Top 10 Largest American Manufacturing Companies

The manufacturing companies of the United States of America indicates and contribute to over 20 percent of the overall goods and services each year. While also it is one of the most massive contributors in enhancing the United States’ overall rate of employment by offering job opportunities in the city including the outskirts of the country.

It also brought some positive reinforcements to the complete economic scenario of the United States of America.

So, what we have to present in this blog is that we have enlisted some of the most successful companies that have a promising track record of the past few years and in some cases, its decade’s data analyzed as well.

So, here are American manufacturing companies which tops the list of largest production companies at the global level.

Top 10 manufacturing companies in the U.S.

1. Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft is a pretty familiar company to any individual who is into slight computing activity. As it’s an MNC which deals in software tech for mostly all kinds of sectors. Microsoft Inc. has been the market leader in the computing segment for the past 40 years. With the very first launch of the company’s MS-DOS, it took down the market by a storm.

The manufacturing company develops, produces, accreditations, supports and markets pc applications and electronics for consumers, all together with personal computing devices and reliable relevant services.

The main of Microsoft’s products are

1. Cross-device productivity

2. Operating systems

3. Phones and other smart devices.

4. Desktop and server management tools 5. 5. server and business solution applications

5. Software development tools

6. Video games,

7. Vomputers

8. Tablets

9. Gaming and entertainment consoles

The company was established by founder Bill gates in 1975 and now is headed by CEO Satya Nadella.

Also, the company made its way of generating a staggering annual turnover of USD 90 million in 2017 alone. Hence creating a 6 percent hike in annual growth and a profit margin of 28 percent in comparison with 2016.

2. Boeing Co.

Among the top manufacturing companies alone stands as one of the leading market companies for the biggest aerospace producing the commercial jets for space, security systems, defense infrastructure for the public as well as government sectors.

As being acclaimed to be the greatest production exporter, the company’s products and personalist services include the military-grade aircraft align with the passenger airplanes, weapons, satellites and a wide range of other electronic goods and services such as

1. Electronic

2. Defense

3. Launch

4. Telecommunication systems

5. Advanced information

The company also has an indulgence in business sectors such as advanced logistics and transportation. Boeing offers grade 1 professional training and grooming to more than 168 nations for the United States public and government sectors along with airline sectors.

Very much recently the company made a deal of USD 810 million deal with the United States Navy for MIG 25 aircraft, which relays the heavy earnings of about USD 94,405 million in the year 2018. Regarded as the big manufacturing companies in all of the USA.

3. Valero Energy Corp.

Valero Energy is a global producer and seller of petrochemical products and all kinds of coal and fuel products.

The company has its operations based all over the United States of America Texas, Saint Antonio. The company also is positioned in the 20th checklist of Fortune 500 in the previous year.

The prime business of the company is acting as a non-reliant producer and refiner of petrochemical products and ethanol maker which gives rise to a blended void filing capacity of super fuels.

Hence the company is into the production of 4 million barrels per day of petrochemical products and a combination of both fuel and petrochemical stuff with about 1.60bn billion every single day.

Its main activity as an independent petroleum refiner and ethanol producer generates a combined throughput capacity of approximately 3.1mn barrels per day of petroleum and combined production of 1.60 billion gallons every year in the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States of America.

The targeted segment by Valero consumes the majority of its manufactured products. The company has onboarded about 10k employees and a huge number of 7500 brand stores in Ireland, UK, US, Canada. An annual income of 94 million and a growth of 25% the previous year.

4. Phillips 66

This company falls in the second MNC energy producers to be visible in the ranker list. Varied energy production companies focusing on energy and logistics-transportation. The company has its presence in almost every country while it is original in Texas (Houston).

The prime activity is focused more on midstream refining, selling of products with 15,000 employees across the world.

The company was created and run initially by Philips siblings in the year 1917, meaning more than 100 years of presence in the said sector. And also, a pioneer in the production of plastic made up of polythene.

The founders Robert Banks and Paul Hogan had this vision a 100 years ago. The company’s best-selling product Marlex and was used as Wham O in early 1950. Yet the company has managed to hit the mile marker of USD 105,733 million in 2017.

