Businesses that don’t Require Employees

When it comes to buying a business there’s a lot to consider, from how to get customers to how many employees can I afford to hire and this can just get overwhelmed and make you throw in the towel, but it doesn’t have to be this way, how about starting a business or buying a business that doesn’t require employees? 

Yes, you can own a business and run it 100% yourself, below I listed 5 types of businesses that you can do on your own, by owning an owner-operated business gives you a lot of leverage by not having to worry about paying employees because it can be hard especially when you are just starting don’t sweat it, owning a business that doesn’t require employees doesn’t mean you should never have to hire but in the very beginning, you can completely build it on your own! 

5 Businesses that Don’t Require Employees

Here are some mixes of industries that you can start on your own or even buy from an online marketplace…

1. Blogs

We all know what blogs are, you can start them for free from online platforms like, or other similar sites like Godaddy…best part about these is you don’t need any coding skills, it guides step by step just pick a name and start designing…but wait what will you blog about? 

2. Routes

Starting or buying a commercial route is cool, you can choose your hours and how many days you want to work, the more you work the more you make, you can find cool articles on sites like and even find routes for sale on them, You can choose to distribute anything from bread to beverages and even start a Vending machine route which requires little to none work but how to know which are good to buy click here to discover different types routes to acquire or start! 

3. Mobile Car Wash 

Starting your mobile car wash is a great business! You can start on your own and slowly hire as you grow, the best part of owning a mobile car wash is you drive to the client wash their car, get paid, and your out, pretty simple and fun! 

4. Junk Removal 

Junk removal can be 50/50 you may need a helper or you might not, it all depends on the n job you take but if the job is bog then why not get someone to help you that day gives him a cut, and profit the rest, you can advertise your business in many places like google ads or even social media platforms, its a great business that can become a really big business.

5. Business Broker

In many states business brokers don’t require a license and the process is simple, you find a seller and a buyer and you can mark up a commission of 6 percent of the sale of the business its a win-win business, thousands of businesses are sold a year you think you can become a business broker? This business doesn’t require employees and you can do it from home.


Owning a business is hard and the expenses can add up so it is always a smart thing to consider starting a business that does not require employees at first and as you start to make money you can always hire later on.

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