37 Best Small Business Ideas for Kids

There is no age bar for being an entrepreneur. In the case of kids, it’s neither different. There is an abundance of great development and entrepreneurship skills for kids who wish to begin something of their own at a very early age, as mentioned above there are no age bars for becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Here is the list of the most compelling, thriving and high profit yielding businesses for Kids

1. Lemonade Seller

Lemonade stands are no doubt a very familiar business idea for kids. One can start his lemonade business with the help of right documentation and other legal procedures. To make things better, it would be even better if the lemonade stand has a flavor that no one has got to offer. Lemonade selling is among the most popular business ideas for kids.

2. Inventor

As kids have the best creativity in the world, they can make use of it to develop a new idea for a whole new line of brand new product and create stuff later sell them either online or offline.

3. Chores Service Operator

Small works such as getting the laundry done or cleaning up the lawn, getting essentials from the Supermart are one of the best business opportunities a child can have to make a small amount as his first income. A great kids business idea to go for.

4. Kids’ Book Author

Kids can also write and compile a kid’s book which does have all the immensely creative stories and compelling concepts. Later lookout for a publisher who could help with the publishing of the book or can even go for with the idea of self-publishing the book.

5. Illustrator

A great business opportunity for kids to provide children with is the illustrator services to authors of kid’s book and single customers.

6. Tutoring Service Provider

Kids can also become tutors to the younger children and help them with what they, unfortunately, find difficult to understand. As a kid have a unique way of understanding things, the way to teach other kids can be more of an out of the box idea for specific subjects in learning.

7. Candy Maker

A kid with the little help from an adult along with the right working permits or licenses and documentation can begin a food business such as developing or creating a new style of candy which could be sold to other kids. As kids just love something relatively new to their all-time favorite thing i.e. candies.

8. Baker

Bakery or Snacks shop

A kid can also try to focus on various other things such as food items that could be baked at home so to sell them online or offline with the help of an adult, elder sibling or parents.

9. Cake Decorator

A great business idea for kids is to provide decorating services for the cake to friends, family, cake bakers who do host special occasions such as parties, marriages, and birthdays and so on.

10. Jewelry Designer

The best creative business idea for kids as they have the best and intuitive designs in their mind. Crafts is just one of the many ideas where kids can get started with their business idea. A kid can make jewelry by purchasing small items and create jewelry stuff to sell at craft fairs and on online sites.

11. Clothing Designer

Similarly, a kid who has a taste in fashion can make and design custom made unique clothing apparels to sell them to individual’s customers, local stores or for an online fashion site.

12. T-Shirt Designer

This is a great idea for kids because they have the best creativity in the world, and they can develop a unique concept and have it printed on t-shirts that can then be sold online with elegant and artistic designs. A quality printer like the AA Prestige A3 along with ink and supplies from sellers like AA Print Supply Co. are all you need to print t-shirts. It’s an excellent kid business idea.

13. Artist

Kids with artistic abilities are the best as they can begin their own business by drawing or painting their artwork. Later can sell it directly to local stores, individual and if everything falls right in the place it could be sold to companies as well.

14. Dog Walker

Ideal for those kids who find it very comfortable to spend time with pets, walking the pets of other individuals who have pets but don’t have time to spend on their pets can be a flawless earning opportunity and get started with their business as a pet walker.

15. Pet Groomer

Somewhat relevant to the above-mentioned business idea. A kid just needs to provide personalized pet care services such as washing and grooming the pets for people who don’t have time to do so and start earning from this business. A rewarding children business so far.

16. Pet Sitter

Pet sitting is one of the great business opportunity which can work perfectly for kids who can easily spend time with pets while making a small amount for doing what pet owners find difficult due to shortage of time while being at work or business trips.

17. Babysitter

Kids can do babysitting easily as they can provide services to those parents who are looking for someone who can take care of their child when they are running too busy to keep an eye on the child who is alone at home.

18. Blogger


A very in-trend business for kids as a great business opportunity for all age bars. With the help of parents or elder siblings, a kid can start his blog and share the unique content which they have online.

19. YouTube Personality

A kid can start on platforms such as YouTube and share with others videos and tutorials of namely any niche or interest and get a fair amount of promotional revenue generated from the website.

20. Podcaster

Podcasting is a great way for the kids as a preferable income opportunity for kids. A kid may just need a little supervision that can be either from elder siblings, friends or even parents as they are not very good with technical aspects due to being quite young to get over with.

21. Car Wash Service Operator

Car wash

Offering car washing services to local people in the neighborhood is a great way a kid can start something of their own. A small shop can be set in the backyard of the house and charge a small amount of fee for every car washed and cleaned with just water and soap and done the car is clean, there comes your money. And become among the few business kids in the locality.

22. Face Painter

Ideal for those kids who are love with parties and occasional events. A kid can offer the face painting services at special occasions, birthday parties, ceremonies and kid parties. Painting and getting a small amount for showing their creativity is a great business idea for kids who love to paint.

23. Balloon Artist

It is usually seen that the balloon artists work on special occasions such as birthdays, marriages, wedding parties, family events and so on. So if a kid is familiar with how to come up with unique balloon ideas, he can have a small amount as the fee for all the balloons created at a special event or so by collaborating with event organizers.

24. Juggler

If as a kid you are blessed with the talent of juggling things is a great way to earn as it is one of a kind talent, which can be started by setting up shop at various events and have tips as income for the entertaining services offered.

25. Musician

Ideal business opportunity for the kids who have a love for music. This can be started by joining a band and playing music on special occasions or events.

26. Magician

The best business idea just-in-case a kid has some magic tricks that he has mastered from somewhere to showcase at parties or various events by beginning as a magician.

27. Book Seller

Perfect for the kids who have books in abundance. The books which are not in use or already read by a kid such as famous comic books, or sketchbooks that at present is nothing but a pile that covers extra space at home, a kid can sell them off to a local book store or the selling can take place online with eBay or Amazon sites.

28. Gift Wrapping Service Operator

Kids have a lot of spare time, the same could be used during the vacations at birthday parties or special occasions for wrapping gifts to the stores during season times as shop keepers are too busy to deal with the gift wrapping part of the business. Kids can hope in and get the job done for some extra bucks they can have by wrapping up gifts at such busy stores. Believed to be the ideal business for kids.

29. Seasonal Decorator

Home decoration, shop decoration or office decoration for a special or festive occasion is a profitable business idea for kids who just love to decorate. They can use their skill to get paid as they enjoy what they are doing already and getting paid for the same thing which they find it amusing to do without getting bored or tired with it at all.

30. Garage Sale Service Provider

When it is the summers, a kid can provide the services to those who are into offering garage sales in the local vicinity and even better when kids can have their sales in the garage.

31. Party Planner

Kids go crazy with the word “Party”. They can be of extreme help in the party as they are fantasized with parties in the first place. Planning parties is a great and viable business opportunity for kids.

32. Greeting Card Maker

The greeting cards that are simple in design yet elegant in looks are simply the show stealer for any occasion. A kid with some creativity into card making can make a good amount of money while designing custom cards for special occasions which is difficult to be found at any store.

33. Elderly Care Provider

As it is difficult for kids to offer medical care to elder citizens, however, that can be of great assistance to those who can and take care of all the chores in and around the house while bagging a few extra bucks.

34. Gift Basket Deliverer

Kids can for sure come up with gift baskets with their creative insight for a basket. Later the same could be sold to a local store which delivers gifts in baskets to the ones who ordered something from the respective store.

35. Lawn Care Provider

Kids just love spending time outside. A kid can start using the same hobby of spending time outdoors by offering services such as lawn cleaning and lawn mowing to people who have gardens but have no time at all to take care of them.

36. Gardener

Kids can be of great help to those people who have gardens and wish to take special care of it. As it is very difficult to manage single-handedly, a kid from the neighborhood can help with all small things which revolve around taking good care of an individual’s garden.

37. Graphics Designer

As of now becoming a graphic designer and making money by creating awesome graphics designs is possible. There are a lot of free resources available for becoming a skilled graphic designer in very little time. In the upcoming years, the graphics designers demand will be high.

In graphics design, you have to focus on a lot of things like accurate color combination, good knowledge of colors, having the ability to draw things on charts, and trying to master all types of graphics design to get more projects or clients.

To make money from graphics design there are a lot of ways like creating templates for websites like Canva, freelancing, making money through selling your graphics designers, and nay more. these are the popular and one of the best ways to make money using graphics design.

To make some more money from your graphics designing skills, you can start teaching people on YouTube and you can make money from affiliate marketing and ads from YouTube. After getting a good subscriber, you can create and sell your graphics design course too.

Learning graphics design is very easy with the help of free resources and anyone can start learning with a mid-range just a laptop or computer. Nowadays most people have a good laptop or computer in their home at least.

In the graphics designing business, you need very little investment only some software and a good laptop or computer which can perform high-end tasks very easily and quickly. Please do research and also focus on learning and working with AI to make your work more easy and simple.

38. Task Apps

There are many very popular task apps that pay real money for completing each task. Before a few years ago it was hardly possible because there were millions of fake websites and applications that make people fool. Here I’ll share only one app where making real money is possible by completing simple tasks.

If you are a kid whose parents do not allow you to work outside in their free time you are not good at any skills to make money or you can not afford the resources to work in your desired money-making way. Then you should try this method, where making money is simple and quick.

There is an application called Amazon Mechanical Turk, this app was officially launched by Amazon and allows people to make money by completing tasks. If you are interested then go to their website and sign up for it and wait for approval. Once your Amazon Mechanical Tirk account is approved you’ll start getting tasks and you can make money by completing them.

Amazon created mTurk to let businesses help with their services and products. On mTurk, a lot of business posts some tasks to know more about their services, improve their services and products, etc., and pay some money for the people who complete these tasks in a given time. Sometimes these tasks only come for a limited number of people randomly.

There are many types of tasks and reviews like answering tasks, going to any particular place, reading any text in loud, translating any language, and many more. For the different tasks, there are different rewards too.

For in-depth information and knowledge, you should try the mTurk app. Without exploring the application you can not understand it. Sometimes it takes time to get your account approved and you should have some technical knowledge to use the app and execute the task to make money.

39. Work on Stores

There are a lot of stores especially retail stores that allow kids to work in their free time and make a good amount of money if their parents allow them to work. In most cases, you can easily get permission from your parents to work at retail stores near you.

For the kids, there are some types of easy jobs like cashier, giving time to the customers, showing products to the customers, and many more. These are very easy tasks and most of the kids can do it very easily without a lot of hard work. These works or tasks can be different based on which store you work.

The salary or pay in the jobs majorly depends on a few factors i.e. location you work, type of work you do, how many hours you work, type of retail shops, and many more.

The problem is it is very hard to find these types of jobs mostly in those locations of cities which are small and not developed well. If you can go to big cities you can get a job very easily with very high pay.

For a kid, this is one of the best jobs because there are no major skills required, there is no need to do hard work, no interviews, and many more advantages.


These are not all the business ideas ideal for kids, just a few of the most obvious ones. Kids are great in creativity and rich in productivity. A kid can pick any one of the above and get started as a young entrepreneur at a very early age.