5. General Electric Co.

The General Electric company is the biggest production entities at a global scale for specializing in healthcare, aviation, renewable energy sources, production, venture capital, additive production, lighting, finance, oil and gas & transportation-logistics.

This company is based in Boston, it made its biggest corporate acquisition in the year 2015 in accordance with the French conglomerate named Alstom grid and power division.

Later in the year 2017, the General Electric had reached a mile marker revenue of USD 123, 113 million in annual revenue, indexing a deficit in annual revenue valuation with a growth of 3 percent due to which the company has thought of revamping the product portfolio and cope up with the common pitfalls.

6. Chevron Corp.

Chevron Inc. belongs to an MNC family that specializes in the energy sector managing huge sales numerical. It makes and relays raw natural gas & oil while also purifies it and sells the same through the distribution channels to the global market.

It does have its presence in mining and chemical processes, generation of power and energy solutions provider in over 160 countries.

This company comes from ancient times (was found long back) which was earlier known as Standard Oil and now is called Chevron Corp. The founder of the company is Rockefeller D. John back in 1870 and was the greatest in terms of size at that time.

The headquarters of this company is based in California, San Ramon. The company was able to pull off USD 252,833 million from its revenue stream and had reported a growth of 24% in 2k17.

7. General Motors Co.

One of the biggest automobile originators known globally for its supreme quality production services in the automotive sector.

The company has active business operations in over 87 countries across the globe. The corporate framework of the company varies into 4 different product categories such as

1. Buick

2. Chevrolet

3. GMC

4. Cadillac

In the business ever since the production of

1. Chevrolet Corvette 1963

2. Pontiac 1964 GTO

3. The 59 Cadillac

4. Chevrolet Bel-Air 57

These car models are the ones that let the company hit the heights of success, fame, and popularity. In a year the company produces about 10 million vehicles.

Also, it gets everything done from Detroit and this company already has taken its imitative towards producing electrical power cars that have the same features just like a standard automobile has.

8. Ford Motor Co.

The founder of the company Henry Ford established the company in 1903. The company became popular among the common people right after the world automobile company coming up with a first 4-wheeler, Ford Motors Model T, of that time.

The smartly designed corporation featured the assembly line which was combined in a manner to maximize the production of an automobile.

This company was the inspiration for all the car manufacturers to adopt the same approach for the optimum production of automobiles at a global level.

The company manufactures about 7 million units each year while the employee count is ranging about 224,000 employees with an acquaintance of the majority of the production units. The company moreover was accountable for making about 2 million units and also was ranked at 11th position in the Global Fortune 500 magazine in 2k18.

9. Apple Inc.

A leader in consumer electronics aligns with offering superior goods and services. The company very much recently touched the mile marker of 11 trillion and has been in a constant hype over its moss demanded product such as has iPhone and iMacs.

The expert wing of researchers and developers along with the team so to come up with virtual testing of computing applications probably the AR and AI the company already has taken a step towards the tech of the future.

Also, the company is known to fulfill specific products through its mass workforce approach.

It does manufacture goods and services for the company, the foundation of the company was laid by Steve Jobs back in 1967. Altogether the company was successfully able to pull off annual revenue of USD 230 billion.

10. Exxon Mobil Corp.

A company is known for maintaining the transparency in business operations of companions for which the company was able to pull off 19 billion dollars in the previous year.

And is mainly into oil and natural gas has some transformation and distribution petrochemical pricy as well. channels for production and transportation of manufactured goods and services.

Right before the fall of the world’s oil market which took place nearly half a decade ago this company was able to have 90 percent of its income from the upselling sector while on the other hand, the company was switching its profit stream through the variety of different petrol chemical and fuel-based products. in the year 2017.

Hence it can be taken into consideration that the company’s massive size has helped to survive the tough conditions of the market while on the other hand the company to date being intact and financially backed ready for almost all hardships.

The same year, the company was able to pull off 344,283 million in annual revenue. The company was able to show a growth rate of 10 percent and hence one of the top manufacturers of the production industry. Also, one of a kind publicly traded manufacturing company


The largest industrial companies in the respective sector are believed to bloom and cherish in the forthcoming years. While on the other hand also is first in the world to bring technological innovations and is accountable for the world use and consumption for produced goods sees a noticeable hike each year.