15 Best Business ideas for Startup in New York City

New York City is known as the hub of start-ups. NYC is the only place in the world that witnesses new business, industry, or models developing every day.

The city has given world startups that are now well-established brands i.e. Tumblr, Foursquare, Meetup and Shutterstock. They all are developed in New York City and gained such market place around the world.

These startups have proved that you must have the potential to start the best business in NYC, it will grow definitely sometime in the future.

There is key advice that all entrepreneurs must keep in mind before starting up a business i.e. the business is known to be a business only when it solves the problems of its customers or very audience available in the market.

Therefore, a business must help customers in some of the other ways so that they love your startup and it grows day by day. New York City is not only known for its startups but it’s also known for its infrastructure as it is a well-developed city in the world.

It is fully equipped with new technologies and talents. Every single person around the corner always wishes to visit New York City once in a lifetime as life is more fast and comfortable in New York.

People don’t bother each other or hinder one’s life that they may feel uncomfortable. People in New York live a peaceful life full of entertainment.

The motive of this article is to educate you people reading this article about the various best business to open in NYC with almost no investment and are profitable at the same time.

Here, is the list of 15 best business ideas in NYC:

1. Food Deliveries from Home

15 business ideas in new york - Food deliveries from home

There are many people in New York who work late or live alone without their families or loved ones and miss home food. It’s the best opportunity for you guys who want to start a food chain.

In this business, you may start from the bottom where food is prepared at home and delivered to needed places. This business demand low investment and in this way you may earn a good amount to start your own food van or open a restaurant chain in the future.

With this business, you are solving the main problem of customers i.e. settling their hunger with home-cooked food. It’s the best business to open in NYC.

2. Trip Planner

15 business ideas in new york - Trip planner

People in New York always need some who plan for them whether planning is for their investments or for their trips. They need a planner even when they are off the work and are resting or enjoying with their families.

If you have some connections around the globe, use them and earn good money from this trip planning business. It could be the best business in NYC as people don’t much have much time to cook at home.

3. Property Manager

15 business ideas in new york - Property Manager

As I told you guys before people in New York need a planner even when they are resting. Similarly, they need a manager who looks after their purchased properties as they don’t get much time off from work.

People in New York lead a busy life. All you need to do is manage the property i.e. look after the maintenance or tenancy of the property.

4. Recruitment Mediator

15 business ideas in new york - Recruitment Mediator

Same as you guys there are others who are looking for jobs. If you want to help yourself and others start a business where you link these job search wanderers with companies who want to hire people suitable for jobs.

You can earn a good commission from both sides. All you need to do for this business is building a connection with the recruiting department of companies and connect them with people in search of jobs.

5. Childcare Department

15 business ideas in new york - Childcare Department

In New York, many families hire babysitters for their kids as they don’t have much time to sit at home and look after them. At the same time, it is risky to hand over your child along with your home to others for an hour.

The babysitters sometimes kidnap kids and ask for huge ransom depends upon the status of the family. To avoid such misshapen you should set up daycare/ childcare facilities for kids and their families.

In this way, kids will learn something new every day and their families don’t have to worry much about their security.

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6. Bakery or Snacks shop

15 business ideas in new york - Bakery or Snacks shop

People in NYC love to have snacks in the morning and evening when they are leaving for offices or coming back home. It’s the best time for them yo enjoy snacks in the small break to home or office.

You can setup a snack shop or mobile vans for this business whichever is more convenient for you and your pocket. In my opinion, you should start from owning a van and after you gain much love from customers set up a shop.

7. Be an Online Trader

15 business ideas in new york - Online Trader

Online trading is much common these days. It has occupied a huge market space. All you have to do is upload the type of product you own while choosing from a vast category.

Display the best price you can offer for your products for sale and earn well. Sites like Amazon and Alibaba are creating earning possibilities for many out there.

8. Offer Dry Cleaning Services

15 business ideas in new york - Dry Cleaning Services

In New York, people need a dry cleaner for a variety of stuff they own but at the same time, they don’t have much time to pay a visit at Dry cleaning stores.

This gives you the edge in the market as you can pick up and drop off dry cleaned clothes from customers. You can charge a good amount for such services and customers will pay happily as they are getting doorstep services with no efforts.

9. Insurance Broker

15 business ideas in new york - Insurance Broker

It’s not allowed in New York to live without insurance. You need insurance for every single thing you own from your life to the stuff like furniture of your house. It’s prohibited for citizens to live without insurance as it is risky for them as well as the government.

