7 Ways To Earn Money Using Your Smartphone

The smartphone has become one of the most important gadgets for many people across the globe. As a matter of fact, many people nowadays would rather leave behind their wallets instead of their smartphones.

After all, you can still make payments with your smartphone, thanks to digital payment platforms. But other than helping you spend money; your smartphone can also help you to earn extra money.

While this might not be enough to transform your life and make you rich, it undoubtedly provides you with supplemental income to help handle day-to-day expenses. 

But what smartphone apps are these that can help you make money? If you’re in search of such insights, look no further. Here’s a guide on the best money-making apps you need to know about to make money using your smartphone.

1. Instacart 

If you own a dependable car alongside your smartphone and some free time, then the Instacart app is meant for you.

With this grocery delivery service app, you’ll be responsible for shopping on behalf of your clients and then delivering the products to their places.

But if you’re hesitant about going to your customer’s home, Instacart also allows you only to sign up to do the shopping for your customers.

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Using this app, you can, on average, earn between USD$15 to USD$20 per hour.

When a trip that fits into your schedule is available, you’ll get a notification on your smartphone. This ensures you never miss out on the available offer, thereby making it one of the best money-making apps

2. Poshmark 

Most people are guilty of having too many items they don’t need. And if you have such items, consider installing the Poshmark app and selling the unwanted items for cash. All you need to do is take a picture of the item you’re selling using your smartphone and place a price tag on them. 

Creating a Poshmark account is easy and straightforward, so you shouldn’t have any trouble using this app. Upon selling an item, Poshmark will retain 20% of the selling price. In addition to clothes, some of the items you can sell using this app include collectibles, accessories and other fun products. 

3. Foap 

Today’s smartphones boast exceptional cameras that can take great photos. And if you’re into taking pictures, you should capitalize on this and use this device to take amazing shots at the press of a finger.

Consequently, you can sell these photos on the Foap app after placing a price tag on them. With the demand for incredible and stock photos is increasing as each day passes to be used on the many blogs and websites, this is a great way of earning passive income. 

Therefore, take advantage of your smartphone’s great camera to take these amazing photos that you can then upload on Foap, and this shouldn’t take much of your time.

Each photo is sold for USD$10, and you can resell the same picture an infinite number of times. For each of your sales, Foap retains 50%. It’s best you research which photos are in great demand before you start taking pictures to increase the likelihood of selling and making money in the process. 

4. InboxDollars 

If you’re searching for a way of making extra income by doing different things, then installing the InboxDollars app is the right decision to make. This shouldn’t take much of your time and effort, further raising its appeal as a great way to make extra money.

When you take these surveys, the insights you share are then used by companies paying for them to know how to better their products or services. For each survey on InboxDollars, which usually takes around three minutes, you earn between USD$5 to USD$20. 

Other than taking surveys, you can do many other things using the InboxDollars smartphone app, including watching videos and reading emails. You also earn a bonus of USD$5 for referring a friend to create an account with them.

5. Airbnb 

Do you have an unused cottage or space in your home that’s currently not being used? If so, why not rent out the space and earn extra money?

When in such a situation, the best thing to do would be to install the Airbnb app available for both Android and iOS smartphones. Here, you can market the availability of the space to a worldwide traveling community.

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The best thing about installing the Airbnb app is it’s free of charge. In addition, it provides travelers with a secure and easy platform through which they can reach travelers in your locality. 

6. Survey Junkie 

This app is a perfect choice if you usually love sharing your opinion on a broad range of matters. The Survey Junkie app allows you to do this by accessing its many surveys.

You don’t have to pay a penny when signing up, and to start earning, you should do a survey which typically takes between 5 to 15 minutes. Upon completing a survey, you get virtual points that can then be redeemed as e-gift cards or cash payments. 

Making money through taking surveys is very simple. A reason for the app’s appeal to more than ten million individuals. You can download the Survey Junkie app both on the iOS and Android app stores. 

7. Qriket 

Are you a gaming enthusiast? If so, you’ll be glad to know you can get paid for your passion by playing games on your smartphone. This even makes playing the game a lot more fun, so why shouldn’t you try it out?

The Qriket game works by spinning a wheel to make money, ranging between 5 cents to 10 cents per spin. But before spinning, you need to pick a color, either yellow or blue.

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You’ll start seeing ads once your free spins end, after which you qualify for additional spins. Payment is done via PayPal and will only be done once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount of USD$25. 


Many individuals nowadays spend most of their time browsing their phones. And while this no doubt has a negative impact, this isn’t always the case as you can also use your smartphone for good and earn some extra money.

In this article, you’ve been taken through some insightful ways through which you can earn money using your phone.

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