7 Helpful Memory Hacks

If you ever forget what you were going to say before you are able to get the words out of your mouth, you may be aware of the importance of your memory. Being able to remember things can be helpful throughout your life, but you may have to be proactive when it comes to protecting your memory as you age. Here are a few memory hacks that you can utilize that may be able to improve your memory.

Stay Active

One way that you can keep your memory intact is to stay active. It is a good idea to start exercising if you don’t do so already. You should begin with 30 minutes every other day and increase this to 5 days a week once you gain more endurance and strength.

You may want to ask someone to be your exercise buddy, so they can help you make sure that you are working out regularly.

Get 8 Hours of Sleep Each Night

Another habit that may need to be changed is your sleeping habits. Adults should get around 8 hours of sleep each night. If you are not getting this much, you need to take steps to get the proper amount. Sleeping more or fewer hours than this can lead to health issues, in some cases.

A technique you can use to ensure that you get the right amount of rest is to set a bedtime for yourself. Do your best to make your bedroom dark and cool, so you will be sure to stay as comfortable as possible throughout the night.

When you are ready to learn more about memory, read this site: https://www.betterhelp.com/advice/memory. There are specifics about memory and aging that you may want to read.

Keep Learning

You might also be able to protect your memory if you can keep learning. Perhaps you might want to take an online class about a topic that interests you, or you can read novels. Another way you could continue to learn is by playing video games. Think about activities you may want to learn to do and see if you are able to find online videos to follow. If you desire to learn how to make croissants, there’s no reason you shouldn’t try.

Write Things Down

Something that you may not have considered is that it is okay to write things down. Since you are probably likely to use smart devices and technology every day, it can be difficult to remember that pen and paper are still quite effective.

Writing down important thoughts, tasks you need to accomplish, or even passwords to remember can benefit you. Taking notes will allow you to get these details out of your head and you will have a record of them, so if you do forget something, you can simply look at your notes or notebook. At the same time, you must make sure that you keep your notes safe. You don’t want them to be able to be accessed by others, especially if they contain sensitive information.

Talk to Loved Ones

Do your best to keep up with your loved ones. Even if you are having a bad day or you aren’t feeling your best, you should check in with people that you care about regularly. They will likely be able to talk to you about how you are feeling and provide you with helpful advice when you need it. You can even discuss memory hacks with friends and family, to get additional ideas.

Clean Up Your Diet

You should also think about cleaning up your diet. If you are aware that you don’t always make the best food choices, do what you can to address this. You can read recipes online, where you can learn how to make healthier versions of the foods you already like to eat. Moreover, you can add more vegetables and fruits to your diet, which should improve your nutrition.

Talk to Your Doctor

Make sure that you are getting regular checks up from your doctor as well. This will allow you to be able to seek prompt medical treatment when you need it, which can be good for your memory as well. Your doctor will also be able to diagnose a memory issue, if you experience one.


Being proactive about protecting your memory is something that pretty much anyone can profit from. Do your best to address your sleeping habits, the foods you eat, and the amount that you are exercising. You can also continue to learn and make sure you are getting checked out by your doctor when you should be. Together, these techniques could make a difference when it comes to keeping your memory intact.

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