10. Gym Space

15 business ideas in new york - Gym Space

Even if citizens of New York busy in there work they also look after their health. It’s the first thing for them before anything. They take out time for their busy schedule for gym visits. Thus, you can setup even a small gym even in your house but it should be clean and properly sanitized.

11. Pick and Drop Car Wash

15 business ideas in new york - Pick and Drop Car Wash

In such a busy schedule where people are leaving their kids at daycare, how can you imagine that they have time to get a car wash. You can offer car wash service to car owners in New York where you pick up and drop cars from and at their places after wash. People pay a goof amount for such services.

12. Financial Advisor

15 business ideas in new york - Financial Advisor

People in New York hire an advisor for buying property. Thus, they need a financial advisor who can guide them to invest their funds in the best place possible.

They only need a higher return from their investments as this investment help them in the future for their kid’s studies and their own old age days

13. Event Organizers

15 business ideas in new york - Event Organizers

As in India, people of New York are also sponsoring an event for their companies, families, and friends. These events may vary from large scale to small scale.

You can opt for this business as a part-time job to a full-time job depends upon the time and efforts you can put. This business generates more profit than any business mentioned above.

14. Personal Care

15 business ideas in new york - Personal Care

People in New York need an advisor for everything. They also need an advisor for their personal stuff or care. It may include shopping for clothes or daily use products.

Such a person who needs a personal advisor has a lot of money to pay your expenses. Thus, you can earn a good amount for offering such services if you have good taste and shopping sense.

15. Pet care

15 business ideas in new york - Pet care

Where people need a caretaker for their kids and houses they don’t have time to look after their pets. Those who love to hang out with dogs and cats it’s the best job offer for you guys as you can take them on the walk and spend time with them playing. This business will not even give you money but also love from pets.

I hope the above-mentioned business ideas will be of great help for you guys who are looking for jobs and setting up their own businesses. These are the best business ideas in New York as to my knowledge.

16. Language School

In the last few years, a sudden rise seen in the number of Vloggers. Especially those bloggers who are living in a country and vlogging in a different country. Using this method it becomes very easy to get a lot of subscribers in very less time. People also love to watch these kinds of vlogging.

A lot of people are also motivated to become a vlogger using the same strategy. As of now, there are very high chance because there are only a few Vloggers who are doing it. Like other vlogging, in the future, we can also see many vloggers making vlogs in different countries.

To go and make vlogs in a different country one thing is required i.e. the language of the country, and some information like food, where to live, how to find a good hotel, how to communicate, and many more.

So, you can start a Language school in which you can teach other country languages. For this, you need some people who are experts in the specific language you want to teach in your language school.

A few problems can become in the idea like less number of people learning the languages. So, you can teach multiple languages to manage your profit. You can also do marketing to get more people who are interested in learning more languages. Not only vloggers, there are also many people who learn languages.

You can also do the same thing online by launching a mobile application. As a result, you can teach people online all over the world. In online teaching, the cost will be low, and using online marketing the business can be expended very smartly and easily.

17. Bicycle Rental & Repair

In New York City and many other cities, many people are use Bicycles which good for their health as well as the environment. With time Bicycle users are increasing and in the next few years, the number of bicycle users will be huge.

There is an opportunity for you to start a startup or business of Bicycle rental and repair. There are a lot of benefits to using a rental Bicycle instead of buying it. For example daily different bicycles, only rental cost, no buying, anyone can use a bicycle if it’s not convenient for anyone, and many more reasons.

From time to time the bicycles need to be repaired to work properly, and smoothly, with no unwanted sounds, etc. Sometimes many problems also come with a bicycle. You can also start a startup for repairing bicycles, where you can provide all types of repairing and changing equipment for the bicycles.

You can also start a startup on both and it will be very useful. If you are stating only one then you can not get the full benefits of the startup until you start both.

Do complete research on the startup idea of Bicycle rental and repair. Do not forget to check the conditions of the location where you are planning to start it. Without proper planning starting any startup or business can be a loss-making startup or business.

18. Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio is one of the growing businesses in the last few years. In a Yoga Studio people get the environment that pushes them to do yoga. In many conditions, people ignore their oga routine and sometimes they forget. As a result, many people prefer to join Yoga Studio, where a lot of people go and do Yoga. In Yoga Studio people get a good and healthy environment that keeps them healthy and away from stress.

Yoga Startups and Businesses can be a good idea because people prefer to go to a Yoga Studio that is near to their home, apartments, etc. A healthy environment, greenery, proper spacing, etc. is also required to make the startup successful.

There is a good opportunity in the idea because there are many places where the Yoga Studio is not available. As a result, some people do not go to the Yoga Studio and some people go. So, locate this kind of place and do a complete research or survey become execute the idea.