How to Becoming a YouTuber in 5 Easy Steps

“I want to be a YouTuber” – is a new professional trend among youngsters these days. Being a YouTuber sounds like a lucrative option for a job, doesn’t it? The concept of earning money by making videos on your preferred topis does sound like a nice way to have fun at work. 

However, the journey of a YouTuber or Vlogger is not all that simple. There is a good amount of struggle involved in the process. Like every business and freelancing profession, Youtube Vlogging involves initial investments along with an initiation process until the first video.

We will discuss the journey to understand how to become a YouTuber.

5 Easy Steps of Becoming a YouTuber

1. Deciding the Niche:

The first step towards becoming a YouTuber is selecting the niche on which you wish to perform or shoot your vlog. One should choose their field of expertise, like traveling, food blogging, etc. We recommend selecting a niche that is not too widespread and also has a relevant audience. YouTube vlogging requires consistency in sharing content regularly. So, when you choose a niche, ensure the topic allows you to maintain consistency. 

2. Preparing YouTube Channel Goals:

When you plan to start your YouTube channel, what do you expect to achieve through it? Outline the channel goals before starting the journey as a YouTuber. It will help you identify the frequency of vlogging you need to become a popular YouTuber. 

3. Brainstorming Ideas for your Content Creation:

Deducing unique ideas for your video content is one of the most important parts of vlogging. Before uploading a video on your channel, ensure that it follows a popular niche yet has something unique. Brainstorming ideas helps you in reaching the target audience with intriguing topics. A unique topic is always inspirational.

4. Scheduling Content:

We have already mentioned that earning money through a YouTube channel requires consistency in content uploading. Clearly, you need to plan and prepare a content schedule strategically. Scheduling ensures that each of the new vlogs you upload gets enough views and popularity. 

Though daily video uploading gives better visibility and attracts more audiences, it can be unmanageable for one person. Hence, prepare a manageable schedule that is convenient to you yet provides enough exposure and maintains consistency.

5. Equipment Assessment and Channel Optimization:

Choosing the right equipment is the key to producing high-quality content. Investing in costly equipment is not always necessary. Purchase the essentials and ensure you have the right specs and speed for YouTube vlogging.

Even a SmartPhone works well for video shooting, as long as you have the right software. Spend selectively to start the journey.

Once you have the content ready for uploading, it is time to optimize your channel for maximum exposure. Select an attractive and unique name for the channel, describe the channel with SEO keywords, upload the content and add a meta description for easy searching. 


If you are new to YouTube vlogging, the above steps will guide you through the initial steps. However, the success of a YouTuber is completely dependent on the content quality, consistency in content uploading, and how much impact you create among your audience.

You can reach out to your audience better when you develop your social media presence and promote your YouTube channel there.

While you start off as a YouTuber, it is worth remembering that YouTube fame doesn’t happen with a single post. Monetizing a YouTube channel takes about 6-months to 1-year. Hence, patience is important to become a YouTuber.

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