Best Jobs Outside the Office

An office job is not for everyone, and it’s okay. You don’t have to be cut out for a traditional, 9-to-5 job to become successful. Moreover, feeling trapped in an office may often reduce your productivity and even cause depression! Fortunately, the modern world offers career solutions for everyone – and if you want, you can work from anywhere.

In this article, we’ll tell you about the best careers that don’t require you to stay in the office. Remote work, travel contract jobs, outdoors positions, and freelance – you’ll find everything you wanted to know about them here. Read on!

Remote Work

Remote work is a perfect solution for people who are good at office work but don’t really perform well in an office environment. If you’re a messy person who is always late, doesn’t want to follow office dress codes, then you should consider becoming a remote worker.

The biggest benefit of remote work is it allows you to be yourself, no matter how weird you are. Remote workers don’t have an office dress code and they don’t have to come to the office on the same days.

Some companies will even allow you to work from the beach if you want to! However, remote work has its downsides as well. First of all, remote workers are more expensive than office workers. Secondly, some companies will not allow you to work remotely if you have important clients.

But if you’re able to work from your home or other cozy spot, then remote work is a great career for you.

Travel Contract Jobs

If you’re passionate about travel, then a travel contract job is your best option. Travel contract jobs give you the opportunity to see the world while also earning money.

It’s possible to get a job in any country where a company provides its services. Jobs in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States are often available. What’s more, some travel jobs only last for several months at a time, during which you’ll get paid up to $10,000 per month!

However, these jobs are not for everyone. You’ll need excellent English skills and must be ready to work in a foreign climate. Also, before accepting one of these jobs, make sure you know what your monthly salary will be. Otherwise, you may end up working in a country where the currency isn’t worth much.

Working Outdoors

Working outdoors is an amazing way to get rid of stress. You can earn money while swimming or camping! There are many employment opportunities out there that require you to do something outdoors, including:

  • Working as a tour guide in a national park (like the Grand Canyon),
  • Becoming a bike messenger in large business hubs, such as London or New York City.

Applying for a job at a national park (like Yellowstone) is a great way to get paid for doing something you love! Additionally, you may have the opportunity to connect with people who are passionate about nature. If you’d like to work outdoors for more money, then choosing a lifeguard job (or being a fishing guide or bartender) is the best choice.


Freelance is another great option for someone who doesn’t want to work in an office. Some people are passionate about their job and they want to continue it when they go out of town. Freelance is also a great opportunity for people who want to earn money from home while enjoying their hobbies! There are so many ways to earn money as a freelancer – you can do anything from writing articles on the Internet to designing logos and creating websites. Freelancing is especially popular among artists who want to use their talent for earning money.

The downside of freelancing is that most jobs require you to pay for certain resources yourself. In this case, you must have a lot of money saved to start earning and it may take time to find clients. But if you have the time and resources to start freelancing, then it will be a great career choice! There are many options you can choose from when it comes to freelancing. Check out some of the more popular ones below.

Client-Side Freelance Developer

If you’re into remote work and software development, consider working as a freelance developer for existing companies that outsource their development needs. Your clients may be located everywhere – anywhere from the United States to Russia – and all you need to do is work remotely from your laptop computer and communicate online with your clients. Search Google or Yahoo for “client-side software developer” jobs and look through them!

International Freelance Writer

Freelance writers also often make money from companies that travel abroad or hire them specifically because they travel abroad often. These companies are usually located in North America or Europe, and they want someone who can cover their presence at events across Europe or Asia. These companies often give their writers free tickets to these events.

Traveling Freelance Writer

If you want a career in freelance writing and you can work remotely, consider becoming a traveling freelance writer. The concept is simple: you work as a freelance writer in one city for one client, and then use this money to travel to another city where you work as a freelance writer for another client.

To do this, you’ll need to build up two different client bases who can hire you for freelance writing gigs. Try to find the best time of year to do this by searching other travel bloggers. Normally, the best time of year is winter – people from the northern hemisphere want to go south to somewhere warm when it gets cold at home. By summertime, people want to go north instead.

The Bottom Line

As you can see from our list, there are plenty of things you can do to get yourself out of the office and start working as you see fit. We live in an era of digital nomads, and it is mainly thanks to the rapid development of technologies that have allowed people to earn money while doing what they’re best at from anywhere on the planet. With every passing year, more and more companies are warming up to the idea of remote work and the fact that by enabling people to work remotely for them, they are greatly expanding their potential employee base.

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