Bringing the Energy of Euro 2020 Into Your Business

Big events present an excellent opportunity for businesses. They can engage staff, bring new customers on board, and all-around help to keep things fresh and exciting. Think of Christmas time. There are not many companies that don’t incorporate the yuletide season into their marketing and office atmosphere in one way or another. Big events are similar to Christmas, both in terms of scope and excitement.

This summer sees the arrival of several large events, including the Euro 2020 Championship and the Summer Olympics. So why not take advantage of all the opportunities they provide?

In this blog, we’re going to focus on Euro 2020 and look at how businesses can bring the energy of the tournament into the company. This will include assigning each employee a team for the tournament, and you can also look at free Euro 2020 bets so you can back each team to win, too. We’ll also look at how you can engage with your customers via your social media postings.

Get the Staff Involved

As the boss of the business, it’ll be your job to whip up excitement for the tournament among your staff. While there will likely be some people who are already looking forward to all the thrills that the competition will bring, other staff members, such as those who have only a mild interest in football, may need a little encouragement. The most effective way to build instant interest in Euro 2020 is to assign a team to everyone by pulling names/teams out of a hat. You’ll find that your employees are much more engaged if they know there’s a chance their team might win them some money, especially if they’ve drawn England, France or Belgium.

Remember that if you’re going to solidify your business as one that values the competition, you’ll need to give employees time off to watch the matches. This won’t be an issue for most games, but some do kick off at 6pm, so you may need to let your staff leave earlier than normal to make it home (or to the pub) in time. 

Redesign Your Website

Don’t just keep your Euro 2020 engagement in-house. The tournament offers a chance to have some fun with the design of your website and company items (such as any fliers you produce). Let’s think again about the Christmas comparison. It’s always enjoyable to see a business temporarily redesign its website in line with the season. It creates a connection with others in society who are also thinking about the same thing. For Euro 2020, this could simply be a few interactive balls or the flags of the teams in the competition. 

Social Media Fun 

Your website will remain largely static during the competition. And in any case, that’s not the place where you engage with your audiences in a collaborative way. But your social media channels do function in that capacity.

Many businesses struggle to come up with ideas for their social media content strategy. A major sporting competition provides the perfect direction! This is what everyone will be talking about on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, not to mention in the real world. Your followers will appreciate your company getting involved with the fun. Of course, it’s best to keep things light and fun. There can be a lot of drama (and heartache) at these tournaments, so make yours a light touch.

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Offering Discounts

Why not use all this engagement to boost your revenue? A major competition provides a great chance to offer some deals, discounts, and offers that might just make the period from June 11 through to July 11 more profitable than usual. You don’t need to have an obvious or direct link to football to offer promotions. They’re always welcome! 


You’ll spend the bulk of the year doing the same old, same old. Any opportunity to do things a little differently should be welcomed with open arms, since it can help to keep your life, and your company fresh. Take our tips above, and you’ll have a month of fun at the office during the Euro 2020 competition. 

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