Are You A Hotel Owner? Here’s How To Use Technology To Your Benefit

Hotels are an important part of the hospitality industry. They provide a place for people to stay when they’re on vacation or traveling for business, giving them a comfortable place to lay their head at night and providing amenities that help make their trip more enjoyable.

Hotels have been around for centuries, but in recent years technology has had an enormous impact on how they operate. 

Today’s hotels are not only welcoming guests with clean rooms and good service, but also by using cutting-edge technology like social media marketing campaigns and online booking systems.

These days it’s possible to find information about any hotel you want right from your smartphone before you even get there!

Here we’ll explore these tools and more that will help boost your business! 

1. Social Media Sites

Social media has a huge impact on people’s lives and can be a powerful marketing tool for hotels as it provides the opportunity to speak directly with their customers and prospects.

As far as tech solutions go, Facebook is probably a number one resource for hotel tech solutions, because you can use Facebook to get feedback from your customers and make sure you’re always delivering an exceptional experience.

This comes in handy when you want to learn more about your guests’ needs and target their desires. It’s also essential for keeping up with demand during high-traffic periods like the holidays!

Social media even helps hotels attract new customers. For example, a hotel can post photos of an event that took place on the property and include hashtags to make it easy for people searching for things going on in their area to find them.

They can also create a Facebook page for each one of their properties so guests can get a feel for what a stay might be like there before they actually book a room.

2. Online Booking Systems

The ability to book a room online is one of the most convenient ways guests have to find information about a hotel. The online booking system that works best for your business will depend on factors like how many rooms your hotel has and what you want to offer in terms of amenities. 

These systems allow people to browse the basic information about a hotel, find out if they have vacancies or rooms available, and even book a room all from their mobile devices. Online booking systems help create a sense of trust with visitors and can help you manage your rooms in real-time. 

3. Interactive check-in kiosks

One way technology is helping hotels streamline their operations is by making check-ins faster and easier for both guests and staff. Plus, instead of having to sit at a desk all day, a hotel employee can spend more time helping guests or checking in new arrivals. 

The interactive check-in kiosk is one of these ways to speed up the process and make it easier for people who may be traveling from out of the country or have other things on their minds when they arrive at your hotel. 

4. Guest feedback tools

For many hotels, taking the time to get in-depth feedback from guests and visitors can help them improve their business. Here’s where some cutting-edge technology comes into play.

Feedback is one of the most important things you can ask for from your customers because it helps you understand what they want and need, and what you can do to make their stay even better next time. 

So how do you get this feedback? There are a number of ways hotels have started using modern technology to collect information from guests, including adding QR codes on hotel room doors where people can leave feedback or creating social media accounts just for guest reviews.

QR codes have proven to be an effective and convenient tool for guests to provide feedback. By utilizing a dynamic QR code generator, hotels can generate unique QR codes for each room, allowing guests to provide feedback specific to their stay experience. This enables hotels to gather valuable data and insights to enhance their services and address any concerns or issues promptly, ultimately leading to improved guest satisfaction and loyalty.

If you’re interested in getting feedback from your guests but are unsure of how best to implement this into your hotel, the best thing to do is talk with them. Get input about what they need and want in terms of guest services and amenities and then decide whether or not the technology you invest in will help meet that demand. 

If you can’t talk directly with your guests, you can also reach out to industry experts for advice on how to ask the right questions and what kind of technology will best suit your needs. 

5. In-room tablets

Another trend that is quickly gaining popularity in hotels is the use of tablets as a way for guests to control lighting, temperature, TV channels, and other amenities in their guest rooms. These tablets allow people to connect with the hotel staff if they need anything and also provide an easy way for them to control various aspects of their room like the lighting or TV. 

Not only does this make it easier for guests, but it is also more convenient for workers who no longer have to spend time walking around the hotel to find out if someone needs something.

The best part about this technology is that it’s easy and affordable for hotels of all sizes to incorporate into their business model, making it a win-win across the board.

6. Automated Checkouts

The latest trend in consumer-facing technology used by hotels is automated checkouts. These are especially important for hotels that need to offer a variety of options for their guests, including attending events in the area or going home after a long day. 

Instead of having staff members take down basic information about each guest so they know how much they should charge, these systems simply process a credit card and update a system to let housekeeping know which rooms are ready for cleaning.

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When it comes to running a hotel successfully, there are so many ways technology can be used.

From the interactive check-in kiosk that will make your guests feel at home right away to in-room tablets that allow them more control over their accommodations, you’ll want to explore these technologies and how they may work for you!

To get started with some of these ideas, talk with other hotels about what has worked best for them or reach out to industry experts who have had success implementing cutting-edge innovations into their business model. Whether it’s an automated checkout system or feedback tools on social media, modern technology is changing the way people think about the hospitality industry, which means if you don’t keep up with these trends now, your competition might beat you to the punch.

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