25 Small Business Ideas for Houston (TX, USA) with Low Investment

As Houston is the fourth densely populated city of the USA, it is always gleaming with high energy, enthusiasm, and great income opportunities. It’s a city perfect for the dynamic individuals who can take a blow and still keep going ahead whenever there’s a need.

For such people, this city has a whole lot to offer than what one can imagine. The potential business ideas in Houston are mentioned below:

So here are the best and low investment business ideas in Houston

1. Cab Service

Drive for Uber or Ola

As Houston is spread wide across a land expanse of 1700 sqm. It also has 3 major airports that have a heavy footfall of passengers who come and go through Houston every single year along with their huge packages and luggage they carry.

So doing cab business in a place where there is no shortage of Passengers is a great idea. It doesn’t require much investment and profit can be a decent amount.

2. Career Guidance

Like any other city of the USA, Houston is home to a large number of youth who are always having a hard time determining their future decision for better growth and career options.

Giving them guidance if you may be having any connections with professionals can be of great help.

3. Transcription/Translation Services

In Houston, there are above 89 languages spoken. Hence there is a need for transcription services. Just in case you know additional languages then this is a great way for you to make some money out of your knowledge.

4. Mobile Auto Workshop

In a place where cars are not less in numbers, a repair workshop is something that is always needed. At present yes there is an abundance of the car repair shops, but opening one more won’t make any difference.

Also offering mobile car repair services is actually going to help the customers.

5. Virtual Assistant

As most people spend a major chunk of their precious time on internet surfing web pages, which gives them the best time management and organizational skills.

An individual can offer his expert services to companies and can work from his home, just an active internet connection and a desktop are required.

6. Nanny Services

nanny responsibilities

Popular business in metropolitan areas, wherein the parents of a child have to rush up to the office while the child stays home, hence the need for such services arises.

This is a great business idea for Houston as people are mostly working there and every house has an infant or child to be looked at.

7. Lawn and Landscaping Business

The parks in Houston are in great numbers. As it has just carved out a window of opportunity for those who wish to work by staying close to nature.

So just little gardening skills and little organizational skills and a little investment for equipment, and you are good to go.

8. Messenger Services

All a person needs is a bicycle for this work. There are tons of offices that have a daily need of getting their stuff relayed from one office branch to another in the city limits.

For faster delivery,  a higher amount can be charged.

9. Job Placement Agency

Out of hundreds about 23 of the companies that fall in the prestigious list of F-500 companies are in Houston itself. With the countless MNCs housed in Houston, there are tons of job opportunities for one and all.

And if you have some contacts and links, you can start this business, as there is no need for investment at all.

10. Web Development and Design

As the world has moved to a digital era, every company just wants their online presence at any cost. Hence if you have some knowledge of designing and web development and can manage to get this done you can make a lot of money.

As with the availability of free online tools, everything is now possible. This is one good and high potential carrying small business ideas in Houston.

11. Drama Business

As New York is famous for its theatre plays, so if Houston as it falls second in the place, people here just watching plays. So if you have the resources to get a play arranged there are chances you could make a good amount out of it as people go crazy by the name drama in Houston.

12. Computer Repair

One can offer technical assistance to the people who work and operate from their homes. If they are not well versed with technicalities you can help them with your expert skills.

As computers are most present in all houses, there are good chances that these business services will be in great demand. Hence helping them to solve their issues and doing something that you are great at.

13. Software House

This is a teamwork business. So if you know some really experienced players in the software field you can make a lot of profit. As these days there is an application for nearly everything, you can start working on a unique idea and develop software applications.

One can offer the application developed to the companies who can make use of the majority in their business to maximize profits and eventually cut down some costs.

14. Photography business

Photography business

Houston is a very elegant and beautiful location. It is having a vast expanse of diverse cultures and natural beauty spread all across the 1700 sq.km area. This looks even better when captured in a photograph.

So if you could capture some great shots you can have them sold on the internet or art galleries at different events.

15. Restaurant Business

People are people and they just love eating the best they could. So starting a food business is something that is having a great income potential and you just need to pick a specific cuisine and let the people witness the magic. Create something new out of your magic and later it will be taken care of by the people itself.

16. Real Estate

Real Estate

Development and sale of properties have always been in trend right from the beginning of civilization. Development of properties need investment but for sure pays off greatly if the business cycle starts moving once.

Just there is a need to keep an eye on the valuable properties around and get linked to people who are interested in buying and get a decent cut as a commission.

17. Temporary Recruitment Agency

There are some specific jobs that need people who could work for them on a temporary basis. Hence if you have the network to connect to such people who are looking for temporary workers you can make a great profit.

This does not require any investment just contacts and proper coordination along with the follow-ups. And once the business is successful it pays greatly while also being a new business idea in Houston

18. Financial Adviser

As the companies are having their business transformed into something new every once in a while, the financial aspects are needed to be supervised by some of the others who have a sound knowledge of finance. So if you are having some knowledge of finance and related subjects you can offer some advice to the needy individuals and can have a good amount of profit as they will pay anything to keep their money in the business loop.

19. Livestock Care Services

Houston is a place to the famous Livestock and Rodeo which is successful in grabbing the attention of billions of crowd who gather each year to enjoy the show.

One can take advantage out of this, just by taking care of them nurturing them, feeding them on time is the best way to earn, and if taken online you can also have a good number of clients and make more money,

20. Office-Food Delivery

Of Course for a city like Houston people would just hate eating outside their offices and very much appreciate the homemade tasty food. So one can start office delivery of home-cooked food to the people who demand so.

So one just needs a good online promotion so to create an awareness of the business, and once-popular you are good to go.

21. Billboard Business

As all major kinds of businesses are growing in the city, the corporates are in need of immense advertising. So you can start this business by starting small just like using billboards for their business promotion, whip it can be done locally first and later if the business is good it can be taken on a national or international level.

Yes, it may require a lot of investment but eventually pays off beyond expectations.

22. Solar Plates Installation Service

It is not just the normal people who would love to save a few bucks on the electricity bill, also the corporates are keen in doing so.

So the market size is huge, but the only thing needed is marketing skills and a great team of skilled individuals who could make do with everything that comes along the way.

23. Pick & Deliver Car Washing/Servicing

This is a place which is crawling with people who work as professional and executive class, sometimes they can’t even have the time to spare for washing their cars.

So offering them a service where you can get this thing done for them is a great idea as they would pay anything when it comes to taking care of their favorite thing. So get it washed, have it delivered and take your service charge, simple.

24. Data Entry Outsourcing

Computer Training

This is a very popular and known kind of business idea all around the world. As the companies have Terabytes of data to deal with they definitely need a helping hand.

No this is not a job but is a great business idea for anyone who is having some knowledge of computers, the internet, and basic computer applications.

One just needs to get in touch with those companies who actually offer an opportunity to do so. So you can get along with a group of people who have similar skills and work as a team and expand your business as freelance data managers across the globe.

25. Hostel

Well to be honest with you the country for sure receives a heavy footfall of people who could be coming from different countries and cities. Most of them for educational purposes or seeking jobs.

At the same time, they need a residence to stay,. So if you have some residential spaces to spare why not make it a hostel. Also, you don’t need to always rent it. This is a very low investment idea that has great earning potential.

26. Photography

There are a lot of top-class tour places in Houston, millions of people come from around the world to see the places each year. Mostly in the top tour places like Houston Space Center, Houston Zoo, Measum district, Vintage store, NRG stadium, and many more.

Near these places, you can start a small business of photography. In the business, there are very low investment required and risk is also very low if started business after proper research and some experience. You can follow the below business model to make your business profitable.

If you have a good business model then you can also go with it. But make sure to do proper research to reduce the losses in the worst case.

Set up a studio near a tourist place where you should have some people who can edit images and provide physical images in very little time. These types of work professional image editors can do these.

Hire a few more people who have good knowledge of photography and can take good-quality photos. Give them tasks like asking people for photography and there are very high chance that 6-7 out of 10 people will agree with it.

You can charge a decent amount for taking each photo, and you can provide some extra services like physical photos, edited images, etc. by charging some extra money.

27. Buying and Selling Used Books

There are a lot of students and people who buy books for reading and after reading they store the book in some cases and most of the people also do not like to store these books. This is a business opportunity for you.

You can create a web page or an application where anyone can sell used books and buy used books. For this, an application will be a lot better because it is easy to use, fast, responsive, and many more…

This type of business model only works in those locations where a lot of people read books. Like hostels, collages, etc. Using online advertisement you can target any location very easily, with the help of tools you can also check some data like from where people are buying a lot of books.

You can add a feature like if someone sells any used book, show it to the people who are living near the people who sold the book. With this model, you can very easily save a lot of cost too.

There are also many platforms in the field. To beat the competition you have to provide more features and services in your application which can make buying and selling very simple.

In the business, costs can be very high as you have to spend a lot of money on online advertisements. Online advertisement costs depend on several things like completion for the keyword, location, type of ads, etc.

We are all aware that each year millions of trees are cut down for many purposes and making paper is one of those purposes. You can also save a lot of trees using these methods and advertise in a way that can be useful for your business and nature too.

28. AI Courses

If you have a good command of the technology and understand the new technology like AI then it can be a good small business opportunity for you. In the business, you need very low investments and you can start it with 4-5 people.

As we know there are very high chance that AI will take the jobs of millions of people in the world. According to the experts, those people will lose their jobs who don’t have good knowledge and high skills in the field they are working.

Suppose, you are a web developer who makes websites with the help of the internet and resources code available on the internet. It means you are not skilled in your job you have just some knowledge. In these types of works or jobs, there are very high chance that you’ll lose your job or work because of AI.

This is just an example… to understand what can happen in the future because with time AI will become powerful. You can carte a course or provide content on how to work with AI and secure your jobs.

There are a lot of AI available as of now for different purposes. You can guide them on how to use this AI tool can combine it with your knowledge to secure your work or job in the future.

In these types of courses and content, there is a huge money. As AI technology is new most people don’t know how to use their full resources to take full benefits.


In a nutshell, it all means that there is a need for an individual to come up with a compelling concept that may have the potential to reap fruitful benefits as profit amounts.

Moreover, as the size of the market isn’t petty, these ideas may just be able to make do and you’ll come across the one that suits you the best.