A Complete Guide On How To Start Trading

Trading can be a very lucrative way of making money, provided that you properly prepare and do your research. There are thousands of young, independent traders who have achieved financial independence through online trading, whether it be crypto or day trading.

As long as you have access to the internet and some free time, you too can profit from online trading. There are several things that you must do in order to get started first, however.

This article will tell you what those are and will offer a complete guide on how to start trading:

Open a Trading Account

The first step in becoming a full-time trader is to open a trading account. There are myriad trading apps, so you need to first find one that’s right for you. You must compare trading apps, read reviews, and spend some time doing some research.

It’s completely free to open a trading account, so if you must, then download several at once and see which feels easiest to use. Try to find a platform that offers features like copy trading and demo trading, both of which can help you to become a more advanced, experienced trader.

Perform Market Research

If you want to become a successful trader, then you need to perform extensive market research. In addition to performing market research, you also need to read books written by experienced traders. Trading can completely transform your life, allowing you to achieve financial independence.

However, if you do not study trading, then you won’t benefit from it. Millions of people have bankrupted themselves making unwise trading decisions. If you don’t want to join their ranks, then take the time to study. Write down a list of stocks that you are interested in investing in, then research their viability.

Analysing Price Charts

As a trader, a large part of your days will be spent reading and analysing price charts. Before you get started trading, take some time to learn to read price charts. There are specific patterns and trends that indicate how a stock’s price will go. If you can’t recognise these patterns, then you won’t be able to pre-emptively pull-out, or invest.

This could lose you serious money. If the idea of analysing price charts sounds impossible to you, rest assured it really isn’t. If you sit down and study, within a week or two you will be able to do it.

Enrol In Online Courses

Another great way to brush up on your trading knowledge and become a better trader is to enrol in an online masterclass. If you’re going to enrol in an online masterclass, then try to find one that’s hosted by a reputable and experienced trader.

Masterclasses can cost a lot of money, so don’t rush into anything. When you enrol in a masterclass, you are given direct insight from master traders. You can communicate with them directly through email or over a video call, receiving advice and trading suggestions.

Practise Demo Trading

Once you think that you are ready to start practising trading, make a demo account. Demo accounts are market simulations, where one invests with digital currency. Most platforms have demo trading accounts available to their users completely free.

Demo accounts allow you to apply the knowledge that you have learned so far, without losing money. In addition, demo accounts give you a real insight into how trading markets fluctuate.

Theoretical knowledge is very useful but won’t make you a master trader, only practising can do that. Once you’re comfortable with demo trading, you can think about moving over to trading with real money.

Attend Online Seminars

It’s always worth attending online seminars from time to time. These seminars can help you to brush up on your trading knowledge and learn new skills. Many seminars are completely free. The best part about online seminars is that there are usually Q&A sessions at the end, which gives you an opportunity to ask for help. Another way of asking for help is on online forums.

The online trading community is huge. There are forums, chat rooms, and websites dedicated to it. If you’re new to trading then it’s definitely a good idea to sign up for one of these forums, so that you can meet new traders and network in the industry.

Be cautious, however. There are traders who will try to lure you into pump ‘n’ dump schemes, which are usually organised on such forums. Pump ‘n’ dumps rarely work out well for average traders.

Trading is a very effective way of making money. Before you can make money from trading, however, you need to study, practise, and prepare. As with everything in life, you have a better chance of succeeding when you revise first.

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