An Inside View Of The Retirement Blogs

At the end of the day, every one has to retire from their job or work. This is a very natural thing. Retirement is just like another phase of life for which there is need to do some kind of preparation. This is become important part of life because planning the things after retirement can help the old people a lot.

It can make their life a lot easier and comfortable and it is also needed to somewhat secure the future. Because one never knows how things will turn out after retirement. So instead of speculation and all, one can turn to retirement blogs.

 Retirement is just a phase and it must pass smoothly

Rather than thinking of retirement as the end of the chapter, one must think of it as the beginning oh another one. There is every reason to celebrate after decades of working from 9 to 5. The important thing is that happy transitions from 9 to 5 life can be challenging at first. This is where the need of retirement blogs baby boomers turn out.

Retirement blogs can help a lot

Retirement blogs are specialised blogs which can help the people a lot as these can help in planning and all other stuff. But is there need of only one retirement blogs? No of course not.

On the internet platform there are large number of different types of blogs. But all these blogs are related to life after retirement blog stuff.

There are specialised blogs on retirement on internet like there are retirement lifestyle blogs and there are retirement planning related blogs as well. So there is no shortage of information on the internet.

One just needs to find a suitable blog for him or her so that he or she can plan the retirement easily.

Different retirement blogs

 So today we are going to discuss different retirement blogs here so that you can get idea of all the different types of blogs that can be useful for planning after retirement and share end of life planning guides. There are so many different retirement blogs on the internet which can be useful. So go through all of them to get better idea of the things.

Following are the different retirement blogs.

1. Sightings over Sky

This is the first retirement blog on the list. This retirement blog is for baby boomers. Everything is covered in this blog. This blog looks at health, finance, retirement, grown up children etc. The best thing is that this get retirement blog looks at every aspect of life after retiring. So it is a great retirement blog which one can check out.

2. NewRetirement

Another great retirement blog on the list. It is also quite a famous retirement blog. Covering retirement, Social security, how much one need to retire, best places to retire, Medicare and all other aspects of retirement planning are covered in this blog.

3. Reddit – Financial Independence or Early retirement

This blog is about Early retirement and all the planning related to the financial sources of the person retiring. It is a famous retirement blog.

4. Alliance for Retired America

This is a great place for people above 60 who want to do everything related to planning of retirement. If one wants to learn about Medicare, Medicaid, fair trade, affordable care, pensions, social security etc then this is a place you are looking for. Surely a great retirement information related blog.

5. Baby Boomer Retirement

This is an another place which is a source of information for all the people over 60 years of age.  This blog covers a lot of things related to Retirement like travel, retiring overseas, medical concerns, financial services and other things as well.

6. Having Fun cracking Retirement

Post Retirement one needs to face a lot of delightful challenges. This blog posts about all the people who are facing these delightful challenges after retirement. This blog is also about how to travel and how to make savings in the later years of life. This blog is a great place and is a must one for visiting.


Another great place for people over 60 years of age. This blog helps these people find the answers to their answers related to retirement years and challenge related to it in every aspect like financial, travel etc.

8. Personal Capital- Retirement planning

This blog is just like the next generation financial advisor. Here technology is combined with world class advisory services to deliver truly personalized investment advice for the retiring people.

9. Life Lived Forward

It is an outstanding blog compiling thoughtful tips around retirement finance as well as the active senior lifestyle. Most of the topics are covered from time to time on this blog. These topics are travel, passion, finance, resources, exchange and wellness. A great blog and worth your time.

10. Growing Bolder

It is a blog which publishes profiles of growing people who are doing really great and amazing things. In this way it is a blog which can motivate the growing people by giving them idea about living in a good way by following the examples of other people.

11. Better After 50

As we said that there are a lot of different types of blogs related to retirement blogs baby boomers and all. This better after 50 is retirement lifestyle blogs which focuses on lifestyle rather than finances. There are a lot of posts and articles related to travel, relationships and diet plan for women over 50. So a great blog. Must check it out.

12. How much Can I afford to Spend in Retirement

Life after Retirement is not an easy job. Here on this blog you will get expert advice about how to build a financial model to come up with a reasonable spending budget. So it is a blog worth checking and following.

So these are some of the best blogs related to retirement planning and other things. Most of these blogs contain and post information related to other aspects after retirement as well like travelling, spending, relationships etc. Go through these blogs according to your need and choice.