Top 10 Largest Animal Feed Manufacturers in the USA

Undoubtedly the United States of America is the world’s biggest animal feed producer and of course exporter also. So here you are going to find the top ten animal feed manufacturers in the USA. And they are still continuing to be the best in terms of animal feed producer.

Over the entire global market, they provide have a significant impact and strong position thereby providing the required amount of animal feeds.

According to the survey in 2016 its been observed that the US feed industry has acquired  $170.4 billion transit which also adds $57.7 billion which is approximately $55.9 billion with respect to labor income. Adding to this the US animal feed company is contributing 545,810 employees and £13.1 billion taxes.

On the other, both the livestock as well as livestock products like dairy products, meat and eggs has tremendously raised the growth of animal feed exports and animal feed production with respect to most of the global wide animal feeding companies.

At present, the production of animal feed all around the world is expected to be around one billion tonnes per year.

Apart from this, the rest of the top 100 animal feed companies play a vital role in contributing forty-two percent of worldwide production all over the world each year.

As we know that the United States of America is globally a leading animal feed producer which is even a roof for the world’s most peculiar animal feed producers.

However, all the biggest animal feed manufacturers within the United States are well recognized by the BizVibe considering the yearly feed production. This analysis has been calculated by Feed International giving more accurate results.

So now let’s have a look at the top list of biggest animal feeds manufacturers in the United States of America.

1. Cargill Inc. estimated yearly yields: 17.9 million metric tons

Well, this manufacturer was privately owned by the US which is a well known multinational organization. Cargill Inc has been based in Minnetonka, Minnesota which has been established in 1856.

Among all the private animal feed manufacturers this is the biggest one with respect to the annual income that it generates. The animal feeds companies mainly concentrate on services such as agriculture, food, financial issues and industrial needs and goods.

This is however considered as one of the best animal nutrition supplements with more than 20000 employees. It is too difficult after the services are extended to different parts of the world that are distributed well distributed to more than 40 countries.

The overall contribution of these firms is absolutely 17.9 million metric tons which have been estimated on a yearly basis with respect to the animal feed given by all the organizations.

This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons that make Cargill be one of the largest as well as the best animal feed companies in the country.

2. Land O’Lakes – estimated yearly yields: 13.5 million metric tons

Here comes another largest food as well as an agribusiness organization. Established in 1921 which is primarily located in  Minnesota, Land O’Lakes.

Being a member-owned company it always stands in the race of the largest animal feed manufacturer. Considering this as one of the largest animal feed manufacturers in the United States of America it has generated US3.8 billion in 2016.

In addition to that, the company also the owner of Mazuri which is also an animal feed production company that is established in order to animals especially in the zoo, breeders, exotic pet owners, keepers and so on. This company provides its services for more than 50 countries extending day by day with its ultimate services and a high range of productions.

3. Tyson Foods – estimated yearly yields: 10 million metric tons

Tyson Foods company is also another leading animal feed producer which is a US multinational organization that is mainly based in Spring Dale, Arkansas.

The company takes responsibility for operating 32 feeding mills. These mills play a role in producing feed especially for pigs, cattle and chicken globally. Tyson Foods has the capacity to meet the supply requirements of animal feed to various parts of the world that also includes countries like South Korea, Mexico, Brazil, China, the European Union, the Middle East, Central America, Japan, Taiwan and Canada.

4. Alltech – estimated yearly yields: 6.5 million metric tons

It is also another leading animal feed manufacturer in the United States of America. Its headquarters is located in Nicholasville, Kentucky.

The company produces a high range of animal feed which has specialization especially in producing animal feed, distilling, brewing and meat.  Alltech is divided into three sections namely,

  • food and beverages
  • health and animal nutrition
  • crop science

Moreover, the company provides its services to more than 128 countries with the employee’s range of 4700 and it even operates 77 production services along with 3 bioscience centers all around the world.

5. ADM Alliance Nutrition – estimated yearly yields: 3 million metric tons

One of the top animal nutrition companies as well as the biggest animal feeds producer in the world is ADM Animal Nutrition. The company is also the best in offering a huge range of animal feed production all over the world that has been specially established to meet the requirements of all animal nutrition.

ADM is also globally known for the production of amino acids but also offers animal feed production includes customer ingredients blends, essential supplements, premixes, and some other unique feed ingredients that will help in maintaining the health of animals that also adds nutritious gold to them.

6. Perdue Farms – estimated yearly yields: 2.5 million metric tons

Perhaps this is also another world’s leading producer for both foods as well as Agricultural Products. Perdue Farms is the best in manufacturing different varieties of food includes Turkey, organic chicken, and some kind of pork items to various customers all around the world.

Apart from that this company is also a leading producer of food supplements such as vegetable oils, soybean meals, various Soya products especially for feed, hulls, food processing, industrial applications like refined oil food, other organic fertilizers, protein items and grains.

7. J.D. Heiskell & Co. – estimated yearly yields: 2.2 million metric tons

J.D. Heiskell & Co was eventually established in 1886. This company is one of the oldest one that has its strong presence of about 132 years and is still continuing to be the leading animal feed manufacturer. This is even a commodity trading organization which also actively participates in livestock manufacturer of feed along with trans-loading services.

These services are intended to be provided in some of the Western States which are also an exporter of commodities and grains to countries like Mexico, the Pacific Rim and the Far East.

Apart from that, it is also the leading producers and animal feed company that produces poultry feed, pig feed as well as ruminant feed in the United States of America. Per year  J.D. Heiskell & Co has the capacity to produce 2.2 million metric tons of feeds for animals.

8. Kent Nutrition Group – estimated yearly yields: 2 million metric tons

Kent Nutrition Group, Inc has its headquarters located in Londonderry, New Hampshire, United States.  The company is number one in producing both nutritious feed products that also include some of the services especially for animals, pets, livestock in the US.

It even produces some high quality of nutritious feed products for both pets as well as Zoo animals within the United States of America and all over the world. With the highest annual production rate of about two million metric tons is produced by this company annually.

9. Hi-Pro Feeds – estimated yearly yields: 1.9 million metric tons

The best company that has the capacity to balance both animal nutrition, as well as products, feeds to various animals and nutrition Industries.

Hi-Pro Feeds, Inc. Is well known as a manufacturer of animal feed and nutrients that is even capable of providing livestock feed, specialty products, vitamins, nutrients, dairy cattle, feed additives, healthy supplements, dairy products, bulk feed, poultry field, hog, beef cattle, beef cattle, aquaculture, and companion.

10. South States Cooperation – estimated yearly yield: 1.7 million metric tons

Primary established in 1923 which is an American based agricultural supplementary organization that is based in  Henrico County, Virginia.

In this terms Southern state is considered as the biggest producers of animal feed that also includes livestock feed manufacturers, fertilizers, animal health supplements, seeds, pet food, farm products, petroleum products along with other household things within the United States of America.


So you might have got a clear picture regarding all the largest animal feed manufacturers located in the United States of America.

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