Top 10 Chemical Manufacturers

In recent years there has been tremendous growth and development in the chemical sector. There are major players in the field who made great contributions due to their unique features used in marketing and most importantly the production approach and product development.

The chemical manufacturing companies mentioned here will help you with which one stands as the best of all.

The Key Players in the Chemical Sector Are

1. Evonik Industries

Evonik is among those chemical manufacturing companies that have been in the business for quite a while now. It is a leading business entity in the chemical sector.

This company is also a mass industrial chemical manufacturer of a variety of different chemicals which is majorly used for numerous other purposes.

The size of the Evonik is quite huge. Huge enough to cater and cope up with the never diminishing demand of chemical products it manufactures. Also, this company is not just making great progress in the chemical division, but also has an existence in various other sectors such as energy, real estate, all sorts of mining operations and course chemicals.

The company also is having its own mining business which jointly is run and collaborated by RAG-GEVONIK. Talking about its area of expertise, chemical manufacturing and exporting to most developed countries all across the world.

Moreover, the company proudly owns six additional massive scaled corporations that cover business sectors such as Inorganic materials, Coatings & additives, Health & nutrition, Modern Intermediaries, Performance polymers and consumer essentials.

The actual stats for this year is yet to be disclosed but the organization successfully can make a whopping figure of USD 16 billion in which the net profit amounts to be USD 689 million.

At present, the company’s workforce is assumed to be 33,000 employees working in 3 shifts of 8 hours each. However, the numbers discussed above are sure to fluctuate on a positive scale as the company continues to grow exponentially with every passing year.

2. AkzoNobel N. V.

The MNC of AkzoNobel is as per what the experts believe is the topmost paint manufacturing company in the world.  The biggest manufacturer of paint products across the globe, hence the number one.

Although, the above mentioned are just claims from the company to meet the eye of its potential customers throughout the world.

This paint manufacturing organization has 3 mega-sized sectors in the company itself which helps in ease of managing the different categories of similar products.

These may simply include the Performance Speciality chemicals, Coating Paint, Decorative Paints. Moreover, the company despite having such huge divisions to manage also is in the making of some specific chemical-based products and salt.

The company proudly takes ownership of being able to manage to compete with already all kinds of competitors, it also has ownership of the majority product and product line.

And for upscale manufacturing of products, it makes us of the already available materials which are in raw form to make more complicated products that rule the market.

The company is quite huge when talking about its size and scale of operations. According to the speculation the total revenue has landed to be a staggering figure of USD 12 Billion last year.

In such a competitive market and the capital accumulated for the company was USD .8 billion. So there are also 50,000 employees working in his company. These workers usually work for 3 shifts at different duration of the time.

3. SABIC Innovative Plastics US

Looking for polymers that are of the winner and topmost quality? Look no further as whenever you need a polymer that ensures high performance over the years, the company also has made its way to be enlisted among the top-rated organizations that manufacture quality rich performance polymer.

This company also is one of those organizations which are known for its innovative approach towards manufacturing, marketing as well as distribution networks.

These networks are very well designed so to leap over all the problems which may be an obstacle for the product to reach significance to the maker.

Apart from all the other things mentioned to understand the business approach, style, and methodology used in better production of goods and services, it does have some other things which are worth taking a look at. An already established organization that is into mass production of goods & consumer peripherals, resins and o[polymer shaped chemical products.

Concerning the income figures are usually the whopping amount that is hard to believe which is USD 19 billion.

Also, the total net income of the companies is roughly about USD 940+ million in previous years all of these numbers may vary. from one source to another.

Moreover, the company is a place to work for over 295,000 workers. Hence One can just imagine how well the company is manufactured, maintained by the company’s brilliant management and staff.

4. Asahi Kasei

This chemical manufacturing company has its roots back in Japan. The company has a huge reputation for being a leading chemical manufacturing unit. This company started as a small chemical manufacturing unit.

But with time it grew and expanded its business operations to several countries.

Its aspiration to become the best manufacturer in the world has helped this company in the endeavor of becoming the top most chemical producer on a global scale.

The company besides its chemical business has a presence in 6 various sectors. The sectors are prefabricated homes & the fiber division, electronic appliances, materials for construction purposes, medical products.

75% of the total company’s sales are from prefabricated homes & chemicals. Although the fertilizer is a fast going product of this company. In the last year, the only revenue generated from fertilizer division alone accounted to be USD 19 billion.

5. Linde AG

In the realm of petroleum and engineering, this company stands as the eminent market leader and among remarkable chemical manufacturers. Along with which the company has a global presence that is spread in over one hundred countries.

