Common Mistakes to Avoid When Naming Your Business

So you’ve come up with a great business idea and model and all you have to do is think of a good name! Finding the right name for your brand can take a lot of brainstorming, researching, and hard work. It can take a whole group of marketing and branding experts or the right combination of timing and inspiration to find the right one.

And for good reason! The name you give your business says a lot about your brand. Your business name should not only be representative of your brand but should be eye-catching, memorable, and should make you stand out! 

It can take a lifetime of knowledge and expertise to be able to come up with the right name on the spot. To help speed things along, here are some tips and tricks to get you closer to your end goal.

If you’re looking for some advice on how to name your business the right way, you’ve come to the right palace. Here’s some advice on what to avoid when naming your brand to help you start off on the right foot. 

Going in Solo

When it comes to building your own company and coming up with its name, of course, you want to be involved. Putting in your creative input is a great way to give your own spin on the name idea, and help you stand out in the market.

Although being independent is important, when you’re stuck or you need some professional advice, there’s no shame in asking for help. Using a company naming service is a great way to help you find the right label for your brand.

Having some professionals on board the decision-making process will ensure that the name you come up with fits your brand just right. 

Choosing an unavailable name

Once you start thinking of possible brand names, the biggest mistake you can make is choosing one that already exists. There is almost a near-infinite amount of brands and companies out there. When naming, make sure to do your research into existing brand name

. A name can also be unavailable to you for legal reasons. Trademarks and copyrights of certain words or products can also put a legal span in the works of you naming your business. Ou can avoid this disappointment by checking in with an attorney and doing a thorough trademark search. You can learn more about trademarks and their different classes with TMR.

Choosing a difficult name

One of the downsides of trying to be as unique as possible when naming your brand is choosing a name that is too difficult. A “difficult” name, in branding speech, is a name that is difficult to understand, read, or pronounce.

Your brand name should be easy to remember, recognize, and spell. Avoid any metaphors that might be too obscure for your audience in your name as well. Your business name should be as understandable, simple, and easily identifiable as your logo.

This is the key to improving your brand and building a strong brand identity. Try to find the right balance of staying within the lines and thinking outside the box.

Playing it safe

Another common mistake that people make when choosing a name is playing things too safe. It’s important to stay within the rules and regulations and to stick with what works. However, choosing a generic or boring name will do you no good for your brand.

Go for something that attracts attention, while being respectful and clever. The whole point of your brand name is to be inviting and to attract customers. Go for descriptors that personify the unique personality of your brand and don’t be afraid to venture out into the unknown.

Avoid making your brand too local by using localized slang or the names of towns or cities. When naming your brand you need to think globally, not locally!

Not doing the proper research

Research is an essential part of the decision-making process when naming your business. Whether you’re doing a trademark search or a sensitivity screening, researching is key. There is nothing worse than a brand with an ill-thought-out or offensive name. When choosing your brand name it’s important to consider how the name will come across in different languages and cultures.

Although it is difficult to predict what will be considered offensive in the future, it’s important to at least make an effort. This is especially important if you want your brand to be inclusive and to expand globally. The proper research and preparations beforehand will benefit your brand in the future.

Not collecting feedback

Last but not least, not collecting or not listening to feedback on your company name is a big mistake. Feedback is a crucial part of choosing your brand name and making the decision to leave it out will cost you in the future.

Avoid picking a name that only you or your team love and running with it. Survey with a few of the selected brand names with your company staff and clients, or share it online via social media. Doing this will clue you in on anything that you might have missed and will help you make a better decision.

Your brand name will either make or break your business so it’s vital that you treat it with the utmost care. Choosing a good name for your business starts with knowing how you want to tell the world about your brand. The second thing you need to know is what to avoid.

Think carefully about who you want on the decision-making team and don’t be afraid to call in help from a professional. When choosing a name, make sure to go for one that is unique and not barred from a legal standpoint by trademarks or copyrights.

Find a name for your brand that is simple and easy to understand and repeat. A “difficult” sounding name could spell only disaster for the future of your company. Don’t settle for playing it safe when choosing a name if you want to stand out and attract customers.

Remember to always do your research both before and after the naming process. Make sure to get down to the nitty-gritty when it comes to the legalities of naming your business and don’t forget to get feedback!

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