What is Business? Definition and Meaning

We, humans are always engaged in one or other thing to satisfy our unlimited wants. With each new day we want something new and for that purpose our government give license to people in order to make our wishes come true.

There are people who produce one thing or another and that is nothing but business. Everyday we come across it directly or indirectly. It’s an essential need of human world.

What is business?It is an economic activity which not only help people to have anything and everything they want but also helps a country’s economy to rise.

According to Stanford, “Business in all those activities involved in providing the goods and services needed or desired by people.”

Business becomes successful when the trade between two people or traders benefit both of them. I agree that not every time you can earn money or have a successful business. But that’s what we are here for.

Doing business is not an easy task. You need planning, organizing, capital and many more things in order to start a business. Above all, you need patience. Business takes time to grow. But once it grows and you do everything it takes then you can be a successful businessman.

Features of Business

  1. One of the foremost feature of business is of exchange of goods or services for money. All business activities are directly or indirectly related with money.
  2. A business regularly deals in numerous transactions. As it is an exchange of goods and services so it involves not just one or two but ample of transactions.
  3. Everyone does business in order to earn money or to gain profit. Without any profit a business can’t run for a long period of time.
  4. Not everyone can run a business. In order to be a good business man you need to have good skills and experience in whatever field you are interested in.
  5. With profit comes many risks and uncertainties. Just like a coin has two sides, similarly business comes with profits and risks. You need to overcome uncertainties and have to take risks in order to succeed in a business.
  6. Business as we wrote in above paragraph, is connected with production of goods or services. So it becomes an industrial activity which can be primary or secondary.
  7. It is important for a business to satisfy human needs and fulfill the demands and needs of them. If you wont fulfill their needs or don’t make things up to a mark then you can never succeed in business.
  8. Not only people’s but you have to complete social obligations. It is important to be service oriented rather than profit oriented.

Development of a Business

Generally, definition of business starts with an idea and a name. Having an appropriate name for your business is the foremost step for you to tell about your upcoming venture. Suppose, you want to start a business of luxury cars and the name you give to your showroom or venture doesn’t suit it or doesn’t make any sense while comparing then you are failing at its first step.

The name of the business is one of the most valuable asset of a firm so one should carefully consider while choosing one.

Businesses are mostly formed after the development of a business plan which is a formal signed document of the partners defining the goals and objectives they have regarding business. Not only this, they try to explain in detail about how it will achieve the goals and objectives.

Define Business Structure

The most common structures are a sole proprietorship, partnerships, corporations and limited liability companies. The sole proprietor is the one who does business alone which most people prefer. The partnership is when more than one people are engaged in business activity. A corporation is a business in which a group of people acts together as a single entity.

Define Business Size

It ranges from small to large operated, for example, a restaurant comes in a small venture but a company like Reliance comes in large owner-operated companies.

Nowadays, people do not require a place to start their business with. They can easily come up with some ideas which they can use to do business while sitting at home through online.

Earning and spending money the way one wants is a dream for everyone and hence, everyone tries to do something which would make them financially independent.

It not only gives you financial security but a feeling of satisfaction. Either you do a job or business, one needs sheer patience and hardship to do it.

People who love to work don’t want to stop because of their mere age. They do not want to retire and for people with such determination, we have many and easy business ideas which would help you people to grow and earn.

In fact, it is surprisingly easy to start a business from Scratch without spending a fortune.

1. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designing

Graphics Designer who does not need someone to make their company’s logos or fliers beautiful? Every day, thousands of people start their businesses and even for advertisements they need good advisors and graphic designers. If you can follow customer needs, all you require the computer and its application. With them, you can create logos, fliers, magazines, newsletter and what not.

2. Blogger


One who loves to write and is an expert in a specific field, can i have your attention here. If you know how to do something particularly all you need a good camera and writing skills and you can post up online and earn money.

3. Resume writer

Resume writer

Whether you work in a small company or a big company, the employers need to have a good resume and not everyone can write one. So that’s when the job of resume writer comes. You can earn by helping people in this way.

4. Translator


Translating is one of the easiest and profitable jobs if one knows more than one job. You can earn a good amount.

5. Nutritionist


People are becoming very conscious of their eating habits. They prefer to eat what’s best for them. Being nutritionist, you can help people figure it out. You can easily learn the fundamentals of this profession and start offering personalized nutrition plans online.

6. Yoga Instructor

Yoga instructor

You must have seen Bipasha Basu and Shilpa Setty’s yoga videos. Yoga these days is so trending and people want to keep them in shape. So just like them you too can start online sessions and earn money.

I really hope that you find this article helpful and interesting at the same time. There is no easy way to earn money. Doing business is not an easy task. But if you have will and determination then you can succeed definitely. You just need to do work hard in a genuine manner.

Everything written down in here is written with great research from our side to define business. We tried to bring out the best and the most of the information for you all. Hope you all liked it and find our work useful. Thank-you.