25 Christmas Gift Ideas Under $25

Wherever you go on a vacation it can be a really cost you a lot of money. There is nothing to worry about as below we have 25 gift ideas for almost everybody that comes into you list. The best thing is each of the ideas mentioned below will cost you nothing but $25 & that’s it. Best gift exchange gift ideas at unbelievable cost.

Whether it is a toy for kids to the ideal gift for the colleagues, this list is something which can help you with affordable and easy options

The best 30 Christmas gift ideas are as follows

1. Lost and Found App

Lost and Found App

Do you know someone who is always losing the phone, wallet or keys? Then here it is a perfect gift for those as giving a Bluetooth tracker is a good idea. I came across this wonderful gift as it has brought about an unbelievable change in my life. One just needs to put the tiny ring on your valuables and there will no need of tearing the house down again. This one I came across on the site Tile Mate and costs only $19.99. One of the most ideal Christmas gift ideas for making the Christmas day a special one.

2. Chat Books Photo Book

There is this wonderful application that snags photographs from the family member or friend Facebook account or any other social media account and transform it into a catchy and vibrant photo book. Every photo book ever created has a total of roughly about 58-60 HD photographs. So make sure you check that up. These chat books once printed can be posted to the recipients address as it is a memorable gift for the grandparents. Very easy and very creative. It is just $10 for each photo book.

3. Specialty Food or Coffee

Give your family & friends a pack of genuine Orleans beignet blend. Just pour a can of Café du Monde coffee coupled with chicory which will be an ideal gift for the food lovers you have in your friend circle or a family member. This will just cost you roughly about $17.

4. Scratch off Map

Anyone you are aware of who is having a craze to travel a lot? Gift them a something that proves to be very useful especially when they are doing something they actually love doing with a Scratch off Map. A perfect gift for the children which will be something that may help them enough to remember and memorize names and important places of the states they have been to. Juts incase if it is for an experienced travelers these are slim Scratch off Maps that is a great deal when  having a conversation over travelling to so and so places hence helping them decide where they should be headed next. It only costs about $19.50.

5. Personalized Christmas Ornament

Begin something new with your family this year. Treat them with a custom designed Christmas Ornament for the most important thing on Christmas i.e. a Christmas tree. Go for it at just $16

6. Self-Correcting Golf Balls

Aware of any crazy golfer in your friends or family. Help them with which they could be able to improve their game. Usually most golfers have numerous golf balls that they keep ready for the next round. We are not sure whether the PGA legalized it, but the overall look of the Self-Correcting Golf Balls by Polara is very appealing for $21.95. Among the most memorable Christmas gift exchange ideas.

7. Personalized Towels

Does not matter in the slightest if you give order for customized beach towels for children, family name hand towels for kitchen use or customized towels of any sort for making it a memorable gift. So you are not just gifting an ordinary towel, it is something that is brought with efforts put in to customize to make it one of kind gift for Christmas. The personalized items don’t cost over $15.

8. Workout Inspiration

Workout Inspiration

Are you aware of anyone who is always blabbering of going ahead with their decision to join a gym but fails to? They need a push and you can give them the push they have been in need of. Reach out to the App store and search for “Workout Videos,” there will be pretty list of options while majority of them are free. Pick any one you prefer. And there is an option to share the app. But if you wish to give them something tangible we would suggest you gift them something called calisthenics. As calisthenics is done using just own body with no weights, lifting bars etc. A much better option for the ones even if they refuse to start exercising.

9. Ear buds

Any friend of yours who is always listening to music but keep losing the ear buds? Majority of the people these days are having a smartphone, iPhone, iPod or Arpad or any other kind of handheld device in today’s digital era. Is it not a good enough gifting option to upgrade the music listening experience by giving them ear buds? Noise-Isolating Earphones from ultimate ears it costs about $20.

10. Fireplace Scented Candle

As we are all aware that there are very few homes constructed with a fireplace, but it is possible for a house to smell like one. Go ahead and buy a fireplace scented candle as it will give you the immense pleasure where no fire is needed. The firewood crackling candle will be not more than $19.95.

11. Annual Magazine Subscription

Everyone has a hobby as there are chances there would be a magazine for that. Go to any store and pick the most recent issued copy of the magazine with relevance to the hobby of your friend. So you will be having something to pack along the monthly subscription. And to add to it the magazine subscriptions are economical in cost.

12. Board Game

A board game is something that brings the entire family close to each other. As the best time to play the board games is when the vacation is on and the entire family is at one place as having more and more time to spend with each other. We suggest you to buy the very famous quickly by the Mind ware that costs about $18.50+shipping. Simply considered as the best gift exchange gifts ideas.

13. A flask

A perfect gift for Christmas especially the ones who just love to drink. Is it not a great idea gifting them an alcohol-smuggling flask which they can carry when outing, camping, near a poolside, in a football game or in a concert? We have here an amazing shot flask with a built in short glass. What more one could ask for at just $17.50?

14. Alcohol


Major chunk of the masses enjoy drinking with friends when its vacation and nothing to do but relax. For the ones who love beer make sure to visit a particular store that has a wide range of different brands. If the one whom you wish to gift alcoholic beverages prefer wine over anything then gifting them a wine bottle is that easy as most of the good enough wines comes at a price label of nearly$20-$25. Or give them a relevant gift such as a wine or beer opener from Oyster for approximately $15.

15. A Holga Camera

Integra and social media has been in trend since a while. Everyone that have an account on Integra click photos and upload them on the app. But who wouldn’t appreciate a camera that clicks photographs with Integra like filters? It is something hard to believe but it’s a camera made in Hong Kong.

A memorable gift for your photographer friend in your circle. Consider yourself lucky as the cameras that have a capability to capture moments with great clarity is something that can burn a hole in your pocket. As the Holga camera made in Hong Kong will just go a little above the price of $25, to be clearer it is just $40. That’s a great price for a camera that clicks photographs with catchy filters.

16. Money Maze Bank

A very imaginative method to gift someone cash or a gift card. Wrap the money in the maze and enjoy the show when your friend is busy fetching the cash or the gift voucher. So it is not just a fun gift item that can be transformed into a piggy bank with an in-built security feature. This one you can take along for $9.90

17. Gift Card

Gift Card

A gift card is a gift that is of today’s generation and in the trend as it permits the recipient with some flexibility. As we love giving gift cards to hotels and cafes with a hope to get invited. However the gift cards of movies, Amazon, or any other ecommerce sites vouchers is something that would do. Swag bucks is having an option to avail gift cards which can be re-gifted to friends, family and closed ones. And for signing up Swag bucks gives $5 cash.

18. Wallet / ID Case


Wallets are one of the most preferred gift as they wear out after some time and it is something that it is always in use or hands as holding all the cash and cards is what it is made and purchased for. Majority of the people today prefer slim clip style wallet and comes under $25. The Nautica men’s Milled Pass-case Wallet. It is a reputed top wallet brand and comes at an attractive price of $18. Being a quality wallet it is a gift that comes from the brand with an unbeatable price.

19. Hat, Gloves and Scarf

Gifting something like this is a very safe and sound option as because majority of the places are cold during the day on vacation and hat, gloves and scarf is something that can be useful for each and every one. The renowned scarf combos and animal hats are trending these days. So why not go for it for just $20. It is one of the most perfect unisex Christmas gifts.

20. Healthy Popcorn Popper

Healthy Popcorn Popper

Popcorn is a snack that is right from the moment it is fully grown into a corn as if your friend is a fitness freak he will love it. Not just a popcorn popper it is a healthy popcorn popper. Instead of using a microwave for the popcorn bag why not use it. On top of it we can get the popcorn ready the way we like it whether salty, cheesy, coconut oil, sweet, cheese etc. And the cherry on the top is that it only costs about $15.

21. A Multi-Tool

To be honest guys are a huge fan of gadgets. They go nuts when it comes to gadgets. The unrivaled gift for the guys can be either Swiss army knife or a multi-tool. These may be ideal for the glove box, kitchen drawer, garage, tackle box etc. Multi-tool is something that could be used for instant repairs on the go. The entry level tools and knives cost somewhere around $25. As we honestly feel that we cannot be wrong with the opening tool by Gerber for nearly $20.

22. Soap and Lotion Bundles

The weather outside is horrendous for the skin health. A perfect gift for the ladies who are never satisfied with the numerous healthcare products in order to take care of the skin and maintain it so soft. The list of options available for $25 gift is unending. Gifting this has the most positive feedbacks as Body gift basket, lavender bath and body lotion including shower gel & bubble bath along with bath fizzer. One of the perfect unisex gift exchange ideas.

23. Crock-Pot

Make sure you share you of easy to prepare, less messy prepared meals prepared by your friend or loved one a beautiful crockpot. Giving a 3-quarter sized crock pot is big enough for a family and turns cooking from messy to easy. Wrapping a cookbook from along the crock pot is nothing less than cherry on the top. It is a stainless crock pot at just $18.50.

24. Keychain Phone Charger

This is something everyone could make use of it. And this gift material is something that is having a great demand among the masses. The size of the keychain charger is so compact that it could fit it the keys which can be recharged with the help of a USB as it will be of great help to keep the charging on going for the entire day. The price range starts right from $6 to $75. This one’s for iPhone and can cost $7.50 for it on the other hand Android for $8.50.

25. Books


What is something that never gets old and runs out of fashion? Any ideas? Gift books which never gets out of trend. While the majority of the books can be purchased at a minimum cost of $25. The renowned good tags for books is biographies, guides, cookbooks, fiction, and non-fiction.


Above mentioned are some of the most brilliant gift exchange ideas if you are planning to gift something to someone that is close to you