successfully places itself in the list of topmost production industries in the United States of America.

2. Apple Inc.

This organization is an American based worldwide company specializing in technology and some of the most eminent electronic companies in the world and is headquartered in California, Cupertino.

This company’s primary focus is designing, developing, and selling consumer electronic products, online services, and computer applications. Being the most massive organization in the world the company has a workforce of 124,000 associates and a total of +495 retail stores present worldwide.

The company is known for its fast going products such as I Watch, iPad, iPhone, Mac laptop and computers, ITV, etc. The company last year had a revenue of USD 230 billion.

3. General Motors Co.

This automobile company is based in Detroit and is one of the greatest and significant players in the automobile sector. With a presence in more than 40 countries company has a yearly revenue of USD 54 billion.

Being such a huge company, the workforce is even greater as it employees over 190,000 workers all over the world. And also has 390 production units spread across the globe. Acclaimed to be the best manufacturing company to work for.

4. Ford Motor Co.

Ford is believed to be the globally renowned company known for the top-rated automobiles it manufactures. The company was found in 1903 and was laid by Henry Ford who started this company in Michigan, the United States, and Dearborn.

The company manufactures best-selling models such as Fusion, Mustang, Endeavour, Taurus, Focus, Eco sport, Fiesta, Escape&Expedition.

This automobile manufacturing giant was reported to produce a total of 7 million units and has a staggering number of 200,000 workers. The total estimated turnover last year was reported to be about USD 9 billion. Additionally, the company has about 100 production units in different parts of the world.

5. General Electric Co.

Also known as the biggest production organization as being headquartered in Massachusetts, Boston.

The organization primarily carries all of his production and management operations right from the headquarters. And pays special attention to the various sectors such as:-

  • Healthcare
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Aviation
  • Renewable energy
  • Power
  • Digital
  • Finance&
  • Venture finance & capital
  • Oil and natural gas
  • Lighting

The total revenue company pulled off last year was USD 123 billion.

6. Chevron Corp.

An American worldwide organization that specialties in the energy sector. By far the greatest production organizations in the world. The company also transports and produces raw oil and gas to over 200 nations worldwide.

The company also has a division that focuses entirely on marketing, refining, and distribution fuels along with the mining and chemical businesses.

This company also has a huge name in energy services and power generation. Also, this MNC was able to pull off a staggering revenue of USD 142 billion in previous years.

7. Boeing Co.

Successfully marks its presence among the top aerospace organization and an eminent market leader of industrial jets, security systems, and space crafts and a leader in offering after-sales support.

The company is in terms of size the largest exporter of the airlines and is present in serving the US collaborated clients in more than 200 countries. The best quality products and top-class services of this company may include

  • Launch systems
  • Satellites
  • Commercial and military aircraft
  • Electronic and defense systems
  • performance-based logistics and training.
  • Systems&weapons&
  • advanced information and communication

8. Phillips 66

An American company based in Westchase, Houston, Texas. Majorly focuses on storage, marketing, processing, transportation of fuels and other relevant products.

The other major areas of operation are Chemical, refining, midstream specialties, corporate, marketing. Last year’s revenue stream was USD 104 billion.

9. Microsoft Corp.

This company is well known for the globally known Windows OS. The company has its headquartered in Washington. Majorly focuses on developing software for computers, licenses, and PCs. Also known for its globally accepted and compatible OS along with the

  • Server applications
  • Operating systems
  • Desktop and server management tools
  • Business solution applications
  • cross-device productivity applications
  • Tablets;
  • Video games;
  • Software development tools
  • Computers
  • Intelligent devices&
  • Gaming and entertainment consoles phones

The company was able to pull off a revenue stream of USD 80 billion in previous years.

10. IBM Corp.

This is an IT and a big manufacturing company that is based in the US. Also, this company has been headquartered in the US, Armonk NY.

As the company has its operations spread wide in more than 168 nations across the world. The major division of the company is:

  • Global Business Services (GBS)
  • Cognitive Solutions
  • Systems and Global Financing
  • Technology Services
  • Development of Cloud Platforms,

Also in the year 2017, the company was able to pull a revenue stream of USD 80 billion. Hence this makes the company one of the eminent leaders in the production sector in the United States of America.


Usually accepted as the lifeline of the US economy, the industrial sector is spread wide across all sorts of production business in different kinds of sectors such as:

  • Telecommunication
  • Electronics
  • Steel
  • Chemical
  • Electronics
  • Consumer Goods
  • Mining
  • Chemicals

As the recent numbers that went live on the news stated that the entire manufacturing sector in the US has assisted for a USD 23 trillion to nations GDP last year.

So that is a staggering number which makes the United States of America a leading country is known for the best manufacturing companies it has present and operating successfully for years.


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