Top 10 Manufacturing Companies in the USA

The world economy is mainly balanced via global trade corporations and is a major contributor towards the nation’s employment rate, economic development and national GDP. The production industry in the United States of America.

The share of America in total GDP of the world is about 20 percent while it keeps increasing year after year. So, with the rising numbers, there will be a positive hike in the GDP of the country. Below mentioned are some of the largest manufacturing companies in us which contribute to a major share of the economy in the USA. The companies are as follows:

1. Apple

2. Exxon

3. Microsoft

4. IBM.

5. General Motors

6. General Electric

7. Boeing

8. Philips 66

9. Ford Motor

10. Chevron

Top 10 Manufacturing Companies in the USA (2024)

1. Microsoft Corp.

Yet another name that neither needs an introduction nor is dependent on any kind of introduction. It is an American software company. The founder of the company is Bill gates who started the company as a software designer.

In the early days, the company seemed to be a small startup, later the same company was the world’s biggest Operating system software company. Based in Washington, Redmond. The products company deals in are

1. Computer software

2. Consumer electronics

3. Personal computers and services.

On the other hand, several other products that help the company to stand still in the best 10 positions of massive companies in terms of size and production are as follows

1. Software development tools

2. Cross-device productivity applications

3. Business solution applications

4. Operating systems

5. Server applications

6. Entertainment consoles

7. Desktop and server management tools

8. Video games

9. Gaming computers

10. Tablets

11. Phones

12. Intelligent devices.

The reported annual income of the company was believed to be USD 90 billion.

2. IBM Corp.

IBM Corp products and services are well known and trusted by millions of customers. IBM has its operations handled from various locations of the world but primarily is located and headquartered in the United States of America, Armonk, NYC. IBM is believed to have business operations in over 180 countries worldwide. On the other hand, the company rules the market by indulging in various other sectors/divisions of company business such as

1. Global Financing Systems

2. Cloud Platforms

3. Cognitive Solutions

4. Global Business Services (GBS)

5. Technology Services

In the last year (2018) company was successful in generating a staggering annual value of more than USD 80 billion. Hence the company is successful in getting itself ranked among the top 10 manufacturing companies in the United States of America.

3. Phillips 66

The American MNC energy organization Phillips 66 is based and located at Houston, Texas, Westchase. The company has quite a firm goodwill in the market due to numerous causes. Also, the organization is mainly indulged into a number of other business processes such as

1. Transportation

2. Processing

3. Marketing

4. Storage of fuels & other relevant products.

Phillips 66 is an organization that is quite a huge and trusted name when it comes to electronics while being a key player in sectors such as Raw chemicals, refining of minerals, selling and particularizing of various other products and services. On the other hand, the company also has been a ranker at the greatest production company which touched an annual revenue of USD 110 billion in the year 2018.

4. Apple Inc.

This company needs no introduction as being of American origin and no doubt is listed among the top production companies and an eminent market leader in electronic products manufacturing and marketing. Based in California, Cupertino which develops, markets and sells customer computer software, electronics and other online solutions.

As being the world’s greatest technology organization. These days the company has more than 100,000 employees and a total of 549 brand stores across the globe. The quick selling products of the company are mainly iPad, iMac, iPod and iPhone along with Apple wearables and ITV. In the year 2017, the company was reported to have an annual revenue of USD 230 billion.

5. Exon Mobil Corp.

This is the world’s greatest and transparently operating organization that deals mainly with oil and natural gas and amid the biggest production nations across the globe. This company has its main existence in the US, Texas, Irving.

The company as mentioned above has its indulgence in extraction, refining, producing, mining of coal and other fossil fuels and marketing and production of petroleum finished products. The organization also produces and sells essential petrol chemical products which may include aromatic, polypropylene plastics along with a wide variety of particular products, the company in the year 2k17 had generated a whopping revenue of somewhere around USD 240 billion. While making its way to being enlisted among the top production organizations in the United States of America.

6. General Electric Co.

This company is one of the most trusted names for a customer when it comes to buying consumer electronic goods. Acclaimed to be the world’s biggest production companies. The company heads the international affairs of the business in Massachusetts, Boston.

The company has a remarkable presence in namely four sectors such as healthcare, aviation, digital additive and replenishable energy along with lighting, transportation ventures and extraction of oil and natural gas. In the year 2017 General Electric Co. had accumulated worth of USD 125 billion in annual revenue.

7. Ford Motor Co.

Acclaimed to be one of the biggest automobile manufacturing company. The company was found in 1903 by founder Henry Ford in, United States, Michigan, Dearborn. The company is famous for its best-selling car models such as Escape, Taurus, Expedition, Focus, Fusion, Eco sport and Endeavour.

This legitimate car manufacturing company had a total production of over 234,000 cars. While not forgetting the workforce is massive too as it has over 203,000 employees working for the company. Additionally, the company had a valuation of nearly USD 158 billion with an impressive income of USD 9 billion in the year 2017. Also, the company has 100 production units across the globe. Hence acclaimed to be among the top manufacturing companies in the USA.

8. General Motors Co.

General Motors has its base headquarters in Detroit which is believed to be one of the most densely populated cities of the world and a major producer of automobiles. Brags its presence in over 40 nations and has an annual turnover of over USD 53 billion and has a total employee count of 200,0000 with 450 brand stores present across the globe.

The company is accountable for the production of over 9 million vehicles annually. The sub-brands may include buck, Chevrolet, GMC and Cadillac. Persistently leading as one of the biggest producers in the United States of America.

9. Chevron Corp.

This conglomerate has a presence in various sectors and is an American origin company specializing in energy production. Also, a great producer of crude oil. The company is a sub-brand of Sandford Oil Corp. The company has its business operations handled from California, San Ramon. The company has active business operations in over 193 countries.

Also, the company has a transportation and a wide distribution network to manage its business operations efficiently. This company is into refining, marketing and distribution of fossil fuels, crude oil while also being indulged in mining and chemical operations. generation of power and production of energy services. Chevron was reported to have an annual valuation of about USD 145 billion in the previous years.

10. Boeing Co.

A pretty well-known name in the dominion of airplane and aerospace production and accountable for a number of commercial defenses, security, space systems. And also, a great contributor to after-sale services. While the company also has played a vital role in contributing to the economic development of the United States of America.

As the company also has a great reputation in providing needed services to the US government projects. And Boeing is a great and key player in offering the customers all kinds of goods and services across the globe in 175 countries. The custom-designed products are in great demand by this company. These may include military and commercial satellites, airplanes, electronic network infrastructures, launch systems, defense systems, perforce logistics and training and precise communication network architectures. Regarded as the largest manufacturers in us.


The list of manufacturing companies in the USA in the United States of America is developing day by day while on the other hand the MAPI association the respective sectors in America is all set to boost the quick rate increase in comparison with the standard economies. The production sector of the United States of America is expected to see a growth of an additional 3 percent in 2k17 and 2.8 percent in the year 2020.

In the meantime, the president offers jobs to production companies in America. The president has also offered a tax redemption for the offshore business. Concerning such scenarios, there are a number of windows to the growth of the business across the globe. The companies are expected to see a rise in the near future. While on the other hand, the organization is making a continual attempt of the Research and Development wing of innovative technology. These at present remain the top production companies throughout the USA.