Best Market Research Companies In India

Prior to the launch of the inauguration of your huge sized project, make sure you ran a check through the checklist that we have prepped which entails highly classified information of the top-rated market research firms to rest assured you are having all the essential info you will need to triumph over the competitors and fierce market competition.

Hence this is a complete walkthrough of the market research companies, analyze past clients and bygone projects and compare the organization’s info to decide the perfect research methodology for your firm.

The eminent market research companies that lead the way

1. Starfish

The Starfish is a firm that is into offering marketing and creative solutions which is based in NYC (New York City). The company started off with just 25 employees. And was established in the year 2002. The solutions offered by the company mainly include

1. Media Planning

2. Logo Designing

3. Branding

4. Web design

5. Marketing Strategy

So, with a number of specialties, this makes the Starfish one of the best market research companies

(A) Remarkable Project

A customer tech company had been cut off from a huge sized company and wished to make use of their talent tactics in a short and sweet manner which could help in greater consumer engagement.

Hence the company wished to make use of existing practices and white papers. So just making use of just practices hiring ideologies, which was implemented to all the offices it had around the globe

(B) The words from the organization

“We had about 695 booklets offered to all of our HR associates across the globe. Also, we had a PPT created on the grounds of creative methodologies that Starfish came up over the years and had the brand-new tactic developed. We finally created what we desired”

2. Usman Group

This company was focused more on offering digital tactics to its customers. The Osman Group was based in Denver. And the foundation stone was laid in 2006. This company started off with its journey having 10 employees on board. On the other hand, had an existence in Lincolnshire.

The company is known for its remarkable performance and help offered to company’s research, execute and plan majorly of mid-sized clients in marketing and advertising, health care, business services and production units it had across the globe, hence regarded as some of the top market research companies in the market.

(A) Remarkable Project

The company had been a great handout to offering the best solutions to plumbing production companies so to energize its brand and pull a good number of customers by laying out a user compatible, a highly productive site that also had a backend developed for administering the entire product brochures. Because of which the collaboration with Usman Group, the producer attained remarkable positive feedback and the company’s perception had changed in the eyes of the customer

(B) The words from the organization

“The company went the extra mile to come across and develop precise solutions which met the needs of the company and were a perfect fit for the company in terms of costs”

3. Name Stormers

This was among those market research firms that is one of its kind is it helped in offering a service that revolves around the concept of helping the companies decide their organization’s name.

The company is simpler words was a naming firm in Texas, Austin. The company started off with its journey with just 7 employees back in the year 1985. Besides naming, the company offers marketing strategy, logo designing and market research for its clients.

(A) Remarkable Project

The NameStormers had been a remarkable handout to a number of production companies and right after that, the company had been brought by some other company. The clients were so moved that NameStormers was capable of offering the companies with a brand-new name in just a time frame of 30 days

(B) The words from the organization

“The team of NameStormers had a wide range of backgrounds, letting the customers learn a lot from their personal experience. The company claims to be holding an immense capability of being well versed with the technical know-how and was completely moved as they were able to clearly understand the needs of a client which offers the clients a name for their organization that fired clients need the best.

4. Bulldog Drummond

The company in its early days when it started its business operations had a team of slightly over 20 members. And with hard work combined with innovative branding, unique design and smart marketing tactics won a lot of awards and gained a great customer base.

The Bulldog Drummond is originated from Canada, San Diego and established in the year 1997. The company is known to provide a great blend of digital tactics, branding, research, logo and print patterns and market strategies. Therefore helping it stand as a top market research firms

(A) Remarkable Project

The company is accountable for implementing a full-fledged rebranding of massive TV distribution networks so as to see a boom in overall ratings, removal of usual problems of local music and keep attracting people. Additionally, the project was externally and internally concentrated more on ensuring that employees were sound advocates.

(B) The words from the organization

Also, the company was accountable for generating a decent package for the sales team for the advertisers. The company was able to acknowledge that they were present in more than 95 million households. The company was blessed with the ability to genuinely and encouragement of the audience.

5. Think Company

This company focused on experience layout and is headquartered in Conshohocken, Philadelphia. It was established in the year 2007. The company began with a workforce of just 90 experts and concentrates more on web development, web design and personalized software development, mainly for the corporates.

(A) Remarkable project

The company collaborated with a financial solution company that required help for administering difficulty assessments and great data sets. The client too wished to minimize calls on the customer helpline by offering solutions on the company’s numerous sites. The client of the company was moved by the best tactics and capability to perform instantly along with precision in the work.

(B) The words from the organization

The company claimed of having the most elegant and precise solution for people inside the organization had recognized of high chances of virtual existence. Our expert team has been empowered with market collaboration.

6. Fresh Squeezed Ideas

The company was an international success when it comes to being a dependable consultancy. The company is based in Chicago and a registered office in Toronto, Canada. The company was established in the year 29096 and began the work with a team of over 27 members who were experts in marketing research, marketing of brand and marketing tactics for customers in the healthcare and personal products in various divisions.

(A) Remarkable projects

The ideas which were generated from the company were based on a company that used to offer a chocolate firm. The objective was to grow strong for competing with other clients in the market. Stake owner in the organization reverted and handled the work perfectly to get along the completion of brand-new Fresh Squeeze concepts accomplished.

(B) The words from the organization

“We as a company made all efforts and finally come up with a task of segregating a number of questions in a simple format to carry on with the research as effectively as possible.

7. Beyond Analysis

The firm Beyond Analysis commonly known as (BA). The firm Beyond Analysis concentrated greatly on advertising, promotion and marketing advantages of the company was established in the year 2007 along with a complete expert group of designers who also was a great team experience working with massive sets of data.

On the other hand, the company is accountable for the client’s software son to make resealable attention alongside an integrated their applications using Artificial intelligence approach and selling the same to their respective clients.’

(A) Remarkable Projects

The organizations give a tactical and tactical constitution to those companies which used to organize as a client. The company however to keep running the needed human intervention in simplifying the company’s overall scenario for dealing with massive datasets.

However, the clients of the company just wished to witness once how critical the work of the application was in real-time. So, they had to conduct a real survey that could help them with the real insights of how precise it would work. And the results were something so good that it did not let the company down. The Beyond Analysis also used to do data mining which they used only when the clients approve.

(B) Words of the organization

“We saw that the company was way too much organized which was no surprise of how and why they are in the top 10 list of the best market research companies throughout the world. Working with them offered great flexibility and was quite friendly too. And also, they were adaptive to every demand made.


Market research is essential for deciding out of a plethora of accredited resources which are the ones that suit you the best for getting the customers engaged and perceiving the aspects of a brand-new market and investing with full confidence.