The Harsh Facts of Dropshipping : The Positives, Negatives and Everything

A precise introduction to context

It is a method of fulfilment of an order approach that does not need an organization to have the products stocked. Rather it focuses more on selling products, and just when the sale of a product shoots up, the sales are then transferred to an outsourcing company, who is responsible for the product that the customer ordered shipped at his doorstep. Although with respect to the renowned concept of dropshipping is bit of instant abundance plan. No doubt it looks more like money could be made easily – as you are selling what’s already sold and receive a commission as a share, however it is also when you should take a close look at the issues, setbacks and daily management, it’s nowhere close to easy

Although, if you make use of it in the right manner and stick to the suggested tactics which are mentioned below, it can be of great use to you and successfully establish a flourishing businesses, but not that quick as one may be thinking it will be of what is drop shipping.

So here in this blog, we will discuss the complete insight of drop shipping which will also include its advantages and the hindrances it holds. Although of it having a few loopholes, dropshipping is a very mighty mechanism for the online companies but only in the event of it being used in the right manner.

Also, on the other hand we will look at various techniques in which drop shipping could be carried and demonstrate what it is to be involved in dropshipping profession. So, if you are new to the concept of drop shipping, you can also quickly run a check at the FAQ section

The 5 cold facts of drop shipping no one ever mentioned

1. Lesser profit share


As there is no need to manage a physical store or personal inventory, the overall cost is less which is accompanied by the lesser returns (profits). As the investment is low, it also shrinks the profit margins. This eventually means that there is a need of a massive size of business to keep the show running, so to have a good profit amount. So, let us take it in this manner, each sale done is majority of the amount bagged by the supplier. Whatever the earning amount is, relayed by the supplier right away.

That makes up a figure with which it is difficulty to take care of all the overhead costs for promotions/advertisements and site maintenance along with sale order costs and office expenses. So, this is an amount which is the most minimal as there may be a lesser issue you need to be worried about. On the other hand, there are good chances that you are buying from the wholesalers or makers will be cut down by twenty percent. This doesn’t stand for any extra costs acknowledged which you need to reimburse from your pocket, hence not at all the eventful profit.

For majority of the products, you will need to slice the profits to help your saes be of standard rates while you consistently stand with the one fifth profit, other organizations will with ease overtake you. Additionally, you will see that the profit is hugely affected by the traffic you generate, hence if creating an online store company right from the beginning, you will have a hard time until you have a strong client base. It is even possible to opt for an approach for drop shipping in the event of you having a standard amount of online traffic

2. Highly competitive

In drop-ship it is common to have contenders who are very positive who primarily concentrate on offering more while focusing less on overhead costs. This is a serious problem. That is due to low investment is needed to begin with a drop shipping business, it hence lowers the barriers to enter bringing abundance of competition, along with the renowned markets already having a hard time in contrast with other markets. Generally, bigger the size of a company is, the bigger they can cut down the cost of the overheads to provide customers with the least prices possible.

Conflicting to what mentioned above, the mini businesses must slice the profit amount to cope up with the existing high prices and at some point, it is something difficult to make do with. Worsening the situation, chances will be that you won have something extraordinary to compete with the suppliers.

Hence there will be a bigger count of competitors who are dealing with the same kind of services that you are offering too. And as you are being new to this business, in contrast with the competitors who have been in this business for long years are blessed with the required resources, there will be no need to minimize the charges. Also, this concludes with the result that customers have the freedom to choose from the least price offered by competitor, then why would they take the same service from you at a higher price?

3. Uncontrollable supply chain

Customers usually have a never-ending list of complaints related to the product return policies, product qualities and quality of the product, one can cater to. In dropshipping, there are chances you can communicate with the customers in a direct approach. The dropshipping companies are usually cornered, trying to make the maximum efforts to solve the issues that a customer is facing while continuously offering reassurance to the customers stating that it is something out of their reach.

Additionally, there have been a communication gap between the dropshippers. One responding to customer with any kind of delay might must turn things upside down. In csse6of e-commerce, customer service is utmost needed. So even with the smallest delay it can have a massive impact on the fact of your customers becoming competitors’customers’, hence pushing away all the business to competitors’ favour. Also, if the customers are very furious about the inconvenience they had to deal with, they might even turn to posting negative reviews and feedbacks on review sites which is not a good thing at all. As even the slightest of negative review may push the prospect customer away forever.

4. Legal liability problems

Even though it is something very common for the ones who are into drop shipping business which can be acknowledged in the first place. Few suppliers are not at all documented or legally approved of what they claim to be and from where the products are originated. This is even more troublesome when the unauthorized suppliers make use of registered logos and intellectual rights of other companies which is seen in the greatest number of cases. This problem with a great damaging potential can only be corrected with a strong and legally solid contract or agreement, however not all dropshippers is aware of this fact. This is something that you might need to always remember when picking a supplier for your dropshipping business.

5. Tough to create a brand

Like all the ghost-writer who are responsible for the behind scenario, backstage song writers, for a dropshippers it is equally crucial to understand that their hard work credit us grabbed by someone else. Irrespective of the product type you’re dealing with might be amazing, the customer will no matter what focus on brand of the product while not at all caring of what their shopping experience may be. Eventually it is all may be about the logo on the product box.

Branding is a significant factor that indirectly creates an impact on the direct demand of services coming from those customers who focus more on such aspects. Whenever it is about online shopping customers appear to jump on their preferred online stores first. In the absence of a customer’s honesty towards a service, there are high chances that they may not bring any business. As there will be no traffic from such customers, the business may diminish eventually. Hence this means to sustain a business that dwells on online traffic, in its absence there is no chance that it could survive in the market for its customers and in the market too. Therefore, this makes it even more clear that a drop shipping business is suitable for the already existing companies in contrast with the newly formed companies.

The appropriate methodology for dropshipping

The dropshipping business is an ideal income generating source for the existing brands rather than the main source of business earnings. However, one cannot deny the fact that operating a drop shipping business solely. Nevertheless, offers some great benefits to assist an e commerce organization enhance the business eventually.

It’s a must to take a close look at the methodology to consider dropshipping efficiently

1. Researching the market thoroughly

Dropshipping performs efficiently as a business with a complete structure that runs right from the deal acceptance to deal closure, but not the closure in real sense. Hence it is advisable to consider dropshipping to avoid or at least minimize the probable hazards to give new kind of products and services which are not in trend but can be trending. But it all takes up a huge risk of blocking a massive chunk of investment which is required in an intense market research and analysis to understand the potential market demand. So instead of injecting all the overhead costs by stuffing the store houses with a product that has unpredictable demand, examine it as a trial and error time considering the dropshipping.

Additionally, in place of coming across a situation whether a product will sell or no, one will have a better insight of what will be a preferable assumption for how much it could be sold off, hence offering a more precise amount and a perfect count of product so to help in procurement of the stocks. This is even more significant for giving the brand-new categories of products recently introduced in the market which may or may not be risky in nature. For instance, it might be that your business is running quite well in dealing with dog food. But that does not mean it may work the same way for cat food. This can be either a miss or more probably a hit, however it is possible to give it a try by drop shipment of some products and see how perfectly everything runs.

2. Being safeguarded from excess selling

The ecommerce brands that have sound experience are pretty much informed that the unexpected market demand may vary which cannot be relied upon as they are highly unpredictable.

Instead of gathering money for overhead expenditures by compiling stock more than what is needed to take care and get ahead of unpredictable demands, hence possessing a drop shipping conductor as support can help you save a whole lot of money without worrying about the sales eventually. This particularly is applicable for seasonal demands of specific products. Hence it is ideal to be protected against all the unexpected from a retailer perspective. So, having a dropshipping backup is a great thing to have as an invisible support for twisted and tricky situations.

A perfect thing to have in case of natural calamities to the stores, one can still take care of being prepped for the probable orders of such products from anywhere else. The same is applicable for anunexpected delay in product shipping to customer doorstep.

3. The tactics for shipping mechanism

A probable scenario of stretching the business in shipping complexities. The more you move away from the fulfilment space or store houses, the higher the fee of shipping will be.  It is the ideal offering for a few twisted locations which is hard to access as it being in outskirts of your profit-making areas.

Probably the shipments that are high in cost or strongly and aggressively priced are way too high so to support in framing of a brand-newfulfilmentcentre. Possibly it’s a problem of excess fee such as additional charges such as delivery and shipping of the local government authorities. When this all done perfectly it is now simpler to understand how does dropshipping work.

Final words

Depending on dropshipping can be the deciding element in pushing you away from business hazards.Additionally, a simple dropshipping can be of great use when researching the market, one can put it to some use so to try new businesses. Thus, this helps with what is drop-shipping and all the other things that comes to your mind when you think of this as a business.