Coming to the gas division, Linde sustains 4 major by-products that are on-site gases, cylinder gases, healthcare gases, and bulk gases.

Linde AG is also into the constructing of modern plants for gas manufacturing, petrochemical along with the pharmaceutical sectors. It was just last year that the company’s revenue was accounted to be a staggering amount of USD 21 billion, in which the profit was accounted to be USD 2 billion.

Talking about the workforce, this company is huge. As the company’s workers are huge in numbers with a total of +59.870 employees throughout the globe.

6. Air Liquide

With a presence and keen interest in healthcare and wellbeing, chemicals and engineering, this company is a market leader. A topmost supplier of industrial gases to numerous companies.

The key areas of operations are chemical and electronic production. As being in the medical sector and offering the rich standards of medical products, it has an international presence and business operations spread across 80 nations worldwide.

In terms of revenue, Air Liquide is a leading market supplier of industrial gases worldwide. The most recent stats indicate that the company bagged a revenue of USD 20 billion.

The profit was USD 2 billion that year. The total number of employees working for this organization is 70,000.

7. Chemical Holdings – Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi is renowned for its classy and affordable cars. Also, Mitsubishi has managed to become a leading chemical company specializing in petrochemical product and its manufacturer.

This company particularises in the manufacture of polyolefins. Apart from this the company also produces purified terephthalic acid, polycarbonate, polypropene, and most importantly polyethylene.

The company in Japan ranks as the number one maker of chemicals. Globally, the Mitsubishi Plastics & Mitsubishi Pharma Tanabe are the subsidiaries which played a major role in expanding the business operations across the globe.

According to the latest stats that were published the Mitsubishi chemical company indicated revenue of USD 23 billion in total in which the net profit aunt was considered as USD 8 billion. Also, on the other hand, the total workforce of the company is big enough to have 55,000 employees working for it worldwide.

8. DuPont

It is very difficult to believe that the total workforce of DuPont is slightly over 54,000 employees at present. This company began its journey as a gunpowder mill.

At present, it is one of the rich in diversity organizations not only on this list but has created a difference in the global organizations that deal & operate in the chemical sector.

The products manufactured by DuPont is mainly Nomex, Mylar, Kevlar, Sorona, Corian, Tedlar, Orlon, Nylon, Zytel, Vespel, Zodiaq, Kapton & Kevlar.

Although, the company is well recognized for the mind-blowing development and advancement it as made in a polymer.

Ultimately the polymer manufactured by this company is called Teflon & refrigerator freon. Although the company is also into the manufacturing of Tyvek polymers, Zemdrain, Lycra  & M5 Fiber.

The recent stats that rolled out indicated that the company was able to pull a revenue stream of USD 26 billion. Also, the company offers employment opportunities all around the world and has a total workforce headcount of 53,000 employees.

9. The Dow Chemical Company

The company is so efficient and expert in its business and production division that there barely are chances that a competitor could stand anywhere near it, especially when it comes to integrated production.

The Dow Chemical Company is into manufacturing of common chemical products, hydrocarbons, plastics, & agricultural chemicals.

So the company does that all on an international scale while being the most magnified chemical production entity in the US. After BASF, which is believed to be the eminent market leader in the chemical sector this company takes up the second position.

Moreover, this chemical company particularly is an expert in producing quality rich polyurethane and engineering plastics.

It manufactures namely any chemical that is used by the Dow automobile division accordingly. Another fact is this company also uses its chemical in producing in 6000 products which are later exported to over 34 nations worldwide.

It is a market leader in the production of caustic soda and chlorine. A top-notch maker of styrofoam, amid numerous products such as vinyl chloride monomer & ethylene dichloride.

The recent stats published indicated that the company was having a revenue of total USD 49 billion in the last quarter and had a profit of USD 5 billion. The company is big enough to offer employment opportunities to over 57,000 workers all across the world.


Last but not least, BASF SE is the top player in chemical production. It has a massive customer base of 310,000 customers through five splendid sectors. The sectors mainly include Performance Products, Oil and Gas, Functional Materials, Agricultural Solutions, and most importantly chemicals.

The company also particularises in various other products but popularly an expert in insecticides, paper products, vitamins, and battery product material.

According to the recent numbers shared it could be seen that the company’s revenue touched a staggering amount of USD 70 billion and enjoyed a profit of USD 5 billion last year. The company has a total headcount of employees working under the same umbrella of 114,000 employees worldwide.


The development in the chemical sector will continue as far as the companies are trying to make better products most efficiently, this list will keep getting updated from time to time as there are good chances that we might witness a new entrant in the chemical sector which may eventually top the list.