The 10 Best Sites for Market Research

Whether it is a business or a brand, it always is not sufficient for a person to know the products and services thoroughly. You as a business owner also need to have a sound knowledge of your business sector and a thorough understanding of customers. And also, a precise perception of what are the needs and wants of the customer for the ultimate success in a customer-centric business.

So, to help you with such detailed information there are dozens or one can say tons of market research websites for carrying out market research which can give a detailed insight at a business and unveil the methods to triumph over the customers.

Understanding the concept of Market Research and its importance

Any activity which offers the accumulation and study of data concerning the current status of a product or a service in the market. It clearly takes a close observation at highly detailed information concerning the interest of customers and probable growth.

Also, market analysis accumulates or piles up data of those people who are or may be interested in a product or service offering. They forecast the data as they try and make an attempt to relate the spending habits of a customer, industry competitors, economic conditions and geographical locations for free market research reports.

The insights can help you come across

1. The number of people who could become your customers.

2. Knowing your customers

3. Why one is buying a product?

4. How they purchase?

5. What’s the volume of their purchase?

6. For what reason do they only come to you for a purchase? &

7. For what reason do some customers drive away to competitors for the same product or service?

8. Is there any possible scope of subjective marketing?

So, to seek the answers to all of the above-mentioned queries, there are abundant sites which can help you unveil the real information about the industry and customers.

The Ideal pick for Market Research

A few of all the dozen sites available for the purpose of free market research reports may make use of the below-mentioned tools, research methods and platforms. So, it is recommended that you make use of these online tools and sites to enhance and strengthen the customer & clientele base while boosting the chances for business growth and development.

1. U.S. Census Data Tools

An integral portion of any market research data is coming down to a conclusion of what is the actual size of the market. Also knowing what is the potential reach of the goods and services to the customers. Additionally, research is conducted with an intention to understand how many can be customers.

For research that demands such kind of data it is recommended to go for U.S. Census Data Tools. This tool is again a combination of 10-12 online tools that are free of cost and offer great and detailed insights into geographical locations or demographics of global population which may eventually turn up with best information that can be used any time as per convenience.

2. SBA’s Office of Entrepreneurship Education Resources

One more of the flawless websites for market research as it is directly relatable to customer economic statistics and demographic is the USSBA (U.S. Small Business Administration website). The official education has got an abundance of what is also seen as a great tool for research analysis which can be one of the most reliable sources of information. Highly useful for learning a lot more than seeing someone in person who is an expert in the niche. Hence this website can offer you with some great and highly useful information such as

1. Data you can use for your marketing intelligence.

2. Economic factors,

3. Customer statistics,

4. Product production,

3. Pew Research Center

A furthermore website that can offer a detailed report and massive data sets with which market research can be conducted. The organizations carry or make use of the public voting option, analysis of content, demographic research; ” are all which can give insights with respect to media trends and offer insights. The differing and detailed information acts as a perfect handout perception on the niche of respective topics that shape the geographic areas and industry sectors.

4. Statista

So, as an approach of data statistics and research, Statista is yet another site that stands as one of the best sites for market research. The site has massive data sets on dozens of topics that come from more than 600 industries.

Moreover, it is known for being the leader in providing solid structured data which can give a researcher the best of data as it can have all the data in statistical, graphical, and infographics data format. The data being in such a format makes it easier for anyone to understand what the data has got to say. Even a person with less or no market knowledge can understand it without any problem.

5. Google Surveys

What makes a good industry or a company the best? What do you need to do to strengthen the customer base? These are the common questions that can strike a business owner or an industrialist. The answer to the above-mentioned question is that it is way better to do it only one way other than spending thousands of dollars. Ask questions! See how simple it is. Only a customer is a person who can give you the most validated or true answer.

As they have used the product and they exactly know what it is good at and where it is lacking. Hence conducting surveys and dispensing among the customer can help with the desired help and moreover offering the best insight into the target customers’ minds. So, Google Surveys stands as one of the most preferred sites by experts.

It lets you create survey forms, whereupon you can describe who you want the survey to be done with. There is an option in the Google docs which lets you create forms that can help in creating a survey help to cope up with the need and offers you the best results.

6. SurveyMonkey

One of the most heard and trusted sites for conducting a market survey and research for understanding the current status of goods and services offered to a customer. It is preferred widely as it can help to cope up with the desired information from the specific group (customer) who actually conduct business with you either directly or indirectly.

Hence a portion of the market research should cover analyzing the present customers to obtain detailed information concerning the process of buying decisions. This can be of great assistance to those carrying market research to help in coming up with the best customer characteristics. To do such a sort of research, you as a market researcher can make use of this website to create surveys that can be dispensed among the list of present customers or consumers who quite recently made a purchase decision or purchased a product.

7. Alexa Tools

Conducting research on the audience is a great method to obtain pure inside information which can be utilized for making your market research more effective. And that is the reason why making use of Alexa can help to unveil a good number of details about the customer’s interests, habits & demographics.

8. Google Trends

Google is always the topper when it comes to offering research tools. As Google itself is the prime provider of all the information it does feature the best and most precise information, hence it can offer the best insights when it comes to putting together the best of all information and making it more meaningful for a research purpose.

This is a site that allows an individual to take a close look at which topics as search terms are having a greater popularity in terms of search by portraying the reports. Also, a researcher can filter out search results so to get the enhanced reports when trying to get a concise result on namely any topic especially when it is relevant to your business industry.

9. Social Mention

Yet another great online tool which can help you spot the present needs of your industry and what topics are trending. This online tool acts as the collector of posts that go social and do acknowledge a target term of research in the search engine. It does offer all the essential information like customer sentiment and reaches.

10. Site Overview

This smart tool lets an individual access a site and prepares a report based on the demographics of customers who visit the site on a regular basis. The site URL can be fed in the site to get more information about the visitor’s gender, age, income and location of the traffic who visits your site based on a regular, weekly, or monthly basis.

What are you waiting for, begin your market research right away?

When it is only about a clear perception of gaining more and more customers, don’t depend on estimates, feelings, and guesses. Rather be more exact, get the numbers to get free industry reports from any of the above-mentioned websites. Carry a high detailed informational research. As the word research means exact information, numbers and facts for understanding a particular market situation.