Top 10 Solar Companies in India 2024

The Indian solar sector alone has an abundance of solar power generating companies in which every year 10 companies are selected to be the top 10 solar companies based on various parameters such as total power generated, generating capacity, revenue profits, costs incurred, and so on.

The country as a whole needs 500 trillion kWh of electricity, most of it comes from outside the country, so if the companies in the country itself could give it a slight nudge, we will be able to make a difference in a year or so which will help in differentiating top solar companies in India.

The 10 Leading Solar Companies in India

1. Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd

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So let’s start with the biggest fish in the pond. We are all very much aware that the Tata Group is into almost every business sector. And they are just present in any business sector but in all major kinds of industries, they lead the way. Also, Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd is an eminent leader in the energy sector and falls into the category of the topmost corporates of India.

Tata is a company that is accountable for the production of the best in class and most affordable solar panel manufacturing and dealing companies in India. This company took its first breath back in the year 1989. Again the company is based and headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India.

The organization’s first-ever solar panel production unit in Bengaluru. The company’s production logs state that the company has a profile of 304 Megawatt modules and 190 Megawatts of battery. Among the popular solar companies in India.


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Emmvee is an Indian-origin company that has its roots deep down in the energy sector also. And hence the reason being featured in this compelling list of the most reputed and recognized solar panel company throughout the country. This organization brags itself on creating and coming up with the futuristic concept of India’s solar energy sector.

The company is well known for that kind of respect and recognition in the Indian market due to its being efficient in its core business operations. And has been a recognized business entity in the energy sector. Also, the company recently restyled its management and other operations division so as to cope up with all kinds of small and big troubles that usually come in a business.

The company saw the first daylight back at the beginning of the 1990s (1991). And the founder of the company name is Manjunatha, DV. The company stands rock-solid on the grounds of our Indian Silicon Valley which is none other than Bangalore (Bengaluru). Believed to be the best solar company in India

3. MBSL (Moser Baer Solar Ltd)

This energy-focused organization has been in the field for over 3.5 decades. And the company is at present based in the capital city of India which we all know is the city of Delhi.

The major solar energy producing organizations has a quite firm holding in the Indian market which was only possible with the people’s support. With respect to the solar-powered PV and EPC solutions modules for the company in the solar sector of the country.

The company is so sure with its manufactured solar panels that it has magnified 2 times the standard warranty on the solar products with the help of an inside research and development wing to provide remarkable growth and furthermore prospects of the solar energy in our country. The list of solar power companies in India is incomplete without this company.

4. Vikram Solar

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Okay so let’s talk numbers now, whenever it so happens when one talking about the size of the companies the Vikram Solar is a name that any list will not forget to mention this company.

While on the other hand, the company has reaped impressive profits in the last decade. The organization has been founded by the person named Gynaesh Choudhary in the year 2006 in India, Kolkata.

The company joined hands with another energy giant named Powertech Africa. As it could be understood from its name that this company is an International organization that too is a major player in the solar power sector.

This company name Africa Powertech is an organization that has a great reputation in the home country for being an efficient supplier, producer, and distributor of solar power and solar-powered panels in all of Africa.

With the news that was rolled over the internet that this company is collaborating with the Indian supergiant of solar power, the stock prices rose up and advanced to a whole different level.

It thereby gave birth to 15 brand new marketplaces in the Sub Saharan African continent so to offer the best and most bright future to the concept of solar energy originated in India.

5. Kotak Urja Pvt Ltd

The company is of Indian origin and an eminent market leader in the energy sector and has a great reputation in the solar power industry. The company has gained tremendous support and great business as being a company that has an Indian origin.

The company launched itself by getting into the purchase and selling of solar panels in the initial stage and now itself has become a producer of solar energy in India.

The company’s business operations began right back in the year 1997. Along with the best in a class solar power plant in Bengaluru (Bangalore), the company aims at becoming the biggest entity for solar power production which is great news for the Indian economy which is cursed with a massive population of 3 billion.

That number means half of the population on the earth. And also this Indian organization has one of its subsidiaries in the Banking sector which means it will never run out of funding.

But its funding done from the people’s money is done only by the following procedure and is among the top-rated companies in India and is for sure to thrive in the coming years by being a great market factor which will not just offer power to the house but will power the Indian economy to stay ahead of any problems that come along the way. It’s the top solar company in India.

6. Icomm Tele Ltd

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Acclaimed to be one of the most reputed and massive organizations having an indulgence in the power sector. This company is not new to the neighborhood of solar power.

As it has been in the field since 1989. And ever since it was founded the company has been thriving and seen massive growth in both profits and the development of new methods to get the most out of solar power.

The company also has successfully managed to retain its position in the list of the most productive and profitable organizations. Also, the company has its business widespread not just in India but all other nations such as

  • Middle East
  • Nepal
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bangladesh &
  • Africa

7. Indosolar

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Indosolar is a company that is positioned among the list of leading organizations that have a business in the solar sector of India. The company was established by Gupta, Bhsuan Kumar 14 years from now in 2005.

The company is also based and its main business operations are headed from the capital city of India, Delhi. The total power production capacity of the company is 450 megawatts and has a unique identity in the solar sector of India.

8. Waaree Solar Pvt Ltd

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A market leader in the production and supply of solar energy and solar panels which at present is strengthening India for its future which will be embraced for solar energy in our country.

The company was established in the year 1989 in the financial capital of India. Mumbai was the headquarters of this company.

Waaree Solar Pvt Ltd is having a power production capacity is over 500 megawatts and its main facility is housed near Surat, Gujrat, India.

9. Websol Energy System Ltd

Founded in the year Kolkata 1994 and is a leading solar energy company in India. It has the modern facilities and tech fitted for taking the most out of the sun’s energy power generation premises at SEZ, Falta based in West Bengal.

Also, the company over the years has won a number of rewards and recognitions from the authorized governmental bodies for its great contribution to the energy sector.

Stands as one of the most reputed organizations when it comes to solar energy modules and solar cells.

10. Photon Energy Systems Ltd

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A reputed and trusted name in the solar energy sector of India which is included in the top 10 list of solar organizations in India which produce the best solar panels since 1995b and started its business operations 2 years later its inception. This eminent market leader is based and headquartered in Hyderabad, IND.

Final Words

Also, the Indian Government has set and declared numerous policies for helping the production of solar energy in India because of which many have come forward while still many are unsure.

With a little effort, it is possible for the best future of India and making it a solar-powered nation. I hope this article helped you with all the information you have been looking for. The top 10 solar panels in India may differ from the perception of one company, website, individual, or governing body.