7 Basics Every Small Business Needs

If you are starting a small business, the likelihood is you’ll have thought long and hard about things such as a business plan, hiring tactics and marketing strategies. However, now that you’re finally about to move into your space you may be wondering what you actually need to put in.

Not to fear! We’ve put together a list of 7 basics that every small business needs to set up for work, including furniture, a reliable internet connection and even basics such as office stationery supplies. Read on to make sure you’re ready and set up to run your small business.

1. Furniture

No matter what kind of business you are running, you will need to invest in good furniture. If you\re opening a shop or restaurant of some kind you will need a counter for serving customers, preparing food and drinks and placing your till system.

You may need tables and chairs for customers or if you are running an office you will need to provide workers with desks and comfortable office chairs that promote healthy sitting habits. Consider important items like bookcases, filing cabinets and cupboards to store things in the workspace to keep the area clear and relaxed.

2. Reliable Internet

Every business needs a reliable internet connection to run smoothly. From placing orders to updating your website to doing day-to-day tasks that require the internet, every modern business is absolutely reliant on the internet. Make sure that you are purchasing a plan that will provide a high-speed, reliable internet connection to your workers all the time to prevent any time wasted on slow connections or pages not loading.

3. Phone system

A good phone system is essential to keep communication easy and accessible in any workplace. Whether you are installing phone communication between different areas of the same business or for staff to communicate with customers or clients, this is a vital part of any business setup.

Make sure your phone system is easy to use and accessible for every member of the company. If your staff are often on the move, consider providing each of them with a mobile phone to use for work-related calls and business enquiries. This makes work more efficient and helps your workers in the process.

4. POS system

A point of sale (POS) system is essential for a small business to run efficiently. While there are several available to choose from, you want to opt for a pos system which is designed to support new and smaller businesses with processing and recording all types of sales. This is a vital piece of equipment for any modern business, and choosing the right one can make or break a company. As such, do your research to help you find the best pos system for small business.

5. Computer

Every small business will need at least one computer. If you’re running a bar or cafe you will need a computer to place orders and take bookings, as well as manage your finances on a day-to-day basis. If you’re running an office it is likely that each employee will need a computer of some sort, whether that is a stationary PC at their desk or a portable laptop that they can take home with them and use to work on the go.

Providing your staff with company computers also means that you will have access to everything as you can make use of cloud storage to allow backups of everything to exist on every computer with access to the storage as well as being able to monitor your staff activity.

Additionally, company-issued computers mean that you are able to install the same levels of security and fraud protection on each device, keeping both company and customer information secure and protected at all times.

6. Printer

Another essential for every small business is a printer. Whether you’re using it once a month for a few monthly tasks or you’re printing out important documents every day, a printer is an essential piece of equipment.

Be sure to invest in a printer that can make copies and scan documents to cover all bases, and it is worthwhile knowing that a wireless printer is most efficient for an office setting so that your employees do not need to connect their computers every time they wish to print or scan a document.

7. Office supplies

Give your workers access to a selection of office supplies, from notebooks and paper to pens, pencils, staples and paperclips. Although this may seem trivial, encouraging your workers to organise their work and take regular notes can help your employees to get the most out of every work day and continue to learn on the job every day.

Once you’ve got the basics, you’re ready to open your doors and start running your small business. Work hard and communicate with your staff to become one of the most successful small businesses out there!

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