List of Top 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Poly Cotton

Polycotton is nothing but a mixture of both natural cotton as well as synthetic polyester. By doing so it will combine both the Cotton fibers with polyester which is manufactured artificially following the ratio of 65% cotton and 35% polyester.

This is not a fixed ratio, there can be some others as well. Due to its strength, versatility, customizability, and pure cotton make it well suited for any type of clothes.

Being 100% polyester it will not stick to your skin as well. Therefore it is essential to know the difference existing between polyester or 100% cotton and poly-cotton blend. How to choose the best one? and what is poly-cotton?

Therefore you will hear find the disadvantages and advantages associated with poly cotton that will help you to make the right choice and build up your own business.

The information provided here will definitely help you to make a quick decision regarding the fabric or other information you would like to know regarding before you start up your business.

Uses of Poly Cotton Fabric

Before getting into the topic of advantages and disadvantages of polymer hot and it is essential to know about poly cotton in detail. And wife this fabric is often used in textile industries. Both polyester and cotton blends are used in the manufacturing of clothes in most of the textile industries.

The poly-cotton blend is light in weight therefore it can be used in designing blouses and shirts. If the ratio of the mixture is changed then it becomes heavy material that can be used in order to design pants and skirts.

In addition to that, most of the commercial clothes such as uniforms and athletic uniforms use a blend that is blended in the ratio of 50/50. There are some other uses of poly-cotton such as exhibition Canvas, pillows, tablecloths, and bedsheets.

The Top Five Poly Cotton Advantages

You might have understood what is polyester cotton? So here you are going to come across five polycotton advantages that will help you to know why you should choose polycotton rather than any other material.

Soft material

Polyester is not a breathable fabric therefore it sticks to the skin. It is not comfortable when you wear them for a long time. Combining it with cotton makes the fabric a comfortable one. The poly-cotton is also wrinkle-free which does not require high maintenance.

It is also light in weight which also has some excellent characteristics when blended In a Perfect Combination that will give you all-day comfort.

A Great Combination – Cotton and Polyester

Polyester and cotton are always a great combination. People who use the poly-cotton blend feel comfortable since it is breathable and tear-resistant. Moreover polyester itself is a great combination especially for cotton which makes it the greatest thread especially in competitions. Therefore polyester has become more popular and it has become the cheapest material to manufacture different varieties of fabrics all over.

Polycotton is the strongest material

We always know that cotton is a breathable material that gives you lots of comfort. One of the disadvantages associated with this fabric is that it makes a rip out very easily. However, durability is not only the biggest advantage of cotton fabric.

In addition to that cotton canvas is highly durable which is also an abrasion-resistant fabric that cannot be widely used. In addition to that clothes made of cotton require additional care while washing.

Furthermore, poly-cotton is really highly durable. Therefore both the polyester and cotton combination has the highest strength. Adding to this the poly-cotton is always a fashionable fabric that is also abrasion-resistant.

Even after repeated washes, polycotton remains the same and never shrinks. With the repeated washers it will never lose its durability. So in simple words, the biggest advantage of poly-cotton is that it stands heavy duty.

Why both polyester and cotton blends are affordable and low cost?

The material is not only comfortable, but the pure cotton, super humid environment, and the material may also be expensive when compared with synthetic counterpart. Polycotton is available at a low price and can be very easily harvested.

When considering the textile fiber industry has raised its turn over to 90 million tonnes in the year 2016 with a decrease in the price of both polyester and cotton.

Considering the World Trade Organisation the price of poly cotton has been decreasing constantly which made it cheap and the best material for manufacturers thereby providing comfort to the users.

The Rapid Growth in Cotton Production and Export

It has been estimated that the yearly production of cotton has been increasing day by day. And here you will find the list of cotton production by every country,

  • India-26%
  • China-20%
  • USA-16%
  • Pakistan-8%
  • Brazil-6%
  • Africa-5%
  • Uzbekistan-4%
  • Turkey-3%
  • Australia-4%
  • Rest of the World-8%
  • Total 22.4 Million Tons

Except for China, all other countries have a high yield of cotton production. Taking this as an advantage we are finding cotton mixed with other fabrics such as polyester. No matter what cotton has been growing in more than 85 countries which are cultivated making use of 2.5 % of the world’s land.

The Global cotton export in 2018

  • USA-34%
  • Rest of the World-15%
  • CFA Africa-14%
  • India-12%
  • Brazil-11%
  • Australia-9%
  • Uzbekistan-5%
  • Total 7.4 Million Tons

However the production and export of cotton are really helping to increase the use of poly cotton all around the world.

The Top Five Disadvantages of Poly Cotton

Here you will find the top 5 disadvantages that we come across as poly cotton fabric.

Combination of Cotton and Polyester is Not Perfect for The Outdoor Environment

It is too good to be true that poly cotton is a great choice especially indoors. So people who work in factories can easily prepare this material which is also tear-resistant. If you considered pure cotton then it is a perfect choice in the outdoor environment.

The blending of cotton and polyester will never be a perfect one that does not observe sweat, therefore, creating a nuisance. Therefore people who work in the outdoor environment prefer to wear cotton rather than polycotton.

Poly cotton is Not Trending

Even though poly cotton is available at a low price it may not reach high fashionable expectations. The polyester brand is also known as the cheapest material which is not highly fashionable.

But still, polyester is considered the most popular fabric than cotton with respect to the recent fashion trends which has also overcome Cotton as the best fabric.

One of the biggest reasons why poly cotton is not highly fashionable is that it will keep you hot which is not moisture-free. It makes you feel uncomfortable which is also slippery.

Poly cotton will Never Thrive in High Temperatures

Consider the weight of both cotton and polyester are breathable which is not the way to assess things. If an equal weight of cotton and polyester are considered cotton will be more breathable when compared with polyester.

On the other hand, the cost of the fabric depending upon the weight will be a little bit expensive for cotton only.

In addition to that, the type of fabric will completely depend upon the environmental conditions where you live. Finally, polycotton is less breathable which is not fire-resistant when compared with cotton.

Low Cost But Higher Than Pure Polyester

Cotton is really costly therefore if it is blended with polyester then the overall cost of the fabric will be low in price. But the disadvantage is that the blend of cotton and polyester is more expensive than pure cotton which makes it a little expensive.

The only reason to blend polyester is that cotton is a bit costly. Considering 100 grams of cotton will price more than 100 grams of polyester. Therefore 100% polyester is cheap since it is a poly-cotton blend which makes it costlier since it is a combination of cotton and polyester.

Apart from cotton if it is mixed with any other fabric then the overall cost of it will be less. However, the overall cost of poly cotton is a bit expensive.

Both The Fabrics are Best and Don’t The Master of Any

If you considered either pure cotton or polyester then you have a chance to select the best fabric. Each of the materials has its own advantages when they are not blended with each other.

Cotton is always a breathable material whereas polyester is highly durable. So if you mix both cotton and polyester then you come across lots of disadvantages. If you consider this example polyester will never be breathable as that of cotton which also sticks to the skin.

So if you mix it with pure cotton there are maximum chances that the output will be the worst fabric.

Moreover polyester will never ventilate as compared with cotton which will, however, make you feel uncomfortable especially when you use the fabric for the whole day.


Therefore these are both the advantages and disadvantages associated with poly cotton. So depending upon your choice you can pick this fabric and make yourself feel comfortable.