Top 15 Profitable Business Ideas to Start for Hawaii

Pretty famous across the globe for the heart capturing beaches and exotic beauty. Hawaii is said to be one of the most frequently visited destinations throughout the US. The state initially is run by hospitality, agriculture and most importantly tourism. However small businesses around agriculture and travel have seen great changes in the last decade.

The list of 15 most favorable small business ideas in Hawaii

1. Homestay Services

As Hawaii is primarily a state-driven by tourism, Hawaii has got some incredible opportunities for the sleeping accommodation sector. Have a spare room, and get some basic facilities installed in and around the vacant space, get yourself registered for the sleeping & accommodation (rooms for accommodation) internet booking sites and other major portals to get the maximum bookings and you are good to go. This is one of the best business ideas for Hawaii.

2. Tour Guide

Hawaii is a place, state which is known for being quite massive when it comes to diversity. In short, it’s rich in diversity state. Having plenty of beautiful as well as exotic beaches in the vicinity, there always is a need for an individual who can help the new-to-the-state guests. Helping the tourists with whatever they need especially when it is about touring the local places and famous tourist spots. It is even better and at the same time advisable to get yourself registered and grab a license to start as a registered tour guide for smooth business operations

3. Customized Tour Services

The tourists no matter what place they visit to make a point to look out for the best and most preferable tours. If you can get tours personalized along with the custom travel plans for the tourists, you are already halfway there in staring a customized Hawaii tour service.

4. Farming

As a known fact Hawaii is known for being rich in diversity state which is ideal for most crops and all sorts of vegetation. The state is quite renowned for being a major exporter for various agro products throughout the United States. This can be a great income opportunity if you have a piece of land that could be used for beginning a farming business for making enormous profits.

5. Vacation Rental Services

A great income opportunity specifically for those who have a house or apartment which could be rented. The vacant residential space could be provided on a temporary or rental basis to the tourists. Most of the times tourists are on an intense lookout for the place to settle down which is owned by someone instead of staying at a hotel. Believed to be one of the best business opportunities in Hawaii.

Business Ideas for Other Cities:

6. Virtual Assistant

Are you busy hunting down for a job that can be done right from the comfort of being in your dorm room or bedroom? The MNCs and organizations are eager to hire individuals who can be the perfect virtual assistants so to take care of the workforce. One can get in collaboration with their team and work online as per your comfortable timings and according to your schedule.

7. Travel Agency

As there is a massive demand for tour-travel packages in Hawaii, one can start a small venture that is concerned with the tour and travel packages for tourists. The tour packages that could be offered should be inclusive of services such as airlines, car rentals, insurance for international travel which can be the best USP of any travel agency business.

8. Taxi Service

The Hawaiian state is highly reliant on transportation from the water modes, however, there is still the state that is highly dependent on water transportation, but still, there are a lot of well-connected roads. However, there is ample space left for the roads. Hence making a great demand for taxi rental services in Hawaii. So if starting a car rental service one will have to sign up with Uber or Ola cab service in Hawaii. Hence acclaimed to be the best business to start in Hawaii.

9. Cafe

Like any tourist who visits any country make sure they do try the street and local delicacies while making a point to not miss the Hawaiian dishes. Just in case if you have a thought for beginning a local cafe in the vicinity where tourists are likely to travel more frequently.

10. Water Sports

As with the natural presence of waterfronts along with the numerous beaches, the state has turned out to be a spot for some thrilling water sports. People from the locality along with international tourists usually make a point to explore such attraction spots.

11. Online Survey

Just in case you want to start something of your own but don’t want to invest anything at all and try to bag some extra money. This all is possible with a computer system and an active internet connection along with some basic know-how of using computers. So there are plenty of sites that offer a good amount as payout or remuneration for completing surveys and payouts are offered accordingly.

12. Antique Shop

As there is a huge number of tourists visiting the country from different parts of the globe and a known fact Hawaii is famous for the rich culture and remarkable historical and superficial value, hence opening an antique shop that deals with antique products can help you reap a good amount as profit.

13. Beer Bar

The idea of starting a beer bar or microbrewery in Hawaii is a profitable one to go with. As tourists regularly keep coming in the country they will for sure need a place where they can have some booze and chill out as being on a vacation.

14. Food Truck

Affording a cafe, not possible? Don’t worry you can always go to a mobile food cafe. The mobile food truck business is a good idea to move to any place that is having people who would appreciate a good food service.

15. Cleaning Services

With a huge number of resorts and hotels, a strong-framed cleaning service is something that holds great income potential. The huge number of hotels means a lot of hotels who are in search of cleaning services which can be outsourced hence tying up with any such hotel can be a profitable business idea in Hawaii. I agreed to be a business opportunity in Hawaii.


Hawaii is blessed with several crops growing across the state. The economy of Hawaii is well balanced with booming export operations. So if the thought of starting a business in Hawaii comes to your mind, the above mentioned were some of the high profit-making business opportunities which can be considered without a second thought.