The 39 Greatest Business Ideas For Young Entrepreneurs

Young minds are said to be the best entrepreneurs as young minds don’t limit their creativity with world walls. We will discuss in this article discuss the best business ideas for teens.

So here we are with the best 39 business ideas for young entrepreneurs

1. Computer Repair Service

If you know your way with computers, starting computer repair services is something as easy as grabbing a pack of wafers for you. Back a decade, 80% of households had computers at their residence. So there are chances that more computers and laptops exist in households today. Hence offering computer repair services is a great business idea to start up with. A compelling and promising teen business idea.

2. Handmade Gifts

Commonly, young minds have a better grip on creative things. Hence a little knowledge of how to make handmade items is a perfect way to generate a side income. The list of handmade items is seamless. It may look small but has the great earning potential for teenagers with some creative insight.

3. Gift Wrapping Services

People keep gifting others but mostly run short on the talent of wrapping up those gifts. Then comes into picture those who have a great hand at wrapping gifts elegantly. Gift wrapping is believed to be a great sellable skill. It is more of a business that revolves around the purpose and gift theme.

4. Investments and Passive Income

Most of the time’s savings are just not enough. Under such circumstances, kids can know the value of how passive income stands as of great significance shortly. To be specific real estate stands as the best example. Teenagers can have their small chunk of investments in real estate and later have the collected rent as a passive income with their small investment.

5. Pet Sitting Services

The never-ending worry of a pet owner is who would take care of their pet while they are traveling for business around the globe. Such people always are on the hunt for people who could help them by taking care of their pets. They need people who can walk their pets while they are out. ‘

6. Social Marketing

The dominion of marketing on internet revolves around the fact of being well-informed of what’s in the trend and what’s not. A perfect business idea for teenagers. As they are well versed with what’s in the trend. They know pretty well as to what will make a better impact and most importantly when it can be done to get the maximum impact.

7. Car Washing

Car wash

Everyone loves cars, especially when one owns them. It is the need of a day to day life and hence cars being pampered all the time is not something new to our ears. But people due to being busy running their errands, don’t have time to take care of their cars. Youngsters can use their time washing, cleaning and maintaining the cars in their locality and have a good income generated from the same, with nearly no investment at all.

8. Cookie Monster

Cookies are something most people love. And love it even more when baked at home. A teenager just needs to get familiar with the best ingredients to put in and make the best cookie. As getting the best cookie recipe is not something impossible to ask for on the internet. Being easy to sell can help you fill up your pockets with much ease.

9. Device Set-Up

Majority of the people these days are from the old days where knowing gadgets is difficult. But the children in comparison are much faster and apt to learn those things instead of reading manuals for hours. Hence teenagers have a better understanding and can explain such complicated things to adults who are new to gadget hood.

10. Fill a Need

Important is catching the need, filling it and earn from it. A teenager can do namely anything that people are finding it hard to deal with due to shortage of time. Hence spending a short duration on any petty service offered can help earn a good amount.

11. Jewelry Design

Teenagers who have a taste for creative stuff may find it pleasing and paying job for designing jewelry. No need for complex structures, just plain simple glass pieces and you are good to go, can be sold at local stores or online if preferred.

12. Artistry

Along with the handcrafted items and soaps, youngsters can sell almost anything. It is not just B2C predicts but selling B2b product is also possible. Designing logo, web design and layout for sites are major ways a teenager can make money due to their invoked creativity levels.

13. Personnel Service

Like minded people can do a whole lot of things when together. The main brains behind such a group can make a good fortune by pulling usually small jobs. These quick jobs can be done by the youngsters and while doing it they won’t even feel the pain as kids already love roaming out, so why not be it for some money?

14. Greeting Cards

There are cards for every occasion. So if you are good at creating custom-designed cards for special occasions, people are ready to pay a dollar for your expertise. People love custom made, instead of ready made items.

15. Poop Handler

Most people have pets at their homes and are likely to have poop in their lawns and yards which no one likes at all. A youngster with a poop scooper can get a lot of money with cleaning the stuff out.

 16. Corner Store

Doesn’t matter if its fresh flowers, cookies or whatever it’s a for sure method that works quite well for all locations and all age groups across the globe.

17. Gift Baskets

Fore gathering and fitting gift baskets are ideal for teenagers to showcase their talents and offer the same to the needy business. The market is always having a demand for additional outsourced service.

18. Upcycling

Starting a recycling center which can be ideal to run at off days can be started in a public park or at the home garage. People find it quite interesting to see useless things going for a good cause of re-using.

19. Out with the Old

Every household is flooded with used stuff which does not have any further use. A teenager can take that stuff out and sell it for a good amount. Hence old gone for some worth, teenagers can easily manage its online sites.

20. Use the Allowance as Seed Money

Teenagers can have their pocket money saved for themselves and later used for purchasing stuff that is high in demand. Later the same can be sold off for a good price at eBay. Hence investing the savings and getting paid in a higher amount for selling the basic essential for business needs.

21. Become an Online Personality

Blogging is in great demand these days. Ideal for teenagers who spend a lot of time on the internet. Having a passion for something and using to influence people on websites on a blog or channel is in great appeal and has great income potential.

22. Writing Coach

Instant messaging is everywhere. For someone who has a hand at writing and speaking great English with a little slang is wonderful. Same can be used or train people who find it difficult to write stuff, more of a writing guide for helping in such situations.

23. Party Animal

For those who can be a clown, juggler or amuser at a party is great. As parties, these days have crazy demand, being a party animal is the surely rewarding idea with no investment and high paying potential.

24. Candy Man

Kids love candy, opening a candy joint at which candies can be offered at a discounted price can drive the kids crazy. Hence bringing in a lot of customers along with tons of money.

25. Photography

For the ones who appreciate being behind the best shots, photography’s is a fun way to earn a few extra bucks. Collaborating with Shutterstock, Flickers, and Getty Images is a great way to earn with the love for photography.

26. Pimp my Ride

This ride means a ride on rollerblade, dirt bike, and the skateboard is a market still with some potential left. With a little modern-day marketing, earning a few extra bucks isn’t a bad idea either.

27. Doggie Treats

Chocolates are fun when being had differently. Likewise, chocolates can be offered in the shape of dog bones and various other forms which may interest the neighborhood children to have chocolate in a different shape with chocolate taste in it.

28. Non-profit Work

The best part of teenage? Ideas! Majority of NPO foundations need donations. Teenagers can get fund in their way for such charities and can get a fair amount as a share for the noble cause.

29. Problem Solving

Ideal for the teenagers who know their way out in every problem and ability to help someone in a similar situation. Helping with the ideas to such individuals can be a good payout for doing what one is good at.

30. Online Store

One just needs to have a PayPal account which is enough to open an online store. Teenagers can easily get this done with free tools available.

31. How-To Videos

The biggest favorite of global population is to see how-to videos on the internet. If you know something well than others, why not shoot it and have it uploaded so that even others can learn.

32. Garage Sales

One of the most preferable ideas for teenagers. Grabbing all the useless stuff in the garage and selling it to those who may find it useful.

33. Invent Something

Teenagers have mind-boggling creativity. They see things differently in a world see it. Hence teenager’s creativity is something that can create from nothingness. And if an idea works, Voila! Get it patented and sell the invention as a sole proprietor and have all the profits for yourself.

34. Out of the Mouths of Babes

Teenagers have a wonderful spin of thriving ideas in them. They can encase such ideas by selling coffee mugs, t-shirts, greeting cards and so on. This is even better when all the items are fully customizable as per the demand of the customer, they would love it even more.

35. The Art Collector

Teenagers have as youngsters have the habit of collecting stuff, especially the artistic ones. Framing the best one of all and having it auctioned is a great teenage businesses idea.

36. Clothing Swap

As teenagers have a massive wardrobe collection, one can swap the clothes with each other, and starting a club where one can do is among remarkable entrepreneur ideas for teens.

37. Cleaning Service

This is one of the simplest ways a teenager can make money. Just little cleaning skills here and there and the extra bucks there awaits you.

38. The urban biller

Despite the world went digital, still, some people like to do it the old school way. They find it comfortable paying at outlets for utility bills, but unable to manage the time, where youngsters can be the right choice for such people.

39. Drive & Drop

For the ones who know driving and are aware of those few who have a vehicle and are too lazy to drive. Hence driving them at the place they want to be at, great and most profitable business ideas for teens.

40. Teaching Kids

Almost every parent knows that for a better future for the kids, it is better to start teaching when they are at least 2 to 3 years old and start understanding things. Once they start learning from a very young age then there is a very high chance that in future they will achieve their goals.

That’s why parents hire someone who can start teaching some basic things to improve their understanding power. As a result, they can understand other things more easily and quickly than other students. Not only study related, but also the world, importance of education, health, and many more.

If you have also some free time then you should start teaching these kids. It is very hard to teach students as they are kids and they only do the things they want. So, you should learn some skills to teach these students and also focus on what to teach them as they are kids. You can take the help of the Internet.

There are two options to teach students i.e. teaching at your own home or any other place and teaching them at their home. i.e. home tuition. There are some pros and cons to each so, it depends on you which is for you and suitable for you.

The fee for teaching kids depends on the server things the first and major is location. If the kids are from the metro cities then the charges will be very high but on the other side if they are from any small,l city or near you live then there is some chance you’ll get lower money.

41. Working at Stores

There are a lot of stores, retail stores, malls, restaurants, etc. that allow teens to do jobs in their free time. This is only possible when you are at least 14 and your parents allow you to do the job anywhere. In case, your parents do not allow it then you can not do the job anywhere as you are a teen and the govt does now allow this.

There are very high chance of getting a job in those stores, retail stores, restaurants, etc. where small types of jobs are where hard work and any other top-level skills in not required. In a few words, locate small retail stores, shopping malls, restores, etc in these places there are very high chance you’ll get a job if any place is available for a job.

In case, you are troubled with finding a job then you can take the help of job listing websites. elect filters like your age, job type, location, etc., and apply the filter on the job listening website. If any job is available you can join it.

42. Social Media Account Management

As you know there are millions of creators on social media. Some are big creator and some are small. Sometimes it becomes very difficult for a social media influencer to manage the account in case the influencer is involved in other work, a busy schedule, etc.

Almost every social media influencer knows that if he or she stops posting content on the account he or she will start losing followers or the growth of the account can be also lost. To protect the account they hire a freelancer to manage their account and pay a good amount. As you are a freelancer you can charge according to your need and work.

In some cases, if the social media influencers do not get growth in their social media account then they prefer to hire a freelancer who can manage the account and give growth. If you have good knowledge of social media inclunder then most probably you know there are many technical things that help to grow an account very quickly.

For a teen, it is one of the best business ideas to make money from home. You can also invite your friends in case you are getting more clients.

In case, you don’t know how to manage and give growth. You should learn social media management. It is very early to learn and with some practice, it become very simple and easy. You can do it in your free time to keep focus on your study and other work too.


This list doesn’t end here, there are dozens of other ideas available for teenage businesses. If you have more to add, kindly let us know in the comment section.