The Core Cultural Values of UBER

Being an integral portion of culture update at Uber, the newly elected Chief executive officer Khosrow Shahi, Dara asserted that as part of his overhaul of the culture at Uber, new CEO Dara Khosrow Shahi announced the ride-sharing company has adopted eight new “cultural norms,” in essence replacing the 14 uber corporate values first introduced by his predecessor, Travis Kalanick, in 2015.

The present CEO Dara Khosrow Shahi updated the new uber company values using LinkedIn, stating that they are trying to be as updated as possible as and when the organization has begun to evolve into something better for the fore sable future.

The approach and culture that is responsible for the position and market value of the company UBER is not something that will help in advancing to the next level for the betterment of the company he acclaimed.

He said that as they are proceeding towards an era of development, growth and boosted the use of technology of probable development, the culture that they are carrying needs to be thoroughly updated.

So, here are the new benchmarks as Khosrow Shahi describes for everyone

1. Believing in creating globally, yet existing locally

The company tackles with potential for all day to day problems and measures of the comprehensive worldwide operations to extremely link with the communities, drivers, riders and cities that they cater to, every single day.

2. Being obsessed with the customer base

The company without fail and in the absence of being tired to own the trust of both, business and customers by offering solutions to all the problems. This means it is hence ensured that the earnings are magnified while minimizing the overhead costs.

The company makes every effort they can in delighting and surprising its customers. Hence creating a small sacrifice that ensures the customer’s loyalty for a lifetime.

3. Commemorating the variance

The organization differentiates itself from all the others present in the same industry offering the same kind of services. Hence making sure that people come from varied backgrounds feel more welcomed.

The company motivates various approaches and opinions which are heard, and later action is taken so to come together and build something meaningful.

4. They are doing the right thing

The company believes that whatever they are doing at present, stands to be appropriate and just for the company and the customers accordingly.

5. Pretending to be the owners, not workers

By acting more like owners, the associates of the company come across numerous days to day problems and try to be the best version of themselves by solving the problems in their way.

Hence extending a helping hand among each other for those who they truly care about. They have favoritism for accountability and actions so to conclude what they began with and hence creating the company to last longer in the market.

And just in any case if the company makes a mistake, they take full ownership.

6. Protecting and sustaining

The company believes in the potential of shingle as being determined the company does not go for the easy path.

Hence always being on the lookout for the trickiest hindrances and working against it so to better the services offered. The collaborative resistance is their secret weapon.

7. Valuing the ideas in place of following the hierarchy

The company believes in the concept that ideas can originate from anywhere, whether inside or outside of the organization. They have to look for those revolutionary ideas, so to give them proper shape and enhance them by acceptable discussion so as to have them brought to action from the early stage of conception.

8. The company is brave in its approach

Most of the time someone may fail, but as we all know to be a failure in something we do, probably gets the individual clever.

And when after the failure as we are down and about to get up back, this is a move that needs guts, and the company asserts they are brave enough to fall so to pick themselves up again and keep going.

That is how Kalanick came up with the uber values at the beginning stage of the company. The bygone CEO claimed that he had spent countless hours surrounded by senior employees before coming up with the values, as and when they were proposed to employees at some point in 2k15 in employee retreat in LA, Planet Hollywood.

These are the 14 uber culture values that were proposed by Kalanick through Brad Stone, writer of the book Upstairs, How Airbnb, Uber and other eminent leaders of the US who are responsible for bringing about the revolution to a way of living as mentioned in the Brad Stone’s written books.

The 14 values

1. Obsession with the customer: Begin with what stands out to be preferable by the customer.

2. Create something mystical: Determine and come across solutions that will with the time be preferable for customers.

3. Massive brave approaches: Company and the employees should make the first move in something that fears the other contenders in the market. Think of a solution that is at least a decade away thought for the competitors.

4. Doing it very thoroughly: Come across the common pitfalls amid renowned impression and phenomenon.

5. Having a winner’s mindset: Try to make do with all the available resources on the field with the customers so as to overlap the variety of opportunities and get the company ahead of all other competitors in the market.

6. Stand as an inspirer/motivator: This can be done only with a positive attitude and a sense of leadership.

7. Behave like an owner instead of being a renter.

8. Toe-stepping and more decorous.

9. Allow the creators to create more.

10. Trying to get the maximum done.

11. Commemorate cities.

12. Be the best version of yourself.

13. Principled conceptions.

14. Encouraging experience.


On the condition of these above uber core values were read and yet they were conceptualized by a group, that’s probably because they were of some worth for the company.

As asserted by the CEO Dara Khosrow Shahi he wanted the norms of the company to be a true imitation or reflection of ambitions and goals of the employees at UBER. So, he went ahead and demanded sturdy submissions which he predicted and directed working groups of twenty each to stash it up.