7 Creative Gifts for an Employee Anniversary

Ask most employees, and they will tell you that it feels fantastic when their company truly appreciates their hard work and loyalty. Giving a gift to celebrate an employee’s anniversary is a wonderful gesture and a smart public relations move.

Thoughtful work anniversary gifts are a good thing and make others feel valued. Are you scratching your head trying to come up with an awesome gift idea? Keep reading for an expert shopper’s take on creative gifts to buy.

1. Cool Tees

When it comes to gifting the ultimate tee, nothing can beat classic tie-dye t-shirts. Tie-dyeing was first introduced in the western world in the 1960s as part of the fab hippie culture. But the gorgeous art style actually debuted many generations ago, during the 16th century in China and Japan. These cool tops continue to trend high on fashion runways and street style.

This is a great gift to mark a worker’s anniversary and present a superb quality tee to your employee. It boasts vivid colors and lets them stand out in a crowd. Add a sincere, handwritten note to your employee with your gift; it will speak volumes.

2. Gift Baskets

Another idea for celebrating an employee’s anniversary is with a gift basket. The history of gift baskets can be traced to Europe, namely France. The practice was established during the Yuletide holiday in the 11th century. A wicker basket or hamper filled with goodies was seen as a goodwill gesture.

Some items filling up the hamper included wine, cheese, pudding, cake and pie. Today, you can make your own gift basket for a worker and feature similar gift products or create your own idea of a delicious and thoughtful basket.

3. Company Swag

You want your employees to like working where they do, have great pride in their work and what your company does. As an employee, they are an important cog in the wheel. The machine couldn’t run properly without them, and you appreciate and respect the hours and time they have dedicated to their craft.

That’s why company swag is an amazing gift. To give them something extra special, you can learn how to make custom hats and get the branding, logos and team colors beautifully made with embroidery, patches, screen printing or heat transfer vinyl.

Employees proudly enjoy wearing company swag and letting folks know they feel special and appreciated. Hats are timeless accessories and creative gifts to give.

4. Sweet Treats


Sometimes, you’ve just got to honor a longtime worker with decadent desserts. What a delicious gift to unwrap and indulge in! Sweet treats, such as fine chocolates, cakes, turnovers or premium ice cream, are terrific gifts to send to your employees and show them you care.

It’s no secret that today’s workforce can experience significant turnover. This, of course, isn’t easy for a company to repair. However, what matters is keeping employee morale high. Even a small gesture of appreciation can go a long way. An ice cream-of-the-month club, for example, sounds heavenly and would be a welcome treat to arrive on someone’s doorstep.

5. Anniversary Parties

Another idea to consider is an employee anniversary party. The sky’s the limit on how fancy or creative you want to get. Maybe you have several workers marking their 10th anniversary with the company. A fun party filled with fabulous food and people is something your employees will long remember.

You could hold the event at the office or rent a room at a neighborhood restaurant or venue. Hang celebratory banners and balloons, give out party favors and have a cake. Add in all those personal details about the employee or employees you are honoring, and make the party even more special. Invite their friends and family, and show them how much you value their loyalty and fine work. Feeling appreciated is a big deal, and an anniversary party lets your recipients relax, feel important and enjoy the spotlight.

6. Self-Care Kits

People of every age like to be pampered, and self-care more than ever has become necessary for any lifestyle. Self-care encompasses a wide range of products and can feature incredible spa gifts such as a plush bathrobe, a boar bristle hairbrush, a collection of fragrant body washes, shampoos and conditioners, a manicure set, scented candles and more.

Be creative and collect some elegant self-care products that could bring your recipient joy or confidence. It’s a nice way to thank your employees for a job well done.

7. Tickets to an Event

Gift your loyal employees tickets to an exciting event to mark their work anniversary. Learn what their hobbies are or where they like to go and treat them to a lovely experience. There are tons of wonderful ideas available.

Maybe they would love two tickets to a wine-tasting evening at a vineyard nearby. How about tickets to a professional hockey game? Maybe your employees would like to try scuba diving or go for a nighttime helicopter ride. These are thrilling ideas and a spectacular way to say thanks for working at your company.

Employee Recognition Matters

Being thoughtful to others makes the world a better place. When employees mark milestones on the job, they hope to be thanked and feel appreciated for their hard work and loyalty to the company. As outlined above, there are countless creative ways to do this, and there’s something for every budget. Enclose a kind, sincere note with your gift, which will be treasured.

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