4 Business Ideas That Allow You To Work From Home

Many of us were forced into working from home due to the pandemic and have found that we like it. If you want to continue to work from home, to be there for your children, help out your spouse or just skip the commute and office politics, be aware that there are many businesses that you can start to help you work from wherever you are forever.

Focus on Social Media

If you’ve got a lot of history with social media platforms, consider becoming a social media manager for businesses. Your job could include

  • monitoring their content
  • uploading marketing content
  • notifying the business owner or marketing manager of a problem, such as a bot or a troll

Eventually, you may be given the task of monitoring posts, directing responses, and blocking those who are just there to cause problems. Your work could include several different businesses and be done in blocks of time around your family schedule.

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Once you have weathered a crisis or two, consider creating a course or series of videos instructing others. When determining how to sell an online course, capture testimonials from your current clients.

Be a Drop-Shipper

Do you have a niche you’re passionate about? It could be children’s clothes or home decor. Set up a drop-shipping store from which you can sell items that you love and know a lot about. Promote the products that work for you on a daily basis while someone else manages the inventory.

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If you can sew curtains, include fabric, hardware, and trim in your online store. Offer tutorial videos on how to build flat panels, Roman blinds, and window pelmets.

When your videos start getting hits, package them as you work out how to sell an online course for anyone looking to decorate their home with fabric. People need your expertise, so turn it into income!

Teach Confidence

Are you great at clothing combinations? Do you have mad make-up skills? Consider creating an online course about trying new looks with confidence. When reviewing how to sell an online course about beauty, experimenting, and confidence, make sure that you’re working with products that people can get from anywhere.

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If you find a great item, you can expand your online business by promoting subscription products or monthly sample delivery services. Once you have a footprint, you can easily turn your course into a platform for your favorites, or even your own beauty line.

Use Your Personal Skills

You may not be a gourmet chef, but can you feed a lot of people well on just a bit of money? Your courses could well be in demand! According to Kajabi, you don’t have to be the only content producer to be a successful online instructor. Build your tech skills as you work out how to sell an online course that features your skills and inspires you.

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Now is the time to try something new. If you’re ready for more flexibility in your life, the ability to work from home means you can live just about anywhere. Expand your mindset!

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