Residual Income : Top Best Residual Income Opportunites

Every person likes to earn more and more income. If we ask question who dont like money? the answer will be nobody. No just imaging money will rolling into your bank account when you are vacation, sleeping and somewhere else. This would be fascinated experience.

So below are some interesting ideas to by which one can easy earn residual income without doing to much physical work

Top Best Residual Income Opportunites

1. Starting a website

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There at least is one topic that might interest you and you might be passionate about it so going ahead with the decision to start your own website is an ideal way to make your hobby into a residual income.

There is a never ending list to choose the topics from and most of the remarkable websites and content is yet to show up. Additionally it may appear like the internet has been around since ages, as the fact is there are tons and tons of residual income opportunities out there.

2. Real Estate

Real estate remains to be the top ranker on the list of earning a residual income or the money you make while you are asleep. Typically one of the ideal thoughts that we have ever heard is to buy a triplex or fourplex. The idea is to reside in  one room while rent out the remaining 2 or 3 rooms of the triplex or fourplex.

If there are good chances that make you eligible for FHA or VA loan you can have the home at 5% less or no extra cost at all. The idea here is that you are making money while renting out the other rooms in the house and using the same rent to pay out the mortgage

3. Peer-to-Peer Lending

Irrespective of Peer to Peer Lending is a wonderful residual income ideas. This one is majorly avoided by the people has they have a fear to lose the money. Nevertheless there is always going to be a chance of losing money in any solution when done inappropriately.

Hence if you are careful and research techniques are precise of coming across great and genuine residual income opportunities, the peer to peer lending is a perfect method of marking it as residual income ideas. Actually there are no efforts at all as one just needs to lend money to people which will be generating a source of income as interest received over a period of time.

4. Leasing

Does not matter if it is a house, room, parking spaces an automobile or anything that you have access to and you rightfully own as well, why not put it on lease and make money out of it. As not being in use it will be of no use in the near future. If you reside near a railway station and have a space where people could park their vehicle  can help you pull up a good sum of money. And you need to do nothing at all.

Additionally Airbnb can help you earn money as people coming in as tourists may rent a room in the house as they move in and around the city. In the conclusion the same money could be used to invest in a property while allowing the people to use it and pay up rent as you reside someplace else.

5. Create an eBook


As and when the blogging needs continuous endeavours there are a handful of residual income business ideas with respect to the content that does not ask for the same amount of time, money and effort.

For instance the major chunk of time investment is only at beginning for an eBook later on the entire process is carried on over the internet and then the audience/buyers run the show. But the main element for success here is that the information provided in the eBook should be extraordinary and the information could not be fetched over the typical Google search. Nevertheless it demands that the information is highly relevant and coming up with a topic that will be in the trend for the coming 5 years.

6. Create an Audiobook

In this blog we would suggest solution that is hard to come across as what we have enlisted here is one of the most renowned alternatives and one will somehow find any of the method suitable. Did you come to know that audiobooks once again are gaining tremendous popularity all over again like the old times?

As and when everyone is concentrating elsewhere this could be something you could take advantage of and share your talent or unparalleled sense of humour with the world. Similar to the eBook it asks for adding more and more value which needs to be highly relevant. Today the masses have added this to their routine when exercising, walking, commuting, waiting, cooking etc.

7. Try Some Money Making Apps

Here we have combined the checklist of the top grossing and money making applications. To be precise these apps may help to save money and generate money is the Acorn app. On top of that  you can save money with the method of rounding up of specific purchases. And with time the investment account can bloom with the return on investment. There is an option to put the app on autopilot wherein you see you residual income grows.

8. Develop an App

Actually this solution is quite a renowned one and has a high chance of being found on other sites these days as well. For some time now the market has been saturated up to a level when everyone had the thought as everything else could be produced which already has been brought up to the world we better known as cyberspace.

We stand still at the time where the information technology is slowly and steadily being transformed into AI (Artificial Intelligence) and there is a constant lacking in the quality parameters with the application designed and already existing in the market. It is just in case if you have a real good concept that the app may help others more rather than a liftoff to your motive of money making this could be the reason where one needs to emphasize upon as it is where the majority of the people fail. Therefore making residual income.

9. Royalties

If you are on the lookout for some very rare or unique ideas for residual income this alternative can be the one you should opt for as it is something only a handful are doing and very less are informed about. To add more to it money is something that could not do the same as it lacks the creative talent. If you have some love for music one could help an individual or business with audio clips and jingles.

For the residual income to become best passive income ideas as the same jingles and audio clips could be uploaded to a sharing company’ site and receive money each and every time someone hits the download button. Similar to the majority of the solutions provided and mentioned here in the list will initially be in need of some investment. The reason behind this is that the jingles need to be rich quality and should be pleasing to ones who decide to buy the audio or jingle files.

10. Sell Photography

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Do you love travelling and clicking pictures of the entire beautiful destination you go to? It is better to allow your master shots be allowed to be shared on the internet rather than just storing it on the hard drive. This will just consume disk space and will be of no use. On the other hand one can use the same photos to make a residual income.

The sites such as iStockphoto, Shutterstock, FOAP and Clashot are the ones that may help you get this done with ease. As you are going to use your camera anyway why not use it to capture some awesome photographs of landscapes and natures beauty as this does not take much effort but yes expertise is what is asked for. And it is a very convenient source of income one could opt for. It is simply one of the best residual income opportunities.


So here are some great business ideas by which any person can easy earn residual income with investment too much money. This idea will help to earn good in your old age.