Best Investor Visa Advice To Set Up An International Business In Italy

Setting up an international business is a dream for countless entrepreneurs. But success boils down to picking the ideal global expansion destination. You must choose a country with a market for your product and a liberal stance for foreign businesses. An easy immigration process adds the brownie points. Not surprisingly, Italy is a hot favorite for aspiring entrepreneurs because it offers a mix of all these factors.

The Italian investor visa lets you enter easily, set up a business and expand it, and stay for the long haul. Although the investor visa process is relatively easy, getting experts on board makes it seamless. If looking for someone you can rely on, these professionals can assist you in the process and make it a breeze. You can also follow some tried and tested tips to set up your Italian business without many challenges.

Choose your investment option wisely

Investment is the mainstay of the investor visa, so you must know your options and choose wisely. Luckily, you need not stress about bringing in millions for an Italian investor visa because even thousands will suffice. You can access it with only a minimal investment of €250,000 in an innovative startup company or bring €500,000 to an established one.

If you can go higher, you have the option to bring €1 million as a donation to a public project or purchase €2 million worth of government bonds. Check your preference and budget constraints, and choose wisely to ensure it does not pinch your wallet.

Understand the process well

Experts recommend understanding the investor visa process well before going ahead with your international business plans. Essentially, it has only two steps- getting your nulla osta (certificate of no impediment) and obtaining the investor visa from the local consulate.

While it is relatively easy and takes only a few months, do not let overconfidence cloud your judgment. You may still make mistakes and end up with delays or even rejection. The best way to proceed is by collaborating with experts who know the nitty-gritty of the process to guide you throughout the journey.

Keep the funds at hand before landing

Although the Italian investor visa is mainly about money, you need to bring the funds at a later stage. You can complete the process only with proof of funds in the form of bank statements. You will require proof at the nulla osta stage to establish your ability to invest in the country.

But remember to keep the funds at hand before landing in Italy. You will need to deposit them within three months of getting your residence permit. Failing to fulfill the requirement entails the risk of revocation of your residence permit. It also means you may never get to realize your international business dreams.

Leverage cross-border growth opportunities

Another valuable piece of advice to follow is to leverage the cross-border growth opportunities with your Italian residence permit. The document gives you more than the permission to live and work in Italy and start life afresh with your family.

Since you can travel across the EU visa-free, meeting clients and exploring new markets is a breeze. You need not confine your operations to only the local markets but get to tap overseas markets without much effort. Remember not to miss out on the opportunity because it is one of the best features of an Italian investor visa.

Pursue citizenship in the long run

An Italian investor visa sets you up for easy landing in Italy, getting your residence permit, and establishing your business right away. But it is only the tip of the iceberg because the opportunity is bigger and better than you imagine. You can pursue citizenship and stay back for good.

The best part is that you get to bring your dependent family along without extra funding. Moreover, you can convert from the residence status to Italian citizenship by naturalization. You only need to keep your investment locked in for a decade. But you will also have to fulfill some immigration formalities to move to citizenship status. Luckily, an expert can show the way ahead and ensure no hassles.

An Italian investor visa is the best way to reach Italy and start an international business here. But you must not take the ease of the process for granted because the smallest error can have major implications.

Follow these expert-recommended tips and seek the services of an immigration specialist to cruise through the process. You will have to worry less about immigration, and you can focus more on your dreams.

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