5 Business Writing Activities for Adults

Every sphere of human activity is important and has its own benefits, as well as difficulties. The business industry is one of the most rapidly developing spheres with bright perspectives. Accordingly, it’s no wonder that so many young people want to devote their lives to this sphere.

While they learn, they have to write multiple business papers. As they become older and go to work, the complexity of their papers increases. Consequently, they should constantly work out their skills.

Professional academic experts from an essay writing company have several prompts to improve business writing skills for adults.

They’ll help to sufficiently enhance your level and even if it’s high enough, you’d better sustain it. We’ll review 5 effective and interesting business writing activities.

Extend Your Vocabulary

Firstly, you should give heed to your vocabulary. You should steadily increase its capacity. Of course, you should read a lot of literature devoted to the business industry.

Thus, you’ll steadily enlarge your vocabulary to make your papers clearer and more vivid even if business papers are commonly formal and use certain terms. Read business:

  • Digests;
  • Articles;
  • Blogs posts;
  • Journals;
  • News, etc.

Besides, we advise you to read fiction literature. Business documents don’t always consist of certain terms. You interact with other people when you write those documents.

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These are your partners, co-workers, suppliers, and customers. Therefore, you should use a conversational lexicon that can be found in other genres of literature.

Compete with Time

Secondly, become a quick writer. You’ll have to meet certain deadlines but too slow time management skills negatively affect your productivity. Thus, your employer may even fire you. Consequently, you should work out your time management skills on a regular basis.

There are various writing techniques and you should try many of them until you define the most efficient. One technique may be effective for a research proposal but also have little use for a business report.

One of the most efficient techniques is to write in turns. Set a goal to write 500 words in an hour. The next time, try to beat the previous result and complete the paper in 50 minutes. Thus, you’ll steadily compete with time to define your limits.

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Perhaps you’ll be able to easily write 1000 words in an hour or so. Another useful technique is to write with frequent but short breaks. Take breaks every hour and rest for about 10-15 minutes. Thus, you won’t get tired and will remain fresh to write quickly.

Rewrite Works of Other Authors

Thirdly, make use of the experience of other writers. It’s useful to read the works of excellent business writers but it may not be enough.

You should also practice your skills. One of the most interesting business writing activities is to rewrite the works of other authors.

This activity helps to work as the devil’s advocate. Take a look at the paper you want to rewrite from a different angle and try to argue it.

Choose the same topic, but stick to the opposite side or provide some other outcomes. Mind that you can also rewrite your own papers and challenge yourself. Perhaps some of your older projects weren’t quite successful.

As you’ve already gained new experience, try to improve them and thus, you’ll steadily improve your productivity and skills in business writing.

Enhance Readability

Fourthly, you should pay close attention to the readability of your texts. The business lexicon is very formal and sometimes boring.

However, you can make it more creative and semi-formal if you enhance its readability. It can be done in several ways, which should be used at the same time.

You should get rid of long sentences and paragraphs. Your sentences shouldn’t be longer than 15 words. Otherwise, it’ll be hard to remember and understand it.

Your readers will read faster if you split lengthy paragraphs. Think about how to logically divide them into smaller chunks.

You can also make your texts more vivid if you add different means. These are graphs, tables, figures, bullet lists, etc. They fulfill two functions. You make your text more pleasant to the eye and clarify some complex terms.

Practice Different Revision Techniques

Remember that a good writer is also a qualified editor. You should always edit and proofread your business papers. It should be done in various ways to make sure you spot all the mistakes. Among the most efficient revision techniques are:

  • Reading in the head and aloud;
  • Reading from the last sentence to the first one;
  • Checking every paragraph while you write;
  • Applying various checking applications.

There’s also one more way to revise your texts. You can hire an experienced editor. A professional person will highlight and explain all your mistakes. In time, you’ll memorize your typical mistakes and will avoid them in the future.

Quick Tips to Use

There are also certain smart tips we’d like to teach you. They are universal and so, can be applied to any format of your business writing. These are as follows:

  • Always think before you write;
  • Outline your goals;
  • Keep it concise and logical;
  • Avoid unknown words;
  • Clarify the call to action;
  • Stick to the active voice;
  • Avoid clichés and jargon;
  • Hire an editor.

Memorize these 5 business writing techniques for adults. They are efficient and will sufficiently elevate your current level of writing. Thus, you’ll become an excellent business writer to write great pieces